New Online Class from Taz Tally (and other news quickies)

Here’s a couple of quick Thursday Things:

  • Taz Tally, one of the highest rated trainers at the Photoshop World Conference & Expo has just joined the Kelby Training Online Experience, and his first class with us went live today. It’s called, “Photoshop For Printing,” and this class is designed for people who will be printing their images on a printing press (so, they’re preparing images for CMYK separations to appear in brochures, magazines, print ads, etc.), and Taz is one of our industry’s leading experts on the topic. Here’s the link to a list of the topics he covers, and you can watch a few sample classes while you’re there.
  • If you’re planning on coming to Photoshop World (April 2-4, in Orlando, Florida), and you’re planning on taking a pre-conference workshop on April 1st, you’d better snag your spot now, as some of the pre-conference sessions are already selling out. The next two that will fill up (probably by next week), are Ben Willmore’s Advanced Photoshop workshop, and Matt Kloskowski’s Photoshop Layers Essentials workshop, and the Epson Print Academy. Here’s the link to a list of the pre-cons.
  • One last thing: one of the best tutorials I’ve been out there on cross-processing effects in Photoshop is over at Here’s the link to it.

Have a great Thursday everybody, and scroll on down for a continuation of Lighting Gear Week! :-)

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