New KelbyOne Class: Client Proofing Like A Pro Using Lightroom Classic

Client Proofing Like A Pro Using Lightroom Classic with Terry White

Learn the latest workflow for client proofing using either version of Lightroom! Join Terry White as he breaks down the process for selecting the best photos from a shoot, syncing them to the cloud, sharing them with your client, and viewing their interactions back in Lightroom. Through each step in the process Terry shares the ins and outs of what’s required and shows you the results that a client would see. Terry wraps up the class with an alternative workflow to include watermarks if that’s what your needs require. The collaborative proofing workflow in Lightroom is brand new and still evolving, so learn how to get started with it today!

In Case You Missed It: The Personal Side of Terry White

Come sit down with one of our favorite tech gurus and portrait photographers, Terry White! In this Personal Side Interview, Kalebra and Terry talk about the evolution of technology, where it’s been as well as where it’s going. You all know how much Terry loves his gadgets but did you know it dates back even to when he was a child? You’ll love hearing about his favorite toy he ever got for Christmas. Terry also chats about how technology has affected his career and offers encouraging advice for embracing tech in your own life.

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