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  1. Where is Nikon during all of the festivities? Lurking in the background? Why can’t they be a MAJOR sponsor of Photoshop World? I noticed a glaring absence during the last two Orlando Photoshop Worlds on the vendor floor. I’m not talking about vendors who sell Nikon. I’m talking about NIKON USA!

    • Because Nikon doesn’t do that kind of stuff. Canon sponsors a lot of speakers to talk at conferences and camera clubs. Nikon for some reason just doesn’t. When you see the Nikon reps at trade shows you should ask them about it.

  2. No Free stuff Thursday ? Bummer- Was hoping to throw my name in for a pass to the Chi town class with Joe M.

  3. Sure wish I could have made it. Just don’t have the funds. Thanks Scott for all you do to help us little guys. What I have found on Youtube from you certainly has inspired me.

  4. I loved the “Top Gun” themed intro movie! Really fun and entertaining! The sense of humor everyone has at Kelby media group makes it great and very much needed for all. Makes me glad to be a part of the NAPP community.

  5. Got new eyes now, I’ll be in Atlanta!!!! But I did this get this video from some of my good friends at PSW!! http://youtu.be/jJDvq2_vrI8

  6. How far up Adobe’s ass can Scott Kelby get his nose!?!

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