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Top 10 Things Every Photographer Should Know About Their Camera with Scott Kelby
If you are new to DSLR photography, then this class is for you. Join Scott Kelby as he takes you through the ten most important things every photographer should know about their camera. We all want to get great images, and taking the time to get to know the ten or so most important features on our cameras can really help keep our photos sharp, clean, well exposed, and showing the right colors whether we’re shooting moving subjects or still landscapes. This class may be named the top ten, but Scott manages to pack a whole lot more into each lesson, providing a firm foundation for getting the most out of every tip and technique.

In Case You Missed It
In Exploring Digital Photography, Rick Sammon shares the slide presentation he gives around the country and around the world. It includes his best photographs and best tips and his best jokes! For each and every slide, you get a cool tip, either photography or Photoshop. See Rick in action from the comfort of your own home!

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  1. Rick does an awesome job on his presentation, he came to our club a couple years ago in Spartanburg SC. He will also be keynote speaker at the Carolina Nature Photographers Association (CNPA) annual meeting Feb 23-26 in Spartanburg SC at the Marriote. Here is that link:

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