It’s Pimpy Thursday!

Hey gang, Brad here with lots of cool and kick-butt stuff (and probably lots of exclamation marks too)!

FREE Live Webcast with Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski
Today’s the day! Tune in at 3:00 pm Eastern this afternoon to catch Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski during their FREE live webcast on Scott’s new book, Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop.  They’ll be discussing some of Scott’s favorite retouching techniques from the book and answering your questions. You can sign up for the webcast over at

Scott Bourne just reviewed the book a few days ago over at, so you can head over there to see what he thinks about it!

Westcott Photoshop World Shootout Deadline
Not only is today the day, but so is tomorrow!
If you were at Photoshop World Orlando and took part in the Westcott Shootout Contest, tomorrow is the deadline to submit your images. Head on over to Flickr to submit your images for a chance to win some great gear from Westcott!

Kelby Training Live Seminars
Ben Willmore is bringing the Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour to Livonia, MI on April 27 and Columbus, OH on April 29! You can get all the details and register over at

Datacolor Presents: How to Capture Color!
The Manfrotto School of Xcellence and Datacolor are teaming up to bring you a free webinar called How To Capture Color! It’s happening on Tuesday, April 19th from 2pm-3pm EDT, and you can get all the info right here.

From Idea to App: Creating iOS UI, Animations, and Gestures
Shawn Welch (the guy who designs and develops all of our iOS apps at Kelby Media Group), just published a new book with Peachpit called, From Idea to App: Creating iOS UI, Animations and Gestures, and teaches you what you need to know about iOS to design and/or develop apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Shawn wrote this book for designers who are interested in iOS, not just for a technical audience.  One of the reasons website designers in a non-technical role are able to work the way they do is because of an inherent knowledge of what is possible in web design — they know how websites should behave and how developers work. While From Idea to App teaches developers how to write better code, it also teaches designers what they need to know in order to design and communicate a user experience in iOS back to a developer.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon and Barnes &Noble.

Photoshop Remote for iPad
Speaking of Shawn, check out this Photoshop Remote iPad app he’s working on

It’s expected to release in May, and you can get all the details over at Shawn’s blog.

  1. Thanks guys for all the great stuff!! I am real anxious to see the Grid episode on LR vs Aperture….is that soon to be available via iTunes or through your site?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Brad!

    Photoshop Remote is going to be an awesome tool for anyone who spends time in Photoshop. And of course, please check out, From Idea to App…I very much wrote it thinking about the NAPP audience and I think you all would really enjoy it :-)

    1. I knew this question would come up!!!

      So here’s an unofficial update on Kelby Training app to deflect some questions from Scott. This is from my point of view, so I don’t want to put words in Scott’s mouth. My 2 cents

      Yes, it is my personal opinion that you will see Kelby Training on the iPad sooner rather than later. To answer your direct question, “this year”, yes; however I do not know the exact date.

      What I do know is the app works great. I have the app running on my iPhone and iPad right now, as do the folks at kelby training. The only problem is when you select a lesson, no matter what lesson, it always plays the same course. The issue is not with the app, but rather converting the KT videos away from flash to Apple’s standards to support video and then setting up the servers to deliver the video on that standard (HTTP Live Streaming, vs Flash Streaming) For some context…there are a little over 200 courses on KT with about 15-20 lessons per course. Each lesson is a separate video and each video needs to be compressed SIX times to deliver the multiple bit rate versions required to support video on iOS mobile devices.

      We don’t like doing anything half way and would rather wait until we can provide the user experience you deserve and have come to expect from kelbytraining instead of just putting something out there that doesn’t work for the sake of, “we have one too”

      Thus ends my unofficial statement :-)

      1. Well said, Shawn. We wouldn’t expect anything less than the best from Kelby Media concerning an app like this. When it’s all said and done, and finally released, I’ll bet a lot of people will be happy that the wait was this long.


      2. Thanks for the update Shawn. Kinda felt like I have been hanging out here in the wind for this. It is one of the reasons that I renewed my KT subscription. I have to admit that promises have left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

        My passive aggressive way at getting back has been to not watch any training on Kelby Training. Go figure.

        Knowing what and why it is delayed goes a long way towards soothing ruffled feathers on my part.

        So unofficially…. Thanks!!

    1. My book is for apps like Photoshop World, photoshop remote, etc. I do know Peachpit is working on a book for mobile sites by another author friend of mine, I will see if I can get that book’s info for you

      Of course, you could always get my book too and learn about apps while you wait ;-)

      1. Thanks Shawn. I probably will end up purchasing your book. It is a direction we may be moving to at my work, so getting a headstart would be beneficial to me. If you could get me the info on the other Peachpit book that would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I’m going to miss the webinar today, as something came up that I have to attend. Wish I could be there, but I have Scott’s book to refer to if I need a refresher. This will be on the NAPP site at a later date, correct?

    Very CAKB app you demo’ed, Shawn! I’m sure people will be jumping all over each other to get it on the 3rd.

    Thanks for all the Pimpy Goodness, Brad!


  4. Hi Scott,
    I’ve just received the book this afternoon, but at home and currently I’m in the office. Being in London, UK, allows me time to leave the office on time and still get to watch it.
    I’m actually excited

    I love your books on photography and photoshop. Thanks for choosing to do what you do.

  5. Oh, Scott. I was so exited, I had the book on my lap. Waiting for the right time to log on to the site for the broadcast. Strangely reminded me of when I was a kid with a record of the Three little pigs and the book so I could read along with the story being read on the record. Phew, not sure where that came from, oh hey.

  6. Scott,
    I bought your book and have only got through the intro, but I did get to watch your pen tool video and I am sure that is going to be a world of difference in my selections. I have used the pen tool before with only limited luck, I feel my luck is now changing with regards to that tool.


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