New Class: Creating Breathtaking Floral Images

Creating Breathtaking Floral Images with Melanie Kern-Favilla
Learn how to create stunning floral photographs! Join Melanie Kern Favilla as she shares her secrets for creating dramatic still life photographs using natural light. In this class you’ll learn how to recognize qualities of light, what gear is needed, how to create props and light modifiers yourself, how to choose the right flowers for subjects, and how to apply all of these techniques to any still life subject you choose. There’s even a bonus lesson at the end on macro snowflake photography and using a scanner instead of a camera! Your ability to create amazing photographs is as close as your own window.

In Case You Missed It
Join Dave Black for some lightpainting under the stars in Mono Lake and Bodie Ghost Town. Dave starts off with a walk through of all the gear needed for lightpainting before taking us through the importance of a site survey. Over the course of six different shoots in a variety of locations Dave shares all of the steps and settings needed to create stunning lightpainted starscapes. Each lesson is packed with tips, tricks, and lessons learned from Dave’s decades of experience. Dave is a master teacher, and his love for creating these photographs is truly infectious.

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