News: Cool New Weekly Photoshop Podcast from Dave Cross


Did I say “Podcast?” I meant “Padcast.” (Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself). ;-)  Seriously though—Dave came up with a great idea for a weekly podcast—it’s called “Ask Dave” (with Dave Cross) and basically you ask Dave Photoshop questions, and he answers them (Dave knows Photoshop on a crazy level).

I love this new show—–it’s short, sweet, and right to the point. Here’s the link to watch the first episode on KelbyTV, and here’s the link for submitting your questions to Dave on Twitter. Congrats Dave on launching your new show! (also catch Dave each week on the new Photoshop User TV).

  1. Dave, I used to live in Chatham, NB and I just love the Canadiens. I was in the 6th grade and moved up there. You know I did better in French than English, pretty funny eh. I came to your Nashville class about 1/2 a year ago and just loved it. Can’t wait to listen to those padcasts! You da man DC.

  2. Hi folks,
    Thanks for the nice comments about the podcast. We’ve run into a technical glitch with iTunes and are waiting to hear from Apple on a solution. Hopefully soon :)

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