New KelbyOne Class: Sound Like A Winner! Simple Audio Makes All the Difference

Sound Like A Winner | Simple Audio Makes All the Difference with Larry Becker

If you are a photographer stepping into video recording, then this class is for you! Recording good audio is not easy with just your DSLR alone. Join Larry Becker as he teaches you how to get started with two capable, yet simple, microphone setups. Larry also shares a variety of handy tips and techniques to help you capture the best audio soundtrack for working with later when you edit.

In Case You Missed It… A Clear Vision of Lenses for Photographers

Join Larry Becker for a class designed to give you a firm understanding of lens characteristics, capabilities, technologies, and key terms. Lens manufacturing has advanced at a rapid rate, and it is important to stay up to date with the advantages newer lenses have over those in the past.

Larry takes you through the variety of lens mounts, aperture settings, focusing concerns, image stabilization, and cutting edge lens technologies that will make you a better lens consumer. Larry wraps up the class with a closer look at a few popular lens configurations currently available.

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