So, I Hired a Portfolio Consultant….

Yes, there are portfolio consultants, and I found an awesome one!
My friend Jason Joseph turned me on to her work and after listening to her doing a guest-spot on a podcast; then checking out her Web site (link), and eventually talking with her on the phone, I was convinced she could really help me, and she already has.

Her name is Stella Kramer, and even though we just started working together, I can’t tell you how much I learned from just our first hour working together. I took a whole page of notes, but what I learned was far beyond just tweaking my portfolio. Really just an eyeopening, enlightening, and fascinating look into a different side of the business (I’ve got to get her to write a guest blog one day). Anyway, one of the first things she proposed for me was to separate out my sports photography into a separate site, which I did (that’s it shown above).

Here’s the link.

I created this new sports portfolio over at using one of their built-in templates (they have really cool layouts) and it’s linked directly into my portfolio (since the two companies have an alliance  — note the little SmugMug logo on the left side under my navigation).

Anyway, while my new sports portfolio site isn’t quite complete yet, (but hey…it’s a start)
Lot’s more work to do with Stella moving forward including the art of sequencing the images and a wide range of stuff but this was at least one of my homework assignments from her, so I’m on my way.

Let me know what you think of the new layout. Hope you guys have a great Monday — I’m off to Photoshop World! Hope I see you there. :)

  1. So will we see the sports portfolio on The Grid with Stella critiquing? Can’t wait for the referee on the train tracks and the cat in the end zone.

  2. Hi Scott. Why square space instead of just on Smugmug with the rest of your work? Is it just because you’re working as a sport photographer and want that to stand on it’s own?

    1. Tagging on to Adam, I wondered that, as well.

      Plus, I see your blog is loaded on there, but from what I have learned on my own experience with Squarespace, the blog will not update unless you begin blogging on that site (as opposed to this one.) Have you found a workaround for that or are you not worried about loading new blogs?

  3. Some amazing photographs there and the collection really hangs together stylistically and thematically. The only picture I wouldn’t have put in is the shot of tiger woods’ back – doesn’t set you out from the crowd as a photographer with access as all the rest do.

  4. I would definitely be interested in learning more about portfolios. The more I hear people talk about them the more confused I get. How many pictures? It sounds like they should be in a particular order too. How do I decide whether I need separate portfolios for different aspects of my work?

  5. In your bio on your portfolio site, change the words, “which got me in to all this” to,”which got me into all of this”. the ‘of’ is optional, but into as one word instead of two.
    Love the portfolio, and love your humor under your bio pic. Classic Kelby, and one of your most endearing qualities!
    -Mark R.

  6. There are a lot of of consultants out there that are not too good.

    Stella’s one of the great ones, who really knows her stuff.

    Wonderful choice Scott.

  7. Love the photos and layout. It’s looks especially great on the iPad. There is only one tiny thing that is a bit annoying: if you swipe down or up (finger scrolling) the scrolling is not smooth at all. It sort of stops in between. It even happens when you scroll up again to the top with all the images already being loaded. Other than that: love what you do Scott.

    Sal :)

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