A few months back, I was very fortunate to have two incredible artists on ‘The Grid’ as my guests – Canadian photographers Elizabeth “Lizzy” Gad and Kris Andres. We were able to give away one of Lizzy’s prints to one of our viewers, but during the show, I learned that Kris wasn’t yet offering any of his prints for sale, and I really encouraged him to start selling them, because his work is just incredible (they’re both phenomenal, and since have become two of my favorite photographers).

Well, I’m happy to announce that he is now making available a limited number of his fine art prints available for sale.

Here’s a link to his site. I encourage you to stop by and take a look at his 2022 collection of images for sale. Really incredible work – even if you don’t buy a print, you’ll love seeing his images.

Here’s the episode (below) where Lizzy and Kris were our guests on the Grid (it was the same episode where we helped Larry from Platypod launch their new Platypod Extreme.

Happy Labor Day, everybody (well, it is here in the US); and hope you’re enjoying a day off, and we’ll catch you back here tomorrow, “Travel Tuesdays with Dave.”


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