Gees oh Pete that was a bear to get fixed, but finally the folks who have had a tough time getting Light It magazine’s subscription thingy to work now have a new free update that fixes the problem (I’ve been hearing from happy people all day who can now download their previously purchased issues, and the current issue as well). In a word: “Yay!!!!”

Just hit the App store and get the just-released free update, and you’re home free. Thanks to everyone who was so patient as our developer played the detective game to find out exactly what was causing the problem (it drives you crazy when only a few people are having the problem, and you can’t replicate it on any of your iPads. Uggh! But hey, it’s working now and I for one am thrilled).

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  1. How’s things with the Android Tablet version Scott? (they’re kinda more and more popular, at least in Europe)

  2. Awesome! I was waiting to subscribe until the problems were resolved but I guess it’s time to take the jump now. ;-)

  3. Scott,
    Is there password retrieval available yet? I can’t get into my account and have no way of getting my info…

  4. Wonder why – even with a fast connection – downloading is taking 30 minutes! Same with every issue.

  5. Well, I still can not download the current issue in my subscription. Other magazines load here ok. Are others having problems?

  6. Would really love to see an android option of this, specifically for the Nook Tablet. Magazines look great on the Nook! And fits so much more readily in a purse than an Ipad.

  7. Just tried subscribing on my iPad3, now stuck with a spinning wheel after hitting the confirmation button. Can’t find a way to exit, any idea what went wrong? I am based in Australia, if this would help. Thank you.

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