The Story about my wife getting her pilot’s license, wound up becoming a story in AOPA’s Pilot magazine

My publicity-shy wife, who was very hesitant when I wanted to share the story of her getting her private pilot’s license last month, was totally caught off guard when the largest pilot’s association (The AOPA) saw her story on my blog, and contacted her to see if she would be willing to let them do a story on her for AOPA Pilot magazine.

Of course, I really wanted her to do it, so I kind of nudged her along, until she said “OK.” (Luckily, she loves being an AOPA member, so it wasn’t a very hard sell). But when you’re hesitant to be out there like that, of course you know what happens right? That’s right—it winds up running on their Web site right on the home page! (as seen above). Although she’s not quite sure how to handle all the attention, I think it’s cool as anything (said the proud hubby!).

Here’s a link to the full story, along with photos (special thanks to Keri McDaniel for the shot of my wife singing for the story).

  1. Outstanding!!! Huge congratulations to Kalebra!

    Second thought that comes to mind is that you guys are putting in place one heck of a legacy for your kids Scott and I don’t just mean financially. Most importantly the hard work ethic and attitude of “I can” as opposed to “I can’t” … Priceless!

    Best wishes to you all,

  2. Congratulations to Kalebra for her hard-earned license, wish her only and many happy landings! And it’s very nice to see that she has just the same kind of humor like you, the article was very nice to read made me laugh at several parts.

    Best wishes

  3. Okay so, Kalebra is not only…
    A strikingly beautiful woman,
    a loving wife and mother,
    an unbelievably talented singer,
    cofounder of the Kelby Media empire,
    and now a noted airplane pilot!

    What’s next astronaut, brain surgeon, a presidential run…

    Congratulations Kalebra!

  4. Scott,

    Glynn put it perfectly. What you are teaching your kids is fantastic, second only to the Savior. You and Kalebra are truly a complete team; that is very obvious.

    Congrats to you both on your continued successes!

    – Kev

  5. Scott

    Kevin and Glyn both said what I was going to. Kalebra’s story in the magazine is an inspiration to those of us who have put this dream on hold. Here’s praying for God’s safety and blessing on you, Kalebra and the kids.


  6. Outstanding!

    Congrats to Kalebra for completing the training and earning her pilot’s certificate. Most people who start, and who are busy working full-time (not too mention also managing the craziness of running a family with kids!), have a tough time finishing.

    Methinks now is the perfect time for the whole family to pack, hop in the plane, steer southeast toward the Bahamas, and enjoy some time off in the Abaco islands.

    (Bring a camera, if you have lying one …)


  7. “Methinks now is the perfect time for the whole family to pack, hop in the plane, steer southeast toward the Bahamas, and enjoy some time off in the Abaco islands.”

    Yes, fly 100+ miles over water in a single engine cessna. Brilliant idea.

    Congrats to the wife.

  8. I’m beginning to understand why you are so gaga over your wife Scott. Every one of your book intros that I’ve read so far starts with a thank you to your wife and family. It’s been said, behind every great man is a great women….looks like the shoe fits here.

    Thanks to Kalebra for doing the interview! I love positive people – you guys ROCK! :)

  9. Scott, I have been a pilot since 1994 so I can tell you it is a great accomplishment for your wife. I was taught by Evelyn Johnson at the Morristown airport in Tennessee. You wife needs to look her up for sure. She has the second most flight hours of anyone…anywhere. In ’94 she had 58,000 hours. She is over 100 years old now and doesn’t fly but still manages the airport there!. She is an inspiration to all pilots but especially women pilot everywhere. Congrats to your wife!!!!

  10. Kalebra,
    Congratulations! How cool is that!

    When I was at USAir a friend of mine, Cory DeBresse, and I thought we might want to take some flying lessons and were encouraged by another co-worker, Donalyn Knight, who’s father was a flight instructor at the Sanford Airport. I was also encouraged by my father who knew how to fly before he knew how to drive. He rode his bike across the Tapan Zee bridge from Nyack NY to the Tarrytown Airport in White Plains where he had a co-ownership of a Cesna with some freinds. I still have the owners manual for that aircraft.

    Any-whoo, I totally chickened out. Having some idea of the time commitment and not so sure about the cost of flight time.

    It’s great to hear that you followed your dream. Huge accomplishment!

  11. I am a CE750 driver for a company called NetJets…The citation smaller jets are what you want..the engines are proven and bullet proof and its easier to fly than any turboprop.
    congrats on the SEL pilots license…its a license to learn to fly…get the Instrument…

  12. Its about time someone else in the family received some well deserved attention instead of you. Geez always hoggin the spotlight, Mr. Photoshop / Photo guy. LOL

    Scott, seriously I know how proud you are and that is fantastic.

    I was wondering where she flys out of ? When I was a kid growing up in Tampa I was taking flying lessons and soloed out of Peter O’Knight airport on Davis Island. Heck I doubt that is even still around.

    Congratulation all around

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