OK, they’re not “technically” High-Def prints—-I call them ‘high definition’ because to me they look like the difference between an HD television and a regular television (they are that good!).

These are the prints on metal (aluminum) from Imagewizards (I talked about their prints quite a bit last year—here’s the link), and even though I’ve seen other prints on metal, I’ve never seen metal prints like theirs (don’t confuse these with printing on metallic paper—this isn’t printing on paper at all—your image is printed on Aluminum (they call it AluminArte). The detail is insane!!!).

Since the detail is insane, we asked them for some insane deals. Here they are:

Today through Sunday, ImageWizards is offering a couple of special deals:

FREE Shipping on AluminArte, any size up to 24×36 in a corrugated carton (3 piece max)*

And / OR

20% off any size framed to edge piece of AluminArte, NO LIMIT! *

*Special Does not apply to Recessed Framed AluminArte. Cannot be combined with any other offer.
*Shipping Special limited to the contiguous 48 states. Proof shipping is additional.

To send your files, just go to WeTransfer.com and send your file to info@imagewizards.net. In the comments section, add your order specs and the Kelby promo code SKB1211 along with your contact information. ImageWizards will be available to answer your questions at 1-800-849-3390.  They will review your files first thing Monday and get in touch with you to finalize your order!

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  1. Thanks Scott and Image Wizards for this awesome deal! Larger size aluminum prints can be pretty heavy so the free shipping saves quite a few bucks. And the quality of the AluminArte prints is unbeatable!

  2. I just received my 24″x36″ print from ImageWizards and it is SPECTACULAR! Scott is right to correlate it to HighDef. I can see unbelievable clarity and depth in this print. They do an outstanding job.

  3. I ordered a print from Image Wizzards after seeing their work at Photoshop World. I’m not sure what they do differently but their metal prints really stand out as superior.

    My picture was on display at a gallery in Balboa Park last month and it got’s lots of attention and oohs and ahhs from everyone who visited.

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