New KelbyOne Class: Secrets to Amazing Photos from the Masters

Secrets to Amazing Photos from the Masters with Marc Silber

Learn the secrets to amazing photos from the masters. Join Marc Silber in a complete course designed to help you with advancing your photography to the next level. In this class you’ll learn the fundamental concepts, terms, and techniques to help you continually elevate your photographic skills. Photography is a life long love affair, and Marc will help you understand the basics so that you can move through each aspect of a photographic workflow with confidence and a connection with your work.

In Case You Missed It… Crush The Composition

Composition is important to any good photo. Professional photographer Scott Kelby covers the basic rules, but then demonstrates how to actually apply these techniques in a real world setting. He shares his secrets and some trial and error examples in getting the photo you want.

This class is perfect for a beginner photographer needing to learn about composition.

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