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  1. I checked the adobe website and can’t find the new package as an option anywhere? When will we be able to sign up? And no, I don’t work for Adobe, I just think it’s a good deal.

  2. Is there anywhere to see the Top Gun video they showed the behind the scenes of?

  3. In for the free stuff Thursday ;)

  4. Hey Adobe, I don’t care how cheap you make this on-line stuff, many of your customers don’t like this bird-brained sales boondoggle!

  5. Hi Adobe!
    I don’t own any private version of CS3 or higher. (Got one at work, but that does not count since I can’t use that licence).
    Will there be any offers to get on that Photoshop CC train and get that Photoshop and Lightroom bunde, or do I really have to pirate it?
    I dont like pirated software, I want to pay.

  6. WOW that Wacom Tablet is looking GOOD!!!!! ( could it be the death of the ipad for photographers…)

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