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  1. Yes, and as always, Midnight Madness was great too!

  2. Brad, thanks for showing us some pictures of PSW Vegas. I know at this point in the week that all of you are dead on your feet (I know I was last year!). Hope to see another update later today!!

  3. A great time was had by all. The announcement on the PS/LR bundle was very well received. Plus, Google-Nik threw in their package. All of the instructors were very accessible for conversation. I’m just not used to classes going into the night. And yes, Larry Becker, there were plenty of deals to be had on the last day of the Expo. Thanks to all the Kelby STAFF, and thanks to the Mandalay Bay folks for their service and accommodations. The RC behind the scene sweat video was great. Thanks again to all, especially Maisel and McNally, for making you think about your photography. Hey, Nikon, why don’t you sign on instead of letting Canon show all the innovation and having a repair staff on site.

  4. The subtitle of this post is “…or rubbing it in for those who missed it” See ya in ATL!!

  5. Would love to see you in Miami Friday ?

  6. the adobe coders were great, though they dismissed my suggestions to take photoshop back to the pure photoshop experience that ps3 was – no 3d, no text, no bloat. though they did smile at the idea of making it fit on a floppy again.

  7. Awesome time and I’m already booked for Atlanta 2014

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