Apple names Nik Software’s “Snapseed” iPad App of the Year

I knew it. Nik SO gets the iPad experience that it’s no surprise that Apple named Nik Software’s photo editing App Snapseed their “iPad App of the Year.” I looked back in my email to this summer, and dug up an email I sent to a friend who works for Nik when he asked if I had tried out the Beta of Snapseed. Here’s what I wrote to him back then:

“It feels like this is what Apple was hoping somebody would finally do in an App for the iPad. You leveraged the things that make the iPad great, and combined it with the creative power that makes Nik [Software] plug-ins so great. I would tell you I’m impressed, but that doesn’t go nearly far enough for what you have guys have managed to pull off.”

My congrats to Nik Software You guys did it! :-)

  1. Hi Scott, snapspeed is a great app. Nik produces some great software.
    I just finished watching Crush the composition on Kelby training, I heard it all before ……..BUT it was the best presentation of the subject I ever heard.



  2. Speaking of apps…the Light It app is showing a new issue, but when you tap it for purchasing, a pop-up says “This product is not available on the App Store.” :mad: LOL

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