New KelbyOne Class: Digital Classroom Videos: Lessons in Lighting

Digital Classroom Videos: Lessons in Lighting with Bob Davis

From the fundamentals to the advanced, this digital classroom on lighting covers everything you need to know to start creating beautiful photographs in all kinds of lighting environments. Bob Davis begins the class by discussing the qualities of light, and then explains all of the various light modifiers you can employ in your photography. Building on the previous lessons, Bob demonstrates how to judge an accurate exposure, use an incident light meter, and then works through a series of scenarios on location with a subject putting everything you’ve learned into practice.

You’ll explore on camera light, off camera light, window light, studio strobes, controlling multiple lights, and getting creative results with speedlights in a variety of outdoor settings. By the end of the class you’ll have a whole new set of tools for adding that sparkle to your photographs through your masterful use of light.

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Let’s go on a lighting journey with Bob Davis! Join Bob as he walks you through his process for lighting and shooting and entire wedding day. From the morning details through the ceremony to the reception and the final image of the night, Bob shares his tips and techniques for creating beautiful photographs that will become timeless keepsakes for his clients.

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