New KelbyOne Course: Recreate Lighting From Inspiration Photos with Lenworth Johnson

Learn how to recreate the lighting looks from your favorite inspirational photographs! Join Lenworth Johnson as he shares his three-step process for analyzing, deciding what was used, and then putting it all together in the recreation process. This is a great skill for developing your own lighting looks as well as being prepared if asked by a client to achieve a certain look. Lenworth demonstrates the process through five different model shoots showing his gear, settings, and final images.

In Case You Missed It: From Concept to Creation: Making Impactful Fashion and Beauty Portraits with Lenworth Johnson

Join Lenworth Johnson, a beauty and fashion photographer, as he takes you through his process for creating fashion portraits with impact. In this class you’ll learn how to develop your concept into a visual message, the importance of building a team to support your creative efforts, how to convey your ideas to your team, the tools you need, how to get your light right, how to work with models on set, and many more tips to help you elevate your craft! You’ll get to see it all come together in three separate shoots as Lenworth transitions his concept from the basics to extravagant.

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