New KelbyOne Course – White Seamless: 11 Creative Ways to Use It with Gilmar Smith

Discover 11 tips and tricks that will transform a simple white seamless background into different looks and styles. Join Gilmar Smith as she goes through her gear, her settings, and her process for photographing subjects on a white seamless background in truly creative ways. Take your photography to the next level without breaking the bank or your back!

In Case You Missed It – Personal Brand Photography: Going Beyond the Headshot with Gilmar Smith

Learn how to incorporate personal branding sessions into your existing photography business! Join Gilmar Smith as she gives you an introduction into the importance of personal branding, how it can help your customers, and how it can help you stand out from competitors. Gilmar begins the class with a look at what goes into a personal branding session, tips for adding it to your offerings, and then takes you through a three-part personal branding session with a client wanting photos with a seasonal theme. Gilmar wraps up the class with a look at her post-processing workflow in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop.

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