New KelbyOne Class: Shooting Dreamy Wedding Photos

Shooting Dreamy Wedding Photos with Bob Davis

Let’s go on a lighting journey with Bob Davis! Join Bob as he walks you through his process for lighting and shooting and entire wedding day. From the morning details through the ceremony to the reception and the final image of the night, Bob shares his tips and techniques for creating beautiful photographs that will become timeless keepsakes for his clients.

In Case You Missed It: Retouching Essentials for Wedding Photographers

Join Kristi Sherk to learn the essentials of retouching wedding photos. This class is for any photographer shooting weddings and wanting to learn practical retouching skills from real world examples. From the basic to the advanced, Kristi shares tips and techniques focused on the unique situations wedding photographer’s face.

From evening out skin tones under dappled light to removing tan lines, or swapping faces in group photos to dealing with motion blur, by the end of the class you’ll have increased confidence in the types of jobs you can handle on your own, saving you time and money.

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