Hi gang: I’m at the airport and I just this minute starting looking at my images from last night’s game, and found this one of Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers tossing a pass in mid-air after being flushed from the pocket by the Bears defense (Julius Peppers was awesome, by the way). Click on the image for a larger view.

This was shot at 1,600 ISO, at f/2.8 at 1/1000 of a second on a Nikon D3s.

They’re boarding my flight, but I wanted to at least get one shot up there. Have a great Tuesday!

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Yeah, they won, but Forte did not get nearly the # of touches I needed to stay in first. *sigh* Oh well, can’t win ’em all I guess. Cool shot of Aaron Rodgers though! :)

  2. Those new sensors are TOO good at 1600! I love it!

  3. Great shot!
    I see your exposure info, but I wonder about other settings. I guess specifically how do you set up your auto focus for shooting football? I shoot a d90, but there has to be some generalities to be gleaned. Single spot, 3d matrix, etc…. Or links to previous articles about shooting football that I may have missed would be appreciated.
    Thanks everyone.

  4. Dont you love that 2.8? theres just a little something different about it vs. the f/4. :)

    Thats a great shot…. makes me want to sing… “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky….” lol

  5. A wicked cool awesome shot…

  6. Great photo. Should be the cover of SI “Julius Peppers: Kryptonite in the Windy City” :).

  7. Thanks for sharing Scott. Great capture.

  8. Very cool. I slept through the ending, darn.

  9. So I’m at the game last night right under the announcers deck waiting for the game to start. Obviously, not only am I interested in the game, but also in the gear the photographers have on hand to shoot the action with. As I’m panning the sidelines, I notice someone walking with not only 1, but 2 cameras and a tripod. As my eyes focus in closer, I recognize the face… Scott Kelby? That can’t be Scott shooting the Bears/Packers game. Sure enough…there you were. As the night progressed, I kept one eye on the game, and one eye on you to get a perspective of how you move around the field to get the shots you do. I also so Mike McCaskey join you in the field as well with his gear in hand. Thanks for sharing your shots and hope to see you at your next Kellby Tour..

  10. Just another example of “you don’t need a cape to fly”! Awesome shot. Look forward to seeing more.

    Have a safe flight!


  11. Awesome shot Scott! Wait a minute…. Should it said go Bucs???

  12. Perfect timing on a great shot.

    I thought I was lucky when I landed a job that I’d work at even if I was rich and didn’t need the money.

    Your job though… heck I’d pay money to work at. College football on Saturday, Pro football on Monday night. Whats next, Victoria Secrets catalog shoot on Wednesday?

  13. AWESOME shot! You never said whether it was caught. I’m guessing…NO!

  14. Fatntastic, but the final score was disappointing. Scott you are becoming a Sports Photographer. Amazing stuff

  15. I thought I saw you at the game last night. Hope to see you at Chicago seminar in November.

    Glenn N

  16. Hey scott great shot. I have a D300, could I take that same shot or would I experience a little noise? Could you also give some of us the setting you used with metering and white balance.

  17. That’s an amazing shot Scott . . I’ve always admired your work :)

  18. Cool shot. It’s so cool to see this after I just watched the game last night.

  19. I hate to admit this on such a large public forum, but I’m not a football fan. But there I am last night having dinner with my boyfriends family and it’s a serve yourself night becuase football is on. Grandma is hootin and yellin at the TV becuase her Bears just got their field goal blocked. Now her friend and our pastor is there and she’s cheering for Chicago. (can you see two older ladies yelling at the TV totally wishing they were in the stands (one would much rather be on the sidelines with her camera forgetting to take shots because she’s getting into the game too much)) It was one loud fun night!!! Seeing your shot this morning is just the icing on the cake. Thanks for keeping me inspired for sports shots. Tonight – I shot a HS volleyball game and I’m looking forward to trying some new settings. Thanks!

  20. Cool shot!!! how about a little content aware on that yellow bar? its a bit distracting…but what do I know i be just a padawan. :)

  21. Looks exciting! Are you going to get to shoot some real football when you’re in England in a couple of weeks? :-)

  22. Ah man! I wish I knew you were going to be in Chicago. I would have totally stalked you until you gave me a free book or something. Ha ha, just kidding. Da Bears.

  23. Awesome!!!!Cant wait to see the rest.

  24. Hey Scott,
    Amazing shot. You are so lucky, blessed, something…No, talented is the word.
    Thanks for sharing and giving all of us something to strive for.

  25. Try as I might, I simply cannot imagine how you can capture that quality of an image outside of the studio. That is an amazing photo Scott! Thank you for sharing.

  26. Scott,

    You have a typo in the blog post: “…Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rogers tossing a pass…”,

    um… it’s Aaron Rodgers with a “d” in his last name.

    Just look at your GREAT photo for proof :)

    Thank you for the photo, I look forward to seeing more … !!

    Love the site !!


  27. 1600 and 2.8 will get you to 1/1000? I guess that is the difference between a pro stadium and the local high school fields upon which I shoot (which are so dark they might as well be lit with 4 guys holding flashlights).

    • 1600 iso, f2.8, 1/1000 th seems a bit dark. I would have thought an NFL stadium would be brighter. I’ve shot college games with temp lighting that ends up in that range. Regarding shooting jpeg to leave more room in your buffer, I can’t imagine needing that many images in a burst. You might as well be shooting video at that rate! I shoot jpeg for the quick upload to the wire service though. Otherwise, I’d miss the third quarter!

  28. Yeah, my D80 would have laughed at me when I switched it to ISO 1600, asked me if I was serious, and then shut itself off.

    I hope the D7000 sensor is up to par with the D700. *crosses fingers*

  29. Hi Scott, I got the Photoshop elements 8 book, 6 months ago and since them I have applied some of the techniques I learning. I love the advanced skin softening, I did everything you sad, look good on the screen but today I decide to print the image I applied the technique and look graining. What should I do to minimize that problem?

  30. Hi, I am Brazilian and I only speak Portuguese, being that my English is not good! LOL…. I acquired some of its books and am reading ” Digital photograph volume 1″. They are fantastic! Congratulations! I have a doubt and would like that it helped me. I am configuring my camera (Canon Rebel XTi, with lens 75-300mm) as its tips of the book. But not yet I obtained to find where to adjust ” F/11″. It could help me? Thanks.

  31. Scott,

    I was sitting in Section 331 and saw you down on the field – kinda neat to see you in person for the first time albeit miles away.


  32. Scott,

    I was doing a shoot with a guy that said he shot sports and he went on about how I don’t use a focus button on the back of my camera. Is this something that you do or other sports shooters use full time? I’ve been shooting for twenty years and never thought about it, but I’m willing to give it a shot. I could see if you were prefocusing on a spot, but I don’t know about follow focusing…

    Just wanted yours or other sports guys opinions on it.


  33. Wow wow wow! Nikon has put out some wonderful tools. Great shot great color I hope to see more. Thanks for sharing.

  34. i find the yellow post distracting. k thanks bye.

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