New KelbyOne Course: Color Grading in Photoshop and Lightroom

New KelbyOne Course: Color Grading in Photoshop and Lightroom with Gilmar Smith

Learn all about color! Join Gilmar Smith as she teaches you how to use color to evoke emotion, set the mood of a scene, bring together a composite, and so much more. Using Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, Gilmar provides a foundation in the elements of storytelling before demonstrating the wide variety of tools at your disposal for enhancing, tweaking, changing, and harmonizing color in your photographs.

In Case You Missed It: Creative Portraits at Home

There’s no place like home! Join the KelbyOne crew as they drop in on the amazing Gilmar Smith to learn how she produces the most creative portraits from the comfort of home.

In this class Gilmar shares her favorite tips and tricks for making small spaces look their best, demonstrates how she uses colored lights for making the ordinary look extraordinary, puts her family to work in front of the camera in a series of fun photo shoots in different rooms, and then walks through her post processing workflow to bring her concepts to life. You’ll learn how to conduct a creative portrait shoot without even setting foot outside your door, and while making the most of the gear and space that you have.

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