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The Ultimate Guide to Sensor Cleaning and Camera Care with Moose Peterson
Join Moose Peterson as he dives deep into his workflow for cleaning and maintaining his cameras and lenses. Whether your camera is the tool that helps you earn your living, or helps you enjoy your hobby, keeping it clean and maintained is an essential skill to master. In this class Moose puts your fears to rest and shows you the tools he uses, while demonstrating how to get the job done safely. From packing your travel cleaning kit to staging the room for cleaning to getting right down to cleaning your sensor, Moose covers everything you need to know to keep your gear looking like new for years to come.

In Case You Missed It
These photographs are a way to help preserve history and honor the victories and sacrifices made by the men who flew them and the crews who kept them flying. Join Moose Peterson for this eye opening documentary, Aviation Photography: Warbirds and the Men Who Flew Them.

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  1. I’ve cleaned my camera sensor on many occasions, but the last time I tried with a fully charged battery on my Nikon D600 the mirror came down without warning. Any ideas what would cause this to happen and how I can clean my camera without that happening again would be greatly appreciated. My sensor needs cleaning but I’m afraid to try after this happened several times on the last cleaning attempt.

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