OK, we haven’t officially announced this yet, but….you can now “Rent” our individual online classes

…and my new “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it for Hot Shoe flash on-a-budget” is one of the first classes we have available for rent, just like you would rent a movie or TV show from online (that’s one of the shots from the class above   — here’s a link to a 1-minute video clip where I explain what I teach in the class). You get to rent it for three days (and watch as many times as you want during that three-day period).

Our special intro deal is  just $6.99 for the three day rental (here’s the link). The regular price will be $9.99

We’re rolling this new feature out in stages, and so only 12 or so classes are available for rental at this time, but of course more will be coming (we have literally hundreds of full-length online classes at KelbyTraining.com)

Now, why would we rent classes? I’m betting on the fact that you’ll watch one or two, you’ll totally dig ’em, and then you’ll want to sign up to access all our classes 24/7, unlimited, all year long (after all; if you rent two or three classes, it’s a better deal to at least sign up for a month [or, better deal, a year] and watch as many as you want, right?).

Here’s some comments from people who have watched this new class: 

This has been the most informative tutorial I have ever watched !! Thanks Scott. I love how this guided the audience from the very first step (set-up), right to the finishing touches on Lightroom and Photoshop.

> Thanks Scott Kelby, for a thorough well thought out and complete short course on inexpensive lighting, and taking the shoot all the way through. I have been a shooter for many years, and even I learned a lot from your course. Thanks Again.


Okay … i’m raving about this course!!! thank you, thank you, and, thank you!!! I so needed every bit of what you gave us … not surprised … but very grateful!!!


Great course! I have been waiting to see some more photoshop & Lightroom classes and this one was great! Love the lighting and photoshop and Lightroom mix! Thank you Scott you nailed it:-}


Awesome class Scott. This class alone is worth the cost of Kelby Training. While I can afford (some) expensive studio gear, I can’t rationalize it nor do I have the space for it. This training hits the sweet spot for those who want to take better portraits of their family and friends without investing a bunch of money. Of course the retouching closes the loop. Thank you!


Well done Mr. Kelby! It’s nice to watch a tutorial where the focus was [not] on inexpensive gear.


Excellent Tutorial Scott! I especially liked the retouching segments – a perfect blend of beginning & advanced training!


It is, in my opinion, one of the better training videos I have watched on Kelby Training. Thank You.


Please do more like this i absoutley loved this course i already have all the gear you used in this class and i dont have any studio equipment…it felt like this class was designed for everything i want to be able to do… thank you so much!!!!


Simply an outstanding course! I really appreciate the focus on getting great results with a modest investment in lighting equipment.


Scott, I cannot wait for my Holidays time off to experiment with my off-camera flash. You got me all excited and I am now confident I will get great results! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


This was one of the most useful courses for my photography. Thank you SO much for this.


I have been waiting for a course like this. It thoroughly and simply answered so many questions I had about using hot shoe flash for portraits.


Scott.. good video! Purchased the $70 Flash just to see how good..or bad.. it was. I am VERY surprised by the build quality, great. I put it to work last night in a quick shoot and it worked just fine! Thanks for the tip and the detail.”


Thanks for such a great lesson Scott! It’s like you read my mind.

OK gang, it’s available right now for rental (follow this link, then click the yellow button on the right side to get the rental). Hope you enjoy the class. :-)


  1. Bandwith Mr. Kelby BANDWITH….pleas see if u can figure out a way to make your classes downloadable for later use. 100% of the population does not have access to high speed Internet nor unlimited Internet. Those few suckers like me!….need to be creative like hospital or hotel parking lots, back yards of city folk…in jail cells after back yards of said city folk etc. then watch and learn later while waiting for bail or a sentencing hearing. Also the file quality..ie: size is important many people today without conventional Internet are forced to use 4G with download limitations of 5gb a month before additional costs if they are lucky to have LTE service in their area but again…if they want to watch the same video over and over they will be charged to stream it more than once. LOVE NAPP and have loved ur training since the PSW days back in Tampa at the convention center but can’t participate more because of these limitations. HELP!!

    1. Scott, DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD and be able to watch it LATER, AKA at home, I dont have (Broadband) internet at home, that’s what prevented me from signing up to Kelby training, I subscribed to lynda, and then usually bought broadband at work and download my videos, while waiting for stuff etc. at work, to watch at home. (I’m from Africa :) )
      Something like adobe’s cloud ,where you have Photoshop(in this case the kelby video’s) installed on your pc, and it checks once a month (via your 3g modem) if you are still subscribed to cloud(or kelby training in this case) or some sort of identification to your pc/mac.

      And different quality videos(lower bandwidth), Its not necessary to have videos in full HD resolution be able to learn from it, LOW BANDWIDTH please.

      And you should please have the option to download the whole class, it should still download it in its segments but you should have the option to just click once and it will send you the whole class in its segments, as you cant always stay at your machine to do the different downloads,you should not have to click on every segment of the class to download it.

  2. Great stuff!!! Just a suggestion, how about a retouch class that is “high end.” Love your classes and all the others that do retouching. They always comment that this is not the time consuming high end retouching. I for one would like to take it to the next level and learn some high end retouching techniques. Again, thanks for what you and your team do!

  3. YAY! I have a hard time committing to a year’s subscription because I don’t feel like I can carve out enough time to make it worth it. I only end up watching a class or two. But if I could rent one or two, then I would remember how much I love your courses and make myself carve out time! Genius!

  4. This will make me a customer, at $24/month $more/year I can’t justify the cost for the small amount of time I will be able to spend watching.

    I got a 24hr pass from the Paris webcast and used it for Moose’s new course and was instantly sold on the quality, just not the subscription model.

    I have to agree that a download and keep option would be great but I accept that the economics here might not work.

  5. Scott,
    This is a great idea. Like Kim, I don’t have as much time as I would like, but I watch any time I can. However, I do have enough time to always have a current annual subscription that will NEVER lapse.
    And yes folks, the class Scott uses for his teaser totally rocks. He explains this good enough for anyone at any photography level can understand it.
    Kelby Training is worth every cent spent!

  6. I haven’t left a post on the class site, but let me say I watched your new course this weekend and it was fantastic…. I can never say enough about what a great value Kelby Training is… I encourage everyone to get a membership asap!!! You won’t regret it!!!!

  7. Scott, this is awesome. I’ve been an on-again-off-again subscriber because there are a few classes that I want to take, but simply don’t have the time to view enough to make the subscription make sense. This rental idea is fantastic! Thanks -Blake

  8. Hey Scott – I’ve asked this a couple of times both by email and face to face when you were in London and I think I see light at the end of the tunnel with a comment here. Am I right in saying you’re working on either a “download and keep” model or a “download and watch later” plan?

    I want to be able to watch your (fabulous) videos when I want to. On my iPad on my way to work, on a flight etc and not stuck in front of my laptop! If you are – thanks!!

  9. I like the thought – but think $10 a rental is a bit steep since a full budget movie can be had for less at most rental outlets. This comes from someone who LOVES your training site and has a subscription. I just think that for most folks to get a “sampling” like this they’re looking for a better deal – something in the 5-7 range.

  10. I am sure others have commented on this but I thought I would add my voice. I have an annual subscription and love it (will be renewing come February). It would, however, be useful to be able to download classes to watch offline. I don’t need to be able to keep them once downloaded – they can auto-expire after a few days or a week. Over here in the UK, there’s virtually no signal on the daily commute to work and it would be great to watch the classes on the train. Thanks!

  11. Scott, I just watched this course. Very usefull, even for more advanced shooters. But I have one question. The model, Amanda. I must say she is stunning. Would love to book her for a shoot. Do you have a link to her portfolio perhaps?

    Thanks so much!

    Long time Kelbytraining member.


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