Photo Focus Photographic Educator of the Year

Hey guys, Brad Moore here with some exciting news… Scott Bourne over at Photo Focus has named Scott Kelby as the Photographic Educator of the Year for 2011! Scott (Kelby) was super excited, and of course very honored to find out about this. When I saw it, I was really happy for him and wanted to share it with you all as well.

Please join me in congratulating one of the most entertaining, talented, and engaging teachers I know, Mr. Scott Kelby!

  1. Congratulations Scott!
    You (and your team) do so much to help others get better.
    I took a one year photography class before hearing about you and Kelbytraing, but have learned 10x more since joining KT last year.
    Plus thru your blog, webcasts, events (like Photowalk), FB and G+ you conect us with other photographers that have the same intrests and we all learn more from each other again.
    Thanks for everything you (guys) do.
    – Mark

  2. Congrats, Scott!! You have been my mentor for years, and I can honestly say that everything I have learned in Photoshop has been from you or one of the Photoshop guys!! Cheers!! You are a true inspiration to us all!!

  3. Congratulations Scott!!!!
    A very well deserved honor that all of us I’m sure agree could go to no better.
    Not only does you humor, infectious spirit and love for this art form inspire us daily to improve an strive for greatness. But your selfless delivery of classes from other top pro”s and
    Especially day with series continues to show us that no matter what hight you have achieved, you are still at the root just another one of us who is also in awe of someone’s talent and never stop learning daily.
    You, your company and your products are a true source of inspiration and yes, not just edutainment, but true entertainment as well!
    Again congratulations and thank you for improving my skills, inspiring me to do better and just plain puttin a smile on my face daily.

  4. Fantastic News…Well done Scott!!!

    It takes a special kind of person to be able to not only teach, but to teach in a way that is engaging, practical, inspiring and above all fun; a teaching style Scott has in abundance!

    What’s more to surround himself with like minded, talented people as with the N.A.P.P. and Kelby Training goes to show what drives him i.e. to provide the very best in Photography & Photoshop related training on the planet and I know I speak for many thousands of people when I say this but without it I very much doubt I’d have my business, let alone be able to do what I can at the moment, and have such an exciting future of continued learning to look forward to.

    Way to go Scott!

    Best wishes to you and yours,

    1. I totally agree with Glyn – who’s a great instructor himself, btw. – it takes something special to teach in a way you really reach your audience and make them feel comfortable. Congrats for this well earned title.

      All the best and keep going


  5. Well Deserved Honor. I encourage everyone who asks me about training to buy any of Scott’s books as they are the easiest to follow and do not leave out the tiny details (eg.-where to click on that little itty-bitty triangle that Adobe puts in there to test one’s eyesight). And the books are always a fun read.

  6. Congratulations Scott. Well deserved. You and your team have influenced, enhanced and changed the photographic industry in such a way that seems incomprehensible at times. What amazes me the most is the amount of “giving” that goes on within NAPP. You have opened the doors of an industry that was quite tight in their ways of thinking and made it very accessible to manny other aspiring artists/photographers to experiment with, regardless at what level they might be.
    Thank you!

  7. Hey Scott,
    Congrats! You deserve this like no one else. Your teaching methods really work well. Learning mixed with humor really works well for a large percentage of individuals.
    Again, Congratulations Scott.
    YOU DA MAN!!! ;) :)

  8. Bravo Bravo Bravo Scott !!
    You and your team constantly inspire and challenge us to become better photographers. It is because of you, your videos and your team that I have taken my photography to the next level. Thank You !!!
    Keep up the awesome work

  9. Congrats Scott. You very much deserve this!!! The way you integrate your humor into your teaching methods and how you are never afraid to show your “screw ups” makes you one HELLUVA instructor!!!

    Not to mention, you have put together an amazing team at NAPP & Kelby Training. I’m soo very glad that I found NAPP as it’s brought me such a long way from where I was just 7 months ago!!!

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for inspiring soo many & Congrats once again!!!!

    3 Hearts Photography

  10. Just attended the Light it Shoot it Retouch it seminar and Scott was all Brad said. It was informative, entertaining and well planned. I found it to be structured but not rigid. Since this was not my first (or 10th) Kelby Live seminar, I knew what to expect and got it and more. Kudos to Scott and his crew! And, as always, thanks.

  11. Congratulations, Scott! Very well deserved indeed :)

    Thank you so much for all the great work! I’m learning so much from Kelby training and your books, and Ilm having an awesome time doing so. You and your team are amazing!

    – Maria

  12. Congratulations, Scott! What a huge honor and completely well deserved! You teach an amazing amount of photographers, designers, etc., and take something like rocket science (Photoshop)–ok, maybe it’s not exactly like rocket science–and make it easy for people to learn. That my friend, makes you an amazing educator! Again, congratulations!

  13. Congratulations, Scott! No one deserves this honor more than you. It is your knowledge, energy, enthusiasm and humor that keeps me coming back for more. Thank you for showing me how to be a better photographer.

  14. I could say that I’m surprised, but I’m not. I’ve seen you live in action and I learned more in the first hour than I have in the past 5 years of being a professional photographer. Your class single-handedly redefined my editing workflow.

    Congrats, Scott… you’re awesome! Looking forward to seeing you at PSW 2012!

  15. Scott – congrats!!! Your Digital Photography books were a huge help to me. They not only opened the door to the world of photography far wider for me, they also inspired me to start a blog to pass things like your books along. Richly deserved props! Lee…

  16. Hearty kudos, Scott! You’ve touched so many people in so many profoundly positive ways. Always innovative, always inspirational. You make the rest of us feel like we really can go beyond what we would otherwise be capable of achieving. I’m with Ken T. above: the honor could very well be for the decade!

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