New KelbyOne Course: The Personal Side with Peter Hurley

The Personal Side with Peter Hurley with Kalebra

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Peter Hurley as the king of headshots, but there’s so much more to his story than that. From his early days as a competitive sailor to his modeling career to how that led to him having another career on the other side of the camera, join Kalebra as she sits down with Peter for an hour of insightful conversation about his life choices, pivotal moments, and his continued love of sailing.

In Case You Missed It: How to Get Started in the Headshot Business

Everybody needs a headshot, shouldn’t you be the one to take it? Join Peter Hurley as he teaches you how to get started in headshot photography! Peter has been making his living as a headshot photographer for 18 years, and in this class he gives you a game plan for getting started, goes over different lighting set ups for a range of budgets, shares his tips and techniques for making clients feel comfortable from the moment they arrive through the end of the shoot, and shows you his streamlined workflow for putting it all together. Don’t let fear hold you back! Use your talent and skill to give people the gift of a beautiful photo of themselves.

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