My Take on Adobe’s Creative Cloud Deal for Photographers

Since Adobe announced their Creative Cloud subscription-only business model, I’ve been saying the same thing again and again — “… the deal just isn't there for photographers yet.”

Well, that all changed during the opening keynote at Photoshop World last week in Vegas when Winston Hendrickson (Adobe’s Vice President of Engineering for Digital Imaging, and a serious sports photographer himself), announced a better deal than I was ever expecting: if you have any previous version of Photoshop (all the way back to CS3), you can get the combo of both Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 for just $9.99 a month (as long as you take them up on the offer by Dec 31, 2013).

Much better than I was expecting
I had been talking with Adobe about a deal like this for photographers since they first announced the subscription-only plan, and the number I had been hearing was $19.99 for the two. I had been pulling for (and hoping) they would offer it at just $14.99 instead which I thought was a very fair price. $9.99 wasn’t even on my radar at all. When I heard, just a few days before the keynote, that they were going to offer both at $9.99 a month, I was pretty stunned. I never saw a price that low coming. That’s about 33¢ a day for Photoshop. And Lightroom. The latest versions. I know we waited a while for this deal, but at least it was worth the wait.

Doing The Math
To upgrade Photoshop to the latest version was usually $199. Lightroom’s yearly upgrade is around $79. That’s around $280 every 18th months to stay up to date. Now it’s just $180 over 18 months and you’re always on the latest version of both with all the latest features. Plus, you get 20GB of online storage (if you want it), and a ProSite membership as well. The math works.

I’ve talked to a lot of photographers since the deal was announced last Wednesday, and they all really felt Adobe stepped up on this one, and that this was a more than fair deal. I totally agree.

So, how long does that price hold?
Forever! (OK, Adobe didn’t use the word “Forever” because there’s no way their lawyers would ever let them do that, so this is just me talking, but my understanding is they will hold that $9.99 rate for anyone who gets in on the program before that cutoff date, as long as they stay as subscribers. If they drop off at some point, and they want to come back into the program, they’ll have to come back at the regular price of $19.99. Again, that’s not Adobe talking, that’s just my understanding, but that is my understanding. That being said, I can’t image that in the year 2525, if man is still alive, that it won’t shoot up to $11.00 or $12.00 a month, but I believe they plan on holding it there for the foreseeable future).

I don’t have all the answers about specifics like “What if I’m already subscribed to Photoshop CC by itself?” or any of the myriad of questions existing subscribers might have, but Adobe published an FAQ with lots more details and specifics right here.

However, Here are five things I think you should know about this deal:

(1) Don’t let the word “Cloud” throw you off
You don’t run Photoshop or Lightroom in a browser (huge total myth). In fact, just forget the word “Cloud” altogether — think ” App store” instead, because the only time you’ll use your browser is to download Photoshop and Lightroom onto your computer, where they work and run just like always (unless you choose to use their online storage option).

(2) You don’t have to stay connected to the Internet
Another myth. It just checks once a month. One time. Just a few seconds.

(3) There is a difference between “Limited Time Offer” and an “Introductory Price.”
Adobe is making this deal available until the end of the year. That’s a “limited time offer” not to be confused with an “Introductory Price” which is a price that goes up at some point, like after a year (this deal doesn’t do that, but I’ve seen a lot of folks confusing the two). Also, a lot of folks didn’t realize that Adobe added Lightroom to to the CC offering a while ago, but you can still buy it outright if you want to own it for $149. But then when Lightroom 6 comes out, it’ll cost ya another $79 to upgrade. You’d be better off to take Adobe up on this $9.99 deal.

(4) Adobe heard you
Adobe’s own Photoshop Senior Product Manager Bryan Hughes did a great job of explaining how Adobe is listening to its customers at the closing ceremony at Photoshop World. They are totally tuned-in to what’s happening with their 5-million+ Facebook followers; what’s being said in the Adobe forums, out in the field one-on-one and in blogs and social media throughout the industry. What you’re seeing here is Adobe doing something really meaningful, really significant, and really affordable for photographers. $10 a month. Two cups of coffee to use software programs designed for professionals. That’s incredibly fair.

(5) But Adobe isn’t going back
I know no matter what Adobe does, no matter how good an offer, there will still be some people who are going to post angry comments here, yet again, about how they don’t like the subscription model and that they’re not buying into it and so on. I have news for you. Adobe is NOT going back to selling Photoshop as a stand-alone product.

These folks think if they keep relentlessly complaining that Adobe will change their mind and go back to the old plan. I can tell you this — that is simply not going to happen. They also think everybody is mad about this subscription plan. That’s because they’re not actually reading business news about Adobe. They’re basing this on what they’re reading, and posting, at the same sites where other angry users hang out — and not on what what’s actually happening business wise at Adobe, or they would know that a year ago Adobe’s stock was in the low $30s. Today they’re near their yearly high and approaching $50 a share.

Back in June Adobe announced they had over 720,000 paid CC subscribers. This month when they announce their quarterly earnings where do you think those numbers will be now? I wouldn’t be surprised to see them at nearly a million paid subscribers. That’s an insane number.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud business plan is working big time for Adobe and for nearly a million of their customers, and now they have a killer deal for photographers (the one group that had been left behind). This is Adobe’s business plan going forward, and they’re not looking back.

The deal we’ve been waiting for…
Photographers have been waiting a while for a CC deal that makes dollars and sense and now it’s finally here. You jump up to Photoshop CC (so you get all the new Upright Lens features, and the ability to apply Camera Raw as a filter [my personal favorite], and the Shake Reduction filter and more, plus whatever else Adobe dreams up as soon as its ready — not 18 months from now). Plus you get Lightroom 5 and whatever’s next for it, automatically, all for $10 a month. A ton of photographers will take advantage of this,  and I can’t wait for the opportunity to teach them all the cool new stuff in CC.

Then there are “the other guys.” To them, the only thing Adobe could do to make them happy is go back to the old way, which isn’t going to happen for the reasons outlined here, and for other reasons we have yet to discuss (but we’ll be talking about on “The Grid” this Wednesday at 4:00 pm).

So that’s my take on it
Adobe just invited the rest of us (photographers using some previous version of Photoshop) to the party with an incredibly fair deal. A better deal than I ever dreamed they’d offer. 33¢ a day. Amazing! They also showed the roadmap of  products and services they’re developing for photographers, and we’ll have access to in the coming months. Sadly, a few folks will still keep posting angry comments and complaining on and on (and I’m certain we’ll hear from them here today), but with this deal, a lot of new folks will now join CC to take their place. I hope you choose the other route and start using the coolest software Adobe’s ever made, and at the best price in their history. It’s a day to celebrate, and I’m doing just that.

Cheers everybody, and here’s wishing you your best Monday yet! :)

  1. Scott, I think Adobe did a great thing, with this thing. I am glad I held off as long as I did. I am getting old and can’t remember some little things. When does this thing start?

      1. The 17th does not work for me. I will be on vacation.

        Since you are on Adobe’s payroll, could you have them change it for me? Thanks :)

        Everyone screamed that you were on the dole when this was originally announced. How about a little credit now for you single-handedly coming up with this new offering, calling the Five Families together and ramming it down their throats until they cried out “Uncle!”?

        Thanks for going to the mattresses for us.

        Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely.

  2. $9.99 per month for LR & PS from anyone who purchased PS in the last 6 to 7 years is a great deal. Adobe listened and responded and should be commended as should the folks at NAPP as I’m sure they had some input into this also. Yes, I own CS6 and LR5 and yes I will now be upgrading by the end of the year as I have upgraded to every new version in the past. This isn’t a 12 month intro deal this is the new price and is reasonable.

    I was one of those who did not like the original plan and was labeled a troll on your last post because of it. Everyone needs to respect each other and understand that everyone is entitled to their opinions, unfortunately some will not like this and I respect their opinions. But the subscription model isn’t going to go away so they have really stepped up with this plan.

    The fact that they went back to CS3 say a lot also and shows how accommodating they are about this. I’m in.

  3. I asked 2 different Adobe people at the show: if I take advantage of the free CC offer for the show attendees, but then want to downgrade to just PS/LR at the end of the year, how does that work? They said the $9.99 offer was still valid for the show attendees at the end of the free CC year (you’ll get asked if you want to keep CC, cancel , or switch to PS/LR), assuming you own a prior version of PS or LR. You might want to double check that, but that was one of my big questions. I love the new deal since thee are really the only apps I use.

    1. Hi Michelle, Your account is flagged as a show attendee and you will be offered to continue with Creative Cloud complete, or choose this $9.99 offer and its lower ongoing price. Feel free to contact me with any other questions/concerns. jtranber at adobe dot com

      1. Would that include PSW attendees who just received the creative cloud offer but previously had only a student version of CS5?

  4. As a poor photography student, this is the deal I’ve been dreaming of. This is essentially half the regular student price with a free version of Lightroom thrown is for kicks. My university had upgraded to CC and Lightroom 5 over the summer and I was holding off because of file compatibility (you cant open LR5 catalogs in LR4) but I think this just sealed the deal. Thanks Adobe!

      1. See i almost did that but the extra $10 a month adds up really fast when you don’t have a solid income lol; I dont really use the other creative apps enough to justify buying them (I can just use them on those rare occasions at the school) but I’m always going to need photoshop and lightroom on my laptop. Thanks for the heads up though!

    1. From Adobe’s FAQ –

      “Customers who have already joined a Creative Cloud Single App membership for Photoshop at the $9.99/month level (or corresponding local pricing matching the pricing provided in the question above) will be automatically transitioned to this new program when it ships in a few weeks, with the additional benefits and lower ongoing price. All other Creative Cloud members who meet the qualification requirements may contact Adobe Customer Service once the new offer is shipping in a few weeks, to discuss transitioning their membership to this new offer.”

      So if you own PS CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6, and are currently on the $9.99 promo for existing customers, you will automagically be converted.

      1. A related question – I’ve only ever used Lightroom (currently v4.4) – so have no Photoshop install – does this put me in the $19.95 bracket?

      2. That sucks. So just because I’ve never been able to afford to buy a previous version (around $1200 here in Australia) I now have to pay double the price… If adobe rethinks this they’ll get even more new users sign up for sure.

      3. You could buy a copy of CS3 on eBay or CraigsList, install it, and then get the $9.99 deal. It’s a little bit more of an investment but still not that steep in the long run.

      4. No it would suck if you COULD buy your way in at the low price essentially walking all over those of us (loyal past customers) who paid as much as $1500 to buy in. If you were in our shoes and that happened to you – I’d bet money you’d scream bloody murder.

  5. So I’ve already signed up for the 9.99 a month PS CC, do I have to sign up again for this deal (which is very sweet)? If so could you post a link or otherwise let us know who to contact?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Stan –

      From Adobe’s FAQ –

      Customers who have already joined a Creative Cloud Single App membership for Photoshop at the $9.99/month level (or corresponding local pricing matching the pricing provided in the question above) will be automatically transitioned to this new program when it ships in a few weeks, with the additional benefits and lower ongoing price. All other Creative Cloud members who meet the qualification requirements may contact Adobe Customer Service once the new offer is shipping in a few weeks, to discuss transitioning their membership to this new offer.

  6. I have a couple of questions. First, I have a couple of Topaz plug-ins and a couple of OnOne plug-ins. Will they easily transfer over to the cloud version? Also, I have CS6 right now and LR3.3. If prices should rise(I know you’re pretty sure they won’t), will I be able to just revert back to CS6 and LR 3.3(I was just about to upgrade LR).

  7. I’m so glad they started CC. I know I’m kind of on an island here but I’ve started learning 3 other apps that I never would have bought! I rendered mt first full video with about 50 clips in it the other day with transitions and text in Premier. I’m having a blast with it!

  8. I’m using CC since beginning (PS only) and I like it. I also read, that it will be possible to switch to the new pricing, what I really do appreciate since I’m a hobby photographer and who doesn’t like to save a few bucks.

  9. Scott, I have been one of the loudest complainers. So now I need to say that I agree with “your take” of the announced Adobe CC deal for photographers. Although I am not crazy about the subscription model I will be signing up for the new Lightroom and Photoshop CC deal. I will also, after consuming one plate of crow, be reapplying for NAPP membership. Thanks.

  10. From what I can find, every mention of Lightroom in the FAQ for this deal mentions Lightroom 5 (well, except for the slide at the PSW presentation). If they plan on including all upgrades, which we would assume includes Lightroom 6,7,8…, why do they insist on saying its 5 that is included in the deal, and not just say ‘Lightroom’? It makes me think they are planning a Lightroom CC or something similar that will not be included in this deal.

    1. Hi Scott: I think it’s just that the current version is Lightroom 5. It seems like Lightroom is on about a 12-month upgrade schedule for a major releases, so I imagine you’ll see Lightroom 6 sometime next summer, and you’ll get that upgrade automatically as part of this plan for photographers.

  11. Hi
    I don’t have any problem with the subscription model except in 15 years when I will be too old and then how will I access my files? Or do I have to save everything as PSD and reinstal LR5 to look at them (or if I want to quit save everything I have, currently about 20,000 photos as JPGs some way down the track)

    1. Hi lain: Your files are saved on your computer just like they’ve always been, so you’ll still have access to them just like always. Also, if you save your files as JPEGs, or TIFFs, or even PSDs, there are half-a-dozen programs that will open them already, so you can print, make PDFs, etc. Hope that helps. :)

  12. Only bummed I picked up Lightroom after my Cc subscription ended last week. $50 per month was too much for me. Since my wallet is already 180 lighter I’ll live with LR5 and Cs5 for 18 months and reevaluate then.

      1. I decided to support the local reseller so no such luck on returning to adobe. From other comments on here it sounds like the CS4/5 I own don’t qualify anyway as they were suites and not standalone Photoshop so I probably would have just bought LR5 anyway in the end.

  13. I was also one of the people initially upset with the creative cloud offering. Not because I have anything necessarily against subscription software (although it’s not my preference), but because as someone who over the years who had invested well over $1,000 into Photoshop and LR initial purchases and upgrades I felt like the pricing model was a slap in the face to their previously loyal customers. (Yeah, yeah, I know they offered a one year introductory rate for previous owners – that “offer” was laughable.)

    THIS, on the other hand, is a game changer. I give Adobe a world of credit for listening and coming up with what is a better plan than I could have ever expected. I can not wait to sign up for this deal and am beyond pleased at Adobe’s response to the feedback from the photography community.

  14. I would buy this in a heart beat if I all ready didn’t have PS CS6 and LR5. Maybe by the time they upgrade LR again they’ll have a deal like this.

  15. HI Scott, Great Post! I thought I’d post the reply I got from Jeffrey Tranberry to my Question I posted to Julianne’s Blog. She had post the news of the $10 LR and PS so i asked what would happen to those of us who already took advantage of the one year $10 offer. Adobe will move us over to the new $10 LR and PS automatically! See Jeffery’s answer below. How cool is that! I’m excited!


    By Dennis Zito – 4:56 AM on September 5, 2013

    Hi Julieanne! This is great news! However, I purchased
    the Single Offer PS-CC $9.99 offer back in June 2013 and Upgraded to LR 5
    in June 2013 also. Will my account to changed to reflect these new
    changes for Photographers?



    By Jeffrey Tranberry – 5:40 PM on September 6, 2013

    Yes. It will it automatically transitioned to this new
    program when it ships in a few weeks, with the additional benefits and
    lower ongoing price.

  16. I agree they stepped up to the plate on the pricing, but unless I missed something, they still haven’t addressed the problem of not being able to do anything with your files if you stop subscribing. Autodesk’s subscription is only for software updates and leaves you with working software if you ever stop your subscription. That in my opinion is a much better model.

    1. You can open your Photoshop files in all sorts of other programs — just save your images as TIFFs, JPEGs, even PSDs, and there are a half-dozen or more that will let you open/print/make PDFs, etc. no sweat. You just won’t be able to change layers, use levels and stuff like that. Also, your images are saved right onto your own computer like always.

      1. This is true for Photoshop. But Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and some of the other programs save in not only program specific file formats, but also version specific. So If you create InDesign files in CC, then quit you will not be able to open them even if you have an older version of InDesign, without having to go back and save all of your files as IDML.

        I subscribe to the whole Creative Cloud and think it is great. But I would like them to come up with a solution for this dilemma. Maybe if you have to quit, after a certain time period (maybe 3yrs) you would receive license to continue using whatever the version of the software was at when you quit. Almost like you would be building up to a perpetual license. But in order to upgrade from that you would have to rejoin the subscription and build up another 3 yrs before you could lock in again.

    2. And if you have copies of LR or PS now, you don’t have to remove them…so if you did stop in the near future, I would think you can still work with your catalog from your non-CC versions.

  17. After I came to my senses, (LOL) and I compared it with FIOS…which gives me nothing to show for and costs almost $200 per month for 400 channels I never watch, I signed up for the Cloud quite content…Three things tough:
    1. This deal starts on September 17th. I already talked to Adobe.
    2. If you’re signed up for the $9,99 Photoshop ONLY already, (like I am now), Adobe said I have to cancel that and restart the subscription to include both.
    3. IF you save you Lightroom catalog on your own computer/hard drive, you have nothing to worry about.

  18. What happens in 15 years is completely irrelevant right now. Our computers might not support CSS, who knows? We might have Photoshop on contact lenses! Time will tell. Who knew that there was going to be a Windows Millennium when Windows 95 came up? Who anticipated iTunes in 1982?

    IF you save your PSD files, on your own hard drive, you will continue to be able to access them in 100 years from now given your computer still works.

    The other thing to consider here is also WHAT exactly are you doing? meaning why do you have PSD files? us pro’s have them because we edit non-destructively, we like smart objects and layers a lot, and may want to return to a photo later…for a different effect, to print on a different surface etc…us graphic designers always save in .ai or .ind, or .psd so we always save those and save them on back up drives too…that is a natural move for us. Unless we share the same file with someone else, we won’t be using that cloud much to “store” our stuff either because there is that “trust” issue with saving your stuff on someone else’ computer you have no control over. That’s just common sense. 20GBs is enough to transfer large files…

    It is really HOW you use it. So, you will have to evaluate “how” you use Photoshop, or Lightroom etc. I don’t use Lightroom to organize my photos, I have folders on my HDD drives for that, so I could care less about the Catalog….now when I travel is a different story because I really liked the feature that will enable me to continue working on a file regardless of where I am, or what device I’m using…, that will get plenty of usage here.

    It’s really “how” YOU use it.

    1. The premise that “what happens in x years” isn’t exactly true. It’s a form of special pleading.

      It’s unfair for older photographers to assert beginners are “complaining” about not getting a chance to get in on the cheap whereas they splashed out hundreds of dollars years ago to get Photoshop.

      In other words, it’s a rather selfish position to hold where you say “I deserve this introductory offer because I bought CS3 6 years ago” then claim “15 years hence is an irrelevance”… it isn’t to us newbies who, in under 15 years, will already have spent more on photoshop than you have!

      All we want is equality/parity

      1. Sadly there is no “equality” in Capitalism! If there was we would all have health insurance!

        I’ve been an Adobe customer since 1998 and spend quite a bit considering that I do web design too and always bought the suites! Now at least I don’t have to skip versions.

  19. Looks like a desperation move to me. I believe they have been way below their expectations of new subscriptions. It still doesn’t sell me, since I don’t own a qualifying product. I have found that I get by just fine with my free copy (came with my Wacom tablet) of Photoshop Elements. Ad it’ll save me from spending almost $120/yr unnecessarily. The Creative Cloud seems to me to be a niche product for large corporate producers. It’s not for me. I’ll put that 9.99/mo toward a workshop or my PPA membership.

    1. Photoshop is a product designed for professionals, which is why CS6 sells for $700. Adobe makes Elements for consumers, so this deal probably isn’t for you, and that’s fine — that’s why Adobe makes consumer software, too. :)

      1. And Elements is a pretty darn powerful tool these days with the addition of layer masking & content aware cloning and healing.

      2. I know that you didn’t intend to imply that by using ‘consumer’ editing software that I’m not a professional. I am a professional (I shoot for the same wire service as you), so I won’t go there. I just meant to say that I believe Adobe miscalculated on how popular their CC service would be. And that they’ve been trying to correct their error ever since. While us lowly independent photographers may be a small market for them, we are a vocal one. I’ve also learned to get along fine as a working professional without their subscription service. I’ve found that with a combination of Aperture, Photo Mechanic, Elements and the NIK Suite, (all of which I OWN) I have gotten along fine without them. And I believe many others have and will.

    2. Photogoofer – two things that stood out to me.

      1. If you dont own any qualifying proiduct for this… you havent been a customer of Adobe for a loong time. At least not in the pro space.

      2. Companies dont go all. “Lets try this as a desperation move” when their stock is going up and subscriber numbers look good. I know facts like this really do get in the way of a debate… but I figured i’d at least try to direct the attention to point number 5.

      That said… Elements works… well… if you’re suited there.. thats totally cool..

      1. I wasn’t aware this was a debate. Scott gave his “take” on the new model. I gave mine. Hard to just have aconversation on the Internet/blogs anymore. But since you brought it up, I have not been a Pro customer of Adobe primarily due to their cost vs return on investment. I’ve been able to accomplish what I need with alternate tools at a much lower cost. An important consideration when starting out as a working professional.

        As to point 2, you might want to re-think that. “New Coke”, Ford’s Edsel and Decca not signing the Beatles might qualify as questionable moves by established companies. Also, looking at Adobe’s financials over the past couple of years, going from $.45/share to $.13/ share earnings and year over year growth at -65 to -67% of 2011 don’t seem to bolster your argument.

        I realize your livelihood depends to a certain extent on the success or failure of their product decisions, but it shouldn’t cloud your judgement (no pun intended).

    3. Desperation is right!!! I desperately want them to take my money :)

      I was VOCALLY not for Creative Cloud when first announced. Scott talked us off of the ledge and pointed out that there are good reasons for 14 day waiting periods for getting handguns… and pitchforks :)

      He said to hold on and see what Adobe comes up with to address the photography community.

      Worth the wait Adobe. Thank you Scott.

      1. I think this is where the current pricing slightly appears broken from a marketing perspective. It’s designed to target single app users or those that want all of them (which is absolutely worth $50/month). I’m a supporter of the new cloud model but I miss the design suite bundle. Similar to Matthew, I’m 95% Ps and Lr and 5% Id and Illustrator. The jump from $10/month to $50/month is a big step for that.

        I think the current price points are good, but for users that only want 2 or 3 apps, it’s hard not to feel like you’re paying for more than you need when comparing the pricing at face value.

        I’m not sure if half the apps for $30/month is the answer but it feels like a cloud subscription model where apps are so readily available to add or remove, could have a much more dynamic billing as the user grows into more apps.

      2. They should have a step up system. The programs are obviously tiered – and I mean – acrobat is obviously not at the same level as Photoshop or InDesign – so they need to set it up in a table and price it like 2 programs from tier 1 and 1 program from tier 2 for $X — and so on – adding programs a la carte. Because some people REALLY don’t want or need all of those programs – but go ahead and keep the $50 price for all of them – so that’s always there if you want to “upgrade” to that – or say if your current subscription of programs is $40 – people might decide they may as well go ahead and upgrade.

        This seems like such a better choice – if they would make it one. Like for me – for the most part I really could live just off of InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat – if I had to and if it was more economical – I would do that. But I will not – will NOT until I absolutely have to – do the $50 CC deal. As a person who works in a corporate environment as a graphic designer, I purchased CS6 for my home use – but really just as something “nice to have” or if I ever decide I might want to freelance. But I really don’t NEED to have it – so I cannot justify the cost of $50 a month even slightly which is why I really dislike this model.

  20. I just found this past week, that the current CS3 to CS6 student or teacher license owners are not eligible for this deal. The next affordable option is to get the Lightroom 5 separately and subscribe to only Photoshop CC for $20 a month. Which is still too expensive, I think.

    1. Steffens, they are special in that they plunked down about $650 for Photoshop and probably about $200 every 18 months for upgrades so Adobe is giving them a nod with this. Remember, this is a deal for Photoshop CC with Lightroom throw in, not the other way around. If you are a Lightroom only user, it would be cheaper for you to just continue buying the Lightroom upgrades when they come out.

    1. I was speaking with an Adobe Rep and asked, If I had Adobe PS CC would I be able to get the $9.99 deal here in Canada, and they said that it would automatically switch over to the PS and LR promotion. So I would believe that would apply to you, if you purchased PS CC today or anytime soon.

      1. Only customers who own Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6 who are on the current $9.99 Photoshop CC individual membership will be automatically will be automatically transitioned to this new program when it ships in a few weeks, with the additional benefits and lower ongoing price.

        If you’re a customer who owns Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6 who is subscribed to Creative Cloud complete, you may contact Adobe Customer Service once the new offer is shipping in a few weeks, to discuss transitioning their membership to this new offer.

  21. does your blog address the MAJOR blunder of alienating the very user base
    and entry level photographer this plan was intend to market to by
    requiring a Cs3 or higher license and not allowing those with a Lr or
    Elements license to partake?? #Adobefail

    1. It also neglects photographers who bought into a CS3-5 suite, but really only use Photoshop and Lightroom. Not to mention students who bought an education edition, but are no longer students. Adobe should provide SOMETHING for those that fall under these categories and want to get in on a “Photographer’s CC” before year’s end. I am a huge fan of Adobe and their products, but the fact that we would have to pay double the amount of this deal as if we were a first time Adobe customers is disconcerting.

    2. How is this a blunder? This is a Photoshop CC deal with Lightroom thrown in, not a Lightroom deal that adds Photoshop. You will be able to purchase a subscription but just not at this price, which does help offset the initial investment that most Photoshop users had to make at some time (over $650 for a full licens, or close to a Grand for Extended).

  22. Ok, I’ve been protesting this CC thing since the start. It was just too much ongoing expense for my photography needs. However. . . This seems like a good photographers bundle at a reasonable price. I will probably buy. The only down side is that when LR5 was released I immediately upgraded. Uh, that would have paid for the better part of a year’s subscription to this package. I hope Adobe gives us recent purchasers/upgraders a little break for a period of time.
    Thanks for your input Scott.

  23. Count me as another person who had previously decided to forgo ever using CC and just live with Photoshop CS6 and LR4 for the foreseeable future, and spend the savings on plug-ins. However, this deal is great and I am very excited about the new CC features and LR5. My only “complaint” is that after researching a few plug-ins, I may still be buying them even though I am not “saving” money by no longer upgrading my Adobe products.

  24. I just wish they would offer Lightroom and Photoshop at a reasonable subscription price to new photographers. I agree that $9.99/month is a great deal. It’s to bad no reasonable deal exists for those that do not currently own Photoshop or are brand new to Photography. Scott, you were right before this offer was on the table, there was no decent deal for photographers on PS and LR. That is still true for new photographers and those that do not own a recent copy of Photoshop.

    1. $19.99 for new photographers never buying Photoshop is a good deal in my opinion. Some of us – me included paid as much as $1500 for ONE box of PS and then upgrades every 18 mos. You could buy a used copy of CS3 on Ebay, fill out the formal license transfer paperwork with Adobe (easy to do) and then qualify.

      1. I see your point Scott and it is a good one. If I hear you right you are saying you should pay more for initially purchasing the software than for an upgrade. I agree, but at some point in time, shouldn’t those that already have the software be paying the same as others that have the software? 1,2,3 years down the road those on the $19.99 plan will still be paying $120 more than those paying $9.99. At some point in time it would be nice to see the pricing the same for all. Maybe Adobe will move in that direction at sometime in the future.

      2. Steve; Scott also pointed out to you CS3 can be obtained dirt cheap; then you would qualify.
        Many here paid several hundred dollars for their first Photoshop version and should get the better deal.
        You can obtain CS3 on Ebay for $300 or a little less. That is still less than many paid for it. Lets be honest here, those who have paid the price should get the better deal.

      3. Forever? Because you are older/started photography before others does that grant you and yours the right to have cheaper photoshop ad infinitum?

        It should not. This is a misguided move appealing to all those photographers who own and have upgraded to CC already anyway, or the lingering few who were holding out for a reasonable deal.

        For the rest of us new to this, it’s a little insulting to be thought of as ineligible second clas citizens.

      4. There has to be a cut off somewhere and even if, as you imply you are young, there was over a year warning shot before Creative Cloud became the new model (those who did not see it coming were blind) and students have always been able to purchase Photoshop very cheap. Often if you purchased Elements you got a offer for essentially the student price.

      5. The $300 eBay price could just make you that much poorer if the seller is not the original registrant. Transferring the license requires that the original registered owner sign off. If that original owner is unknown, then the eBay purchase is good for no more than a trial use period . . .

      6. Thanks for making this point clear Steve – I think you summed it up very nicely. I understand Scott’s point as well and can understand how opening up this deal to “everyone” would be an insult long time Photoshop users that have shelled out hundreds of dollars. But there certainly seems to be a disconnect here. If this indeed “limited time deal” there should be some way for others to opt-in (for example, $600 for the first-year and $9.99/month after that – along the lines of Photoshop World Vegas) If one knew about this deal before September, one could have purchased PSW Vegas registration JUST to get this deal and not even attended the conference.

      7. The license transfer for software bought on eBay is not so easy, especially if the original registrant is unknown . . .

        I’ve been through this process and it’s an easy way to have eBay buyer’s remorse.

      8. Umm you’re completely wrong. I’ve helped a dozen people do it since the CC announcement. As long as you simply get the person you buy from to verify they are the original purchaser the whole process is less than 10-minutes. Another Adobe hater spreads misinformation. The fact you guys do this means you are on the wrong side of the argument.

      1. I’m wondering if you guys were like me – and had paid as much as $1500 for a single copy of Photoshop – no CC, no suite, no LR JUST Photoshop; I am guessing you’d be screaming bloody murder saying guys like “us” got ripped off so there is a good reason for brand new people paying more.

      2. No Scott, I am not a bitter old man. I just think that at some point in time, the monthly cost to own photoshop should even out for everyone. Someone that is new to photography a year from now should not have to pay $120/year additional every year they want to own the product. Don’t jump to conclusions. I am not saying I hate Adobe, hate photoshop, or anything at all like that. I simply am pointing out what I perceive as an inconsistency in Adobe’s policy – one that they may want to consider addressing. We have already seen that Adobe’s pricing structure has changed on the subscription model. This is a new thing. What is wrong with giving them feedback?

      3. @steve_wetzel:disqus other than your lame attempt at insulting me your comment added nothing to the discussion – and was downright misleading. I didn’t say you hate Adobe or Photoshop. Didn’t say that at all. I do hear lots of entitlement thinking from you – and I disagree with your position. You say you have the right to give feedback. I have that right too – correct?

      4. You are missing the mark by a mile Scott. One, i do not believe in entitlements, I don’t expect a free handout but also don’t feel I should be forced to foot the bill for others. Second, sorry I offended you by saying that I am not a bitter old man but its true, I am not (it’s not all about you always). I am old but I am not bitter. Adobe can do as they please, it’s their company. I am sure they will try to make the best decision possible. They obviously didn’t get it right the first time or they never would have changed their position with this new offering. Who is to say they got the whole thing right this time???

        Enjoy your life Sir.

      5. Unfair? We’re talking about software here man. Not world power. You can buy anything you want – nobody is forcing you to. Stop with the entitlement thinking. I promise that as soon as you do your life will become better and you won’t be the bitter, unhappy person you appear to be now.

  25. At this point Adobe has made it very compelling to go CC. They seem to be fixing bugs weekly if not daily in PS CC. New features are added weekly as well. So I made the move and save out as layered tiffs.

      1. Florian thank you for the info! I looked into it and for a few days I saw only dollar prices thanks!

  26. I was speaking with an Adobe Rep and asked, If I had Adobe PS CC would I be able to get the $9.99 deal here in Canada, and they said that it would automatically switch over to the PS and LR promotion. Which I think is great, and a great way for Adobe to earn more customers. And by the way Scott, if it wasn’t for you and the Kelby Media crew, my photography would still suck. But since I subscribed to Kelby Training, my photography has changed and I’ve learned so much from your courses. So I just want to say Thank You! and keep doing what you do best. I am inspired and you are one of my mentors.

  27. I just like how you pulled a Zager & Evans reference in there. Nice to see something for us old guys. I wonder if anyone born after 1970 even got that? Classic my friend.

  28. I was initially unhappy with the subscription model but I came around and signed up for Adobe Photoshop CC back in June under the first year discount plan. Obviously I think the newly announced deal is even better. Since I’ve always updated to the newest versions of LR and PS as soon as they were available I figure I’ll break even or maybe even save a few bucks under the new model. Either way I’m happy.

    I look forward to the day when we can get back to discussing photography rather than Adobe revenue models, Soon I hope.


  29. OK, Now they have me interested. As a NAPP Member I had hoped that Scott’s influence would prevail. What I actually mean by this is his loyal members and fans that did complain loudly to Adobe.
    I do have a question, when they say any Photoshop going back to PS3 qualifies does this include a Students/Teachers version?
    I have CS6 extended – Students version, and I have LR5 also. Will this qualify me for the deal. If so I think I will jump on this band wagon. I will be 69 shortly and if I do get another 10 years out of this software with all of the fun (Not a Professional) I am having then it will be worth it. I will just save all as .JPGS and if anyone wants to view after I’m gone I am sure there will be programs that will let them.
    One more quick question, I keep my Catalog on an external drive with my images will I have any problems when attached to the cloud?
    So I am hoping that it will qualify.
    phil b
    benton, ky

    1. Hi, Philip. in regards to your final question, your workflow will stay exactly the same on the CC version from any CS version. The only difference is when you want to install PS, you click a button on your taskbar and it installs. your files stay put. Your program stays on your hard drive. The only change is that you pay monthly and the program updates MUCH easier than with CDs and installers — you only need to click “update now” on your task bar.

  30. I have it in writing from Adobe; the price will never go up if you keep your subscription active. Save this legally binding statement:


    Thank you for contacting Adobe Sales. My name is Nathan. How may I help you today?

    Nathan: Hi, may I have your first name please?

    you: The special offer for photographers – how long is the $9.99/mo rate guaranteed for?

    you: my name is John.

    Nathan: I’ll be glad to help you with that information.

    Nathan: Hello John.

    Nathan: The price will not change. until you cancel the order. However, if you cancel you will not be able to place the order for offer price once again

    you: OK, I am 61.5 years old. If I keep this subscription active and paid until I am 80, it will still be $9.99/mo?

    Nathan: Let me help you with that.

    Nathan: Yes, it is standard price. However, if there is increase in price you will be notified before the price increase

    you: My question is not answered. You said If there is an increase in price”. That assumes there could be an increase, yet you also said the price would not change. Which is it?

    Nathan: I am sorry for the confusion.

    Nathan: The price will not change for any number of years once you sign up.

    you: Thank you. That answers it.

    Nathan: It was nice chatting with you. Is there any thing else I would help you with?

  31. Many people is saying that renting the software won’t do it. They want to buy a full version and keep it as long as they want. What many has not realise is that the computer they have now won’t work with newer version in ten years. I had to buy a full version of a Design Collection from Adobe, it cost me $1,500 usd on a single credit card payment. Now, you can have a full version of all Adobe Apps at a better price month by month. CDs and DVD installers aren’t part of our present and future.

  32. One can be against the subscription model without being angry about it or “relentlessly complaining” to Adobe. If one doesn’t care for the subscription model, as I don’t, they shouldn’t subscribe. All versions of PSCS were touted as the greatest software ever released–they were–and still are–and can continued to be used.

      1. But why use Bridge when Lightroom comes with the deal?!?! Check out Lightroom buddy, you’ve held out long enough!

      2. Bridge is useful if you just want to browse images outside your Lightroom catalog (and for working with non-photographic files: PDF, EPS, etc)

  33. This is a fantastic deal that I’ll be taking advantage of, although the Behance Prosite really doesn’t do anything for me without an e-commerce option. I don’t see any way for clients to purchase my photos from the Behance site, so I still have to pay for a portfolio website with e-commerce. (Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong!) Still, even without that it’s a great deal.

  34. I see there is a ‘Team’ option but the price is too high.
    I am a member of a UK Photography club and an attractive price would be worth considering.
    We have 80+ members but maybe only 50 of them actively editing images. The club has a copy of CS5 and LR4 already and most members have their own copies of CS3/4/5.
    As it’s a hobby and the usage of CC would be unpredictable, I dont think there is a model that would suit us.

  35. I have to admit that I was not thrilled about having to move to the CC format but only because it didn’t fit my needs as a photographer. In itself, the CC package was and is an incredible deal for what you get. If you are a professional who had to invest in the entire Creative Suite to do your job, $50 a month was a godsend. But if you only needed Photoshop some of the time and mostly worked in Lightroom, it just didn’t make sense. That is why I am very excited to see this deal at such a reasonable price. For the price of skipping my Starbucks Latte twice a month, I get access to the latest versions of both of my most used, and needed imaging applications. It’s just a win-win.
    One thing that I would like to see Adobe do in the future is to make an ala-cart system for their entire suite. I know Photoshop does video but I would be willing to add another $9.99 a month for Premiere. And what if someone wanted to do publishing along with their phtography. It would be great if they could add on In-Design ala-cart, without having to go for the entire magilla. So hopefully that is something that will come about in the future but for now, I will be quite happy with my Photoshop CC for Photographers package.

  36. I’m not sure how Adobe plans on increasing their market with these plans. I’m a hobbiest and I am fine using LR only so it doesn’t really effect me. It seems that Adobe has made it really hard though for serious hobbiests or part-time pros to make the jump. Maybe it’s no different than taking the jump to buy a $700 program, but it seems to me that they are ignoring getting new users on their plan which in the long run is stupid.

    1. @a8606b3048dec9076dbcc90eea50fdd1:disqus Photoshop is a pro app – they aren’t in the business of selling pro apps to hobby photographers. Elements and Lightroom are for hobby photographers.

      1. Ignoring someone’s point and referring to Stabucks is something of a debating fallacy. You’re substituting the point with another rather than answering the original question.

      2. Who’s point am I ignoring? I replied to ALSCA who said Serious hobbyists want the real deal too (Photoshop and not Elements). My response to that was they can pony up the $20 a month.

      3. Claiming that $20 isn’t a lot of money is substituting the argument with another.

        Instead of responding to “why should new photographers be penalised in the long term” your point is essentially “your argument is irrelevant because I think $20 is cheap”.

      4. First of all $20 isn’t a lot of money anymore. $20 doesn’t go very far. Also I think new photographers are getting a heck of a good deal at $20 a month. Photoshop costs $700 so to recoup that cost at $20 a month would be one month short of 3 years. By giving people who already paid Adobe $700 a better deal does not mean they are screwing the people who didn’t give them $700 already.

      5. I got news for you. If it was only pros that bought Photoshop Adobe would be in serious trouble. As far as Lightroom being for hobbyists the majority of pros use it now. I don’t know where you get your information from.

      6. I have news for you. As an ex-adobe intern, I can say with complete certainty that the hobbyists are of very little concern to Adobe. Its products are industry standard, so there is no reason they need to rely on home users to spread Adobe’s greatness by word of mouth. What makes Adobe the vast amount of its money is the large deals (previously creative suite packages, but now CC memberships) with large digital publishing, photography, and graphic design firms. Large, as in sometimes up into the tens of millions.

        Also Adobe has their entire booming digital marketing business to make up for any losses that would be incurred due to lack of adoption by the home users (which won’t happen anyways).

      7. I have news for you. As an ex-adobe intern, I can say with complete certainty that the hobbyists are of very little concern to Adobe. Its products are industry standard, so there is no reason they need to rely on home users to spread Adobe’s greatness by word of mouth. What makes Adobe the vast amount of its money is the large deals (previously creative suite packages, but now CC memberships) with large digital publishing, photography, and graphic design firms. Large, as in sometimes up into the tens of millions.

        Also Adobe has their entire booming digital marketing business to make up for any losses that would be incurred due to lack of adoption by the home users (which won’t happen anyways).

      8. I also want to clarify: when I say home user, or hobbyist, I am saying that they are someone who does not generate any revenue from the use of these products whatsoever.

      9. Which company has the best chance of being real competition for Adobe in this space?

        Perhaps if Apple bought Corel?

      10. I got news for YOU Tony – Adobe says Lightroom is a consumer app. Adobe says that. And if only pros bought Photoshop then Adobe would do just fine. I actually talked to Adobe and am privy to their plans as part of a beta tester group working on the product for 15 years. I don’t where you get YOUR information from.

      11. Yes you are rude AND misguided. You see an Adobe employee in this thread confirming my statement. You have fun being a hater. I can’t help you because I am not the jackass whisperer.

  37. This is fantastic news!!! Thanks so very much for sharing the information. I am definitely on board now with the new model & well spread the great news to my fellow photographers!!!

  38. Scott I find a few commenters here who are still grumbling. I really thought this would finally stop happening but it’s come to me that the only way Adobe will make these folks happy is if ADOBE pays THEM $9.99 a month. Great coverage on your blog about the deal – and taking my tongue out of my cheek – I am glad to see most commenters get that Adobe is using this deal to reward their loyal customers.

    1. Scott Bourne, those people who Adobe would pay would then whine that $9.99 is too little a price to be paid to use PS & LR and would demand a higher payment! :-)

    2. Scott, my only complain is about not having a plan for people who don’t own a previous version of CS. If Adobe launched a similar subscription plan for those who didn’t own CS* for, say, $14.99/month I would be the first one to sign in.

      1. @gustavo_cavalcanti:disqus sorry but if you were in my shoes you’d get very mad if they did that – I paid as much as $1500 for Photoshop. Why should you get off without a buy in price? If you were me you’d be mad if they did that and I guarantee that you’d be complaining about it. Essentially I think Adobe knows they can’t please everyone – my advice to them is to stop trying. $20 a month is a steal compared to what I’ve invested in this program over my career.

    3. “I really thought this would finally stop happening but it’s come to me that the only way Adobe will make these folks happy is if ADOBE pays THEM $9.99 a month” – You really don’t understand our concerns. It’s not about the actual price, it’s about “how it works”.

  39. Wow! Just read all the posts so far and for the most part overwhelmingly positive! There’s something you don’t see too often when it comes to Adobe’s new subscription model.

    This is a great deal for photographers. Cheaper than buying boxed software and better for the environment as well. For those few people who are still complaining — and I’ve seen some here and some in other blogs — get a grip! If you’re a professional photographer (part-time, full-time, whatever) you can write off the cost as a business expense for one thing; and you always have the latest software for editing.

    I wonder if the complainers are the same people who whined about the death of the floppy disc! :-)

    Progress people, progress. Embrace it!

    1. Note about environment is misleading, Adobe could sell CS via internet, same as CC. This is not about “boxed” or “downloaded” software.

      And this is not about how cheap the software is. The reason why I (and many others) refuse CC-only model is somewhere else. But if you don’t want to understand, then you won’t understand.

      About your floppy-disc note: I like progress and I like innovations. But not everything new is automatically good.

      1. Mind sharing what that “somewhere else” reason is? I can’t possibly understand if you don’t explain what your objection is. The software works exactly the same as before. Everything, including your photos and the program, reside on your computer, not in the cloud.

      2. There are many posts over the internet (for example on Creative Cloud facebook page). Some of them are just like “hey we are here, don’t forget”, but many of them came with good rational arguments, why CC-only model isn’t good. I assumed, you have read something about it and you chose only what was good for you. But now I see, you are not wrapped up in problem. Sorry, my fault.

        I didn’t mean “how works the software”, I know it is great and it works like before. I was talking about how the renting-only system works (and what can result from it in future).

        Robert, I know that program reside on my computer. People from Adobe want us to look like bunch of ignoramus who think they must open Photoshop CC in web browser. This is not true. I know CC applications are good, why they shouldn’t be, they are similar to CS predecessors. I am not strictly against the CC. Well, I would be glad if CS is back, but I can imagine, that I will subscribe to CC too, but only if there are better conditions for customers (compromise).

        We don’t ask Adobe to lower the price (I wouldn’t be angry if they will), we ask Adobe for so-called exit strategy. This means (as I understand it) that it would be possible to still use the software when you stop the subscription. Of course, at some specific conditions suitable for both, Adobe and customer. This “exit-strategy” would give some control mechanism to our (all of us) hands, otherwise Adobe will gain great control over us in the future. You can’t simply stop your subscription, when you rely on the applications and you don’t have an alternative. So what will you do when Adobe will rise the price? Presuming, that Adobe won’t do that, is carefree.

        Perpetual license can also save your neck, when you temporary lose ability to pay your rent and you need your software to make money again. This can happen to everybody, think about illness, disaster, financial crisis…

        I know this is article for photographers, and maybe for photographers, it’s easier to use another application. But when you are using IN, PS, AI, BR and others, then converting to another software, with all your files, is at least problem.

        (Sorry, English is not my native language, I apologize for mistakes.)

      3. Petr, first, it’s not Adobe spreading rumors that are misleading about how the software works. That’s counter-productive for them to do that. It just makes no sense. It’s people who don’t pay attention to what the CC really is all about spreading mis-information; and then others take it as the truth because “they read it on the Internets”.

        There are other alternatives to Adobe that can open PSD and TIFF files–they’re just not as good as Adobe’s which is why they are THE standard. So if you don’t like the monthly payments you can find something else to license — you don’t own any of the software you have on your computer in any case, as you probably know.

        And I think you are extrapolating out what could happen if. . . with some type of disaster–which is a bit crazy. Because if you have some illness or financial disaster and can’t pay your bills, the LAST thing you’re going to care about is your Adobe CC subscription. The first would be your rent/mortgage, car payment, food in roughly that order. Affording your Adobe CC is like 25th in priority.

        Last, if you bought the entire Creative Suite a couple years ago, it would cost you around US$1,500 or more. Under the subscription model it’s US$600 annually. Better from a cash-flow standpoint to shell out US$50/month than US$1,500 in one shot. And then an upgrade every year or so. Now you get upgrades right away.

      4. You are right, there are people who think, that you must use your applications in a cloud and it makes sense, that Adobe is trying to explain this myth. I just don’t like the sensational way, how they inform about it. It looks like everybody who is protesting against Adobe CC-only is uninformed ignorant. But no wonder they do it like this.

        I must admit, that I didn’t try any alternative for opening psd/tif files, but generally, my former experience with conversion between file formats is not good (InDesign/QuarkXPress, Illustrator/Corel, 3dsmax/Autocad, Rhinoceros, Blender). I don’t believe, that if you are benefiting from advanced functions of Photoshop, you will be able to correctly open and use your files with another software.
        (I know I don’t own the software, but it isn’t important if I own it literally or not, important is what result from license conditions. The difference between “renting” and “perpetual-license” is clear.)

        Knowledge of Adobe’s programs is part of my value on the market. I spent years of learning how to work effectively with these programs. And now you are saying, that Adobe can change rules of the game and we should just go away or accept these unsuitable rules? Sure, that’s exactly how it is, but nobody can expect that we will do it silently without voicing our disaffection. Especially more, when Adobe doesn’t have truly competition in some segments of the market.

        I hope you agree with me, that possibility of disaster or illness (and there can be many other reasons, why you can temporary loose ability to pay your monthly fee) is not so unrealistic. You are saying, that Adobe subscription has low priority level in these situations, but you are probably talking about how it was with CS (I know you are not). With CS, the last thing in these situations was to think about, how you can afford new update of CS. With CC, the situation is opposite. When your living depends on Adobe software, than having money for renting your software must be one of the firsts things, you must care about. How can you make money for rent/mortgage, car payment, food, when your software stop to work? Maybe for photographer is easier to do his work without Adobe software, than for graphic designer. Adobe software is the same for me, as DSLR for photographer. So imagine a world, where there will be only one DSLR producer (Adobe) and than some compact camera producers (Adobe alternatives) and one day, the only DSLR producer would say: “Only way how to get DSLR is renting”.

        About your last point… Adobe is still comparing price of Master Collection and CC, but you must take into account that not everybody need all the applications. So why generally compare CC with Master collection?

        Here is my situation. I must admit, that I was never good at math and I don’t know exact prices of previous versions, but approximately it should be right. Feel free to correct me. I used prices in my country and than converted them to dollar, that’s why so strange numbers.
        2007 – I bought CS2 Design Premium (with free upgrade to CS3) for $2034 without tax (I can’t find the bill, but it was something like this).
        2012 – I bought upgrade to CS6 for $1021.
        SUM for CS = $3055.
        With CC for same period – 792 $/year * 5 = $3960.
        If I sell my license at this point (year 2012), I will end up with $1473 for CS vs $3960 for CC. Of course I don’t have early upgrades, Behance and Typekit, but not everybody need this. Personally, I like the Typekit idea, but why not to do it as additional service for additional charge only for people who need it?

        I will be generous, let’s pretend I bought every upgrade (I ignore CS5.5 to keep it simple)
        2007 – $2034
        CS4 – $789
        CS5 – $789
        CS6 – $789
        After 5 years it is $4401 with CS versus $3960 with CC. But you still have license of up-to-date software, which you can sell. If I stop at this moment and sell my license for, let’s say $1578. Than it is $2823 with CS vs $3960 with CC. Or, if you don’t sell your license, you can still use the software for many years, without paying, till it’s too old. After years of paying for CC, you end up with nothing.

        And what about Master Collection?
        2007 – $2736
        CS4 – $1090
        CS5 – $1090
        CS6 – $1090

        SUM for CS = $6006
        CC = $3960

        But still you have up-to-date software of value $2736 which you can sell. So if you sell it for, let’s say $2368, you are $3640 with CS vs. $3960 with CC. And what is more important, you are in more secure situation with CS. With CS you could be more flexible with your payments (you could pay when it was most suitable for you). With CC you can be pretty sure, you must pay every month, so yes, CC is predictable, even you don’t know how much it will be after 2 years, you can be pretty sure you will have to pay :).

        Benefits of early upgrades? Upgrades are fine, but not everybody need upgrade every 6 months. I switched from CS3 to CS6, the changes were fine and they made my live easier, but I am talking about 5 year period. Why should I think, I need upgrades every 3-7 months, instead of every 2 years? It’s nice, but not so important. Some segments of CG maybe need to react more flexibly to the new trends, but this is not reason to forcing all users to this system.

        Many people like this renting model, but no wonder many others not. Forcing everybody to this scheme is very unfriendly and aggressive step from Adobe.

  40. I admit, I was one of those people who didn’t like the subscription model. However now in all fairness Adobe has stepped up and done the right thing at a amazing price. If they hang in there with that price and this level of service they have a lifelong subscriber.

  41. I’m not a pro so I will not likely go for this. I upgrade light room every other edition which works great for me. If that’s no longer supported by purchase I guess I will head over to elements where I started. I love Lightroom so I hope it stays as a purchasable item. If I was a paid por then it would be with the $10 a month. I just feel like ever business wants subscribers vs purchasers and if you think it’s only $10 a month too many times then before you know it you have an extra $100 to $200 a month in bills. With the economy being still quite slow in my industry I am looking at canceling as many monthly expenses as possible. Thanks to Scott for advocating for photographers…this is a good deal for pros. I’m just OT a pro

  42. I was surveyed by Adobe earlier this year and asked about the products I use, and if I would switch to CC. I said that I only use PS and LR, and that a CC option would be good for me if the price was in the $10 range. I must not have been the only one who told them this. Great job Adobe of listening!

  43. Great review — thank you for explaining ‘cloud’ and the not having to work online concept. I wasn’t going to participate at $20 a month, but $10 a month with bonus material vs $15+ for the boxed upgrade model ($280/18) is a great value for advanced amateurs like me. I empathize with non-owners upset by their higher price, but realistically, a lower rate for those who already are currently paid into the system is no different than lower price for an upgrade boxed version. There’s always a deal out there; I’m sure one day Adobe will have one for you, or you can follow Scott Bourne’s suggestion.

  44. Is this purely for US customers? I’ve just been on to the UK adobe site and the price is still very prohibitive to an individual. £15 a month for the student addition!!!! £46 for a normal human!

    1. North America$9.99 USD
      European Union€9.99 EUR
      EMEA non-EU$9.99 USD
      Australia/New Zealand$9.99 AUD
      Asia Pacific$9.99 USD
      Japan¥1,000 JPY
      United Kingdom£7.14 GBP

  45. I was one who was totally against this CC business on many levels, not the least of which it made no sense for photographers who use only LR and PS. I was infuriated with those Photoshop gurus who tried to convince me differently. I knew the Emperor had no clothes on. Now this deal with one year free for PSW attendees, and the $9.99/month, when compared to the price of upgrades, the math finally starts to make sense. So I’m in. Fair warning- I am having trouble loading my Nik and Topaz plug ins into PS-CC, but I’m sure I will sort it out. So Kudos to Adobe for being responsive to their Photographic end of the market. And Kudos to you Scott–for handling all the flak and angry commentary like a total gentleman

  46. Scott, If one does not take advantage of this, does that mean LR users are never going to be able to upgrade except through a subscription plan. I have PSE 11 and PS 5 and LR 5. I am an amateur still learning LR. Still trying to decide!

  47. The price is finally right! I hope they don’t raise it once they have you hooked in. So in case they do, will I be able to open my PSD files with LR5 and CS6 in the future. By that I mean the files I will be creating with the new CC versions? Scott do you know about this?

    1. The Photoshop team takes great care in trying to maintain backwards compatibility as best they can. You’ll always be assured that we store a pixel accurate rendition of your PSD and TIFF and even most layered files throughout the years and many versions. Here’s a Dave Cross’s findings:

      And to your root concern about raising the price: To be clear, $9.99 is not an introductory price. It is the price for those of you who sign up by December 31, 2013. That’s not to say the price won’t ever go up for things like inflation, no one could ever say that, but it won’t go up to $19.99 after a year.

  48. I’m a bit disappointed that Student editions do not qualify for any of these upgrade deals. It is an absurdity that I’ll be paying an extra $40 per month – FOREVER – simply because I bought Adobe software through my college.

    I could buy Lightroom, for $79.00, and then subscribe to Photoshop alone for $19.99. In this way, I would only pay $10 per month extra, along with the $79.00 annual upgrade of Lightroom. Either way, using student software will now cost me hundreds of dollars extra, per year, forever.

    1. Sigh – I just cannot believe the amount of misinformation out there. Adobe has said they are studying pricing for students and others. This particular deal is just for existing customers as a loyalty bonus. Perhaps you could be patient and wait for some actual facts to wonder by before deciding Adobe is the seed of the evil empire?

    2. @ScottBourne – Not sure you understood my complaint.

      I was a student. I am no longer a student. My student software doesn’t allow me to access these deals, so I pay full price to get photoshop, Lightroom, cloud storage and a bunch of programs I rarely use.

      It’s like a penalty for using their student discounts. Microsoft office didn’t do this to me and its harder to swallow as the new pricing models, as you can read in the post, are for ever. Basically for saving a few hundred on CS6, I’ll now pay $480 per year. Forever.

      At no point did I say adobe is evil. It’s just got a bad student software policy that is leaving us with student software paying a fortune for new programs.

      1. So you could buy a $50 copy of CS3 on Ebay, legally transfer the license – and then be eligible. No big deal. But then you’d have nothing to complain about.

        Now – Why do you think you should get the same benefits as a student when you no longer hold that status? You’re not a student therefore you should not get a break that students get. That’s like saying when a hotel gives old people a discount for being AARP members that they are “punishing” young people. It’s silly. It’s entitlement thinking and I have a right to my opinion that it’s misplaced.

      2. The better analogy would be not giving those seniors loyalty points because their stay is discounted.

        I didn’t say I wanted student pricing, I merely believe that a discounted product – used to gain loyal customers – should be eligible for loyalty pricing.

        And transferring a licence is a fabulous idea. I didn’t know it was possible to do legally.

      3. Glad you liked my idea and maybe that will help you. But I completely disagree with you (as does Adobe based on their actions) that people who came in on a discount deserve anything special . You have already received all the freebies you deserve.

      4. Under “Terms” – “This offer is not available to Education, OEM, or volume licensing customers.”

    3. I totally agree, and wish Scott would use his voice (influence?) to advocate for a change in this policy before they make the offer available.

      I have a family of photo enthusiasts, and feel we have more than ‘paid our dues’ to be eligible for this. We have purchased both CS5 and CS6 through the Student/Teacher program. I can’t recall if they even offered an ‘upgrade path’ for the Student/Teacher desktop version, just that it was cheaper/easier to buy the full version again… thus I have purchased Photoshop Student/Teacher more than once. To see that they are extending this offer all the way back to CS3, and not honoring my very recent purchase of CS6 leaves me frustrated. I know that CS3 users paid a higher price, but there is such a thing as: time-value-of-money. Locking folks that just purchased CS6 prior to this cloud chaos out of this deal, leaves me dumbfounded and repeating: Really??? Really???

      Think about the population excluded from this deal… those least equipped to afford the software, and most likely to turn to piracy. This is like a penalty for those of us that chose the legal path, but simply took advantage of a discount offer… and it is a push to the dark dark side.

      Troll responses to your post aside, I agree… we want THIS DEAL, and at the very least it should be extended to those that just shelled-out cash for CS6 in the last 12 months. Despite folks that will still be unhappy, this is a good deal… and after the goodwill it creates for Adobe (prior to the whole CC backlash), one would be fool to think that they will go on to extended it to loyal Student/Teacher purchases. They may have some other deal… but, we want this deal now. Please, please, please Scott speak for the the little guy before this program starts and ultimately ends.

  49. Better at $9.99 a month. But my CIO said he is still not going to approve it. Not when we
    pay $95 a year per person for Microsoft Office Pro, Exchange, Shairpoint and
    System Center Configuration Manger (SCCM). Adobe needs to make a version
    without the cloud storage. Most companies or users are not going to use
    it because they are already using a better cloud storage system or they just don’t
    want to use Adobe’s Adobe should have a package with the Photoshop and LR for
    $8 a month or a lower price if you pay the whole year at once like most other
    software companies do for subscription model. Plus Adobe should state how
    they are storing your credit card numbers. Are they using salted
    encryption or not. Really not trusting them on using strong security on


      1. $95 a year for 4 applications is less than and a better value than $9.99 a month for 2 applications. $9.99 X 12 = $119.88. And MS lets you mix and match we have users just using Office Pro, Exchange, and sharepoint for about $7.25 a month

    1. Robert I could see if we were talking about InDesign since the software that is in Office Professional will do all the design work any CIO could ever want.

      Photoshop however is just a little more powerful than Paint.NET ( I do like me some Paint.NET though). I do not make as much money from photography and Photoshop full-time as other here do. I am a full-time, 15 years and counting, Exchange administrator. The CAL (client access license) prices that you are quoting are for bulk quantities (100’s +).

      As a side note, CALs are rental/usage licenses… kind of like Creative Cloud is. Outlook costs money for the software and the best price is when bundled with Office. But it is a cost in and of itself, and no small one at that. The CALs are on top of that. You pay for Office/Office Professional once. Your CALS are ongoing, and going, and going… :)

      Now that I think of it…

      It is like the requirement that you have legally purchased CS to be able to partake of the new PS/LR bundle. You get to keep all of the Office products and can get bug fixes for awhile but, and it is a BIG BUT… you can not use them to access Exchange, SharePoint, OneNote or ANY other Microsoft server product.

      No current CALs for each product and you think that Photoshop is expensive, wait until your CIO finds out how much THAT will cost.

  50. Scott-why is it that Adobe will give this price to users who haven’t updated since CS3, but will not give the offer to anyone who was a student and had an educational copy? It would seem that they should be interesting in folding all into the cloud rather than excluding just a select group.

  51. So I’m still a little confused and will head over to Adobe site right after this. I have the Photoshop CC only at $9.99 and have already upgraded to Lightroom 5. Will I automatically receive the subscription update to Lightroom 5?

  52. Adobe is not doing this because they care about Photographers or listen to Scott Kelby (NAPP). They are only doing this for a limited time so they can increase their subscribers and report to Wall Street that the subscription only model is working. They need to do this before their next quarterly report. If users held firm and not take the bait and sign up for the $9.99 a month they would be forced to lower the price even more or offer the perpetual license again and have a mixed license model. Wall Street would force it or their stock prices would go down. Hold firm users!

      1. When it comes down to it, it’s the bottom line on the financial statement that matters. Robert does have a point to some degree. When companies offer rebates, it isn’t because they want to be nice and offer you a cheaper price on their product. They are trying to move inventory.

  53. It’s a great deal for sure but, I’ve never owned Photoshop. I have Lightroom and love it. Maybe in the future they will offer it to those that purchased Lightroom. Through the university I work for I can get Photoshop extended for $169. I think I’m better off getting that for now.

  54. Just tried to switch my subscription of educational (which I just purchased a few days before the announcement) to the new photography offer, and ran into a roadblock. Apparently if you own an old suite you don’t qualify. You have to have owned photoshop by itself. :(

  55. Ok, background==> I’m a single product subscriber who went to Vegas and PS World. Got the activation code for full CC (free) through my email. Couldn’t cancel the single product subscription without the penalty for early withdrawal online. Talked to Chat Support twice and finally was able to cancel the single product without penalties.

    They did not have an answer for trying to subscribe to the PS/LR CC product at the end of the subscription (Sept 2014). Since the offer expires in Dec 2013 I was told to call back then. Apparently you can add concurrent subscriptions, but you can’t add a subscription effective a future date.

    1. Hi wgchinn, Your account is flagged as a show attendee and you will be offered to continue with Creative Cloud complete, or choose this $9.99 offer and its lower ongoing price. Feel free to contact me with any other questions/concerns. jtranber at adobe dot com

      1. I knew there was a reason for your Guru Award! Thanks for the info/followup. And yes, you got my applause before due to your extra awareness.

  56. I’m still a little confused and will head over to the Adobe site to try and clarify this. I have subscribed to Photoshop CC at $9.99 a month and before that had upgraded to Lightroom 5. Will my subscription automatically start including Lightroom 5?

  57. Since I’m staying with Photoshop CS6 and LR 5 I will not renew my NAPP membership but I will keep kelby training membership. Photoshop User will drop any instruction on CS6 so no use on keeping a NAPP membership.

      1. I don’t think Scott would miss the opportunity to keep taking as much money from as many people as possible. He may love all that is Adobe, but loves the might dollar the most!!!

  58. Financially, I believe this subscription model finally makes sense. One concern I still have is when the day comes that I stop my subscription (I’ll be retiring in a few years) . Will I still be able to open PSD files with say my copy of CS6? Of course I could always save an extra tiff file with layers (which is what I’ll have to probably have to do) but this will take up even more drive space and management. It would be nice if Adobe would address some sort of exit plan insuring some ability to manage one’s existing portfolio once we retire the subscription.

    1. Hi Davel: I think PSDs will open in all older versions of Photoshop (well, the ones that run on modern OS’s), but of course, if you applied features that are in CC, like Upright, although you’ll still see those edits, you won’t be able to re-edit the upright correction in CS6 since it doesn’t have Upright. At least, that’s my understanding.

      1. Thanks Scott. That’s been my understanding too. Our group has had a lot of discussion about this particular issue and we’re hopeful that Adobe will always maintain backward compatibility for at least the pre-CC features. I could live with that.

  59. I’ll admit it. I was a hater. After the CC was announced I had watched an episode of The Grid where Scott and Matt discussed the various concerns and, kind of, invented the Lightshop idea. This is essentially that with a few extras.

    As Scott said I was expecting, at best, $19.99. I had been asked by Adobe to complete a survey which I am sure was considered, at least in part, as part of this change in their CC lineup for photographers. I never expected $9.99 for PS & LR. So I will be subscribing in mid-December. I am waiting only because I already have LR5 and don’t yet need the PS improvements that I don’t have in CS6.

    Thanks Scott and Matt.

      1. So if someone disagrees, they just don’t have an open mind?

        Honestly, I have no ill will toward Adobe. I understand this was a business decision and I hope it works out well for them and all of the folks who make a living supporting, teaching, and/or writing about Photoshop. I’m just one of those close-minded people who don’t see the value in paying for a product in perpetuity (and yes, I believe software is a “product”, not a “service”).

        I also disagree that Adobe will never change their minds. If this turns out to be a bad business decision – i.e. they lose enough market share, customers, money – then anything is possible. If, however, they make more money in spite of losing customers, then the pricing model will remain in place.

      1. What is the limit of how many computers on 1 $9.99 subscription, and how is it managed? Just curious, Terry – are you with Adobe, or is this based on your research?

      2. I work for Adobe. It is TWO computers (not being used at the same time) as it always has been. Activation/Deactivation is managed by the applications themselves behind the scenes.

  60. As much as Scott may rave about the good deal (sic?) Adobe is offering, if you subscribe for a year or five years or however long, but then miss a payment or simply cannot afford to pay any longer, don’t you lose everything but your original RAW images? No more layers, no more edits, no more xmp sidecar files, none of the image adjustments in Lightroom, right? Until Adobe develops a plan that allows me to keep and access the software after a reasonable number of blackmail payments, I’m still not playing along

    1. Carl, you don’t lose anything, just like if I uninstalled my current version of Photoshop, all of my files would still be there with all of the edits still either embedded in the file or saved along side as an xmp file. Adobe doesn’t keep your files, you do. And you could also use any number of other programs to open them. If you are speaking of the 20 GB of online storage, just don’t use it.

      I did the math and the way it worked out was that I was spending about 640 every 36 months on Photoshop and Lightroom upgrades, and that doesn’t take into account the initial investment that I made. Under this new plan I will only be spending about $360 over the same time span using the new pricing option.

      For you, I would suggest Free to download for life and you get to keep it.

  61. To me, this would be a good deal if the software would continue to function even if the subscription has ended – there just wouldn’t be any more updates. It is my understanding, that currently, if I chose to discontinue the CC subscription, my only options within adobe would be to revert back to CS6. So, let’s say if in three years, I decide to stop the subscription, rather than being able to continue to use CC and LR at the then current state, I would need to go back to CS6 and LR5 – despite having paid more money in that time frame than the usual upgrade fee for photoshop and LR combined. So it seems to be only a good deal if one will continue with the subscription indefinitely.

  62. I just spoke to someone at ADOBE to try to get more information on this special offer. Of course, they said it won’t be available until next week which is fine, then he proceeded to tell me “Hey, I work for Adobe, I know the offers and you have been completely misinformed if they told you this would be good for as long as you own the program, the price of $9.99 is only good for one year, we would never offer something unlimited.” So, what is true? I hope this Adobe employee is completely wrong.

    1. That is completely incorrect. The price is NOT just for one year. While there is no guarantee that it will be $9.99 for life, there also is no plan to raise it once you’ve signed up. The offer expires at the end of 2013, but the $9.99 price is the price!

  63. Thanks for explaining the behavior of CC and LR under “the cloud”… I’ll probably do it now that I understand it as an app store like arrangement rather than a thin-client and server interaction… btw, I bought the 24-120/f4 VR lens you recommended some time back, and it’s so much better than the same focal length older model with variable aperture… I have serious vision issues, and I can see a marked improvement in edges – don’t know if it’s the VR and/or the glass itself, but I’ll take it.

  64. First, kudos on the most commented on post in a while Scott! You really know how to pull’em in! :)

    Second, sign me up! $10/month is an excellent deal! Now if I could only find a way to go back to school for free (AND keep my job) and get that full CC deal for $20/month! :(

    Here’s an idea for Adobe… $20/month for 4 applications, but you can switch which applications are active per month. So this month I have LR, PS, IL, ID, then next month I’m working on a movie, so I activate AE or PP in place of IL and ID? Huh? Come on guys! Need a product specialist? Will work for Creative Cloud access… :)

  65. I don’t have too much of an objection to the subscription based model, in fact i don’t mind at all in principle. What i do mind is that existing CC subscribers are getting one heck of a raw deal. I think if this was rolled out to everyone (even at $14.99) the take up would be huge. Right now (because i am fairly new to photography and could never have afforded to splash out on a full price CS5, 6 or whatever) I am being shafted for ££17.99/$28.10 per month for just Photoshop.

    Not a happy bunny! dont get me wrong i think its a great deal and people moaning about the whole cloud thing and subscription model really cant argue any more. Its just I feel hard done by having to shell out so much for the single app with nothing on the horizon in terms of offering that deal for existing subscribers.

  66. Hey Scott,

    Just FYI. I just receive an email from Adobe informing me that LR is being added to my account and that my $9.99 monthly charge is no longer for one year, but the same going forward. So, for those of us that took Adobe up on the single PS-CC for $9.99 a month for a year are being upgrade to the new CC for photographers. This is awesome!


  67. One problem with this new pricing.. it only applies to those with Photoshop licenses. Those of us who have Suites installed on our systems are out of luck. I have had the Creative Suite installed for years, gone through the upgrades (currently on CS5), but in reality, I find that I really only ever open Photoshop, and very rarely, Illustrator. So basically, I want to downgrade into the Creative Cloud. But it is not to be…

  68. Yea, me too. I went for the full CC package last month (on a introductory offer) so my current subscription will not be over when December 31 gets here. Hopefully that date can be extended to the end of my current full subscription.

    1. He was not at the show. He’s working on the DVA team now on a new product. I’ve seen it. Looks cool. Stay tuned to his blog. He’ll start dropping his science there. He’s still active in discussions about Photoshop. He’s very passionate about all our products, especially Photoshop.

  69. I have a question. What if a couple years down the road I want to unsubscribe. I understand about photoshop not working but what happens to Lightroom? Will my catalog freeze? Wont be able to use lightroom anymore? is there a way to ask adobe about this?

    1. Good point. I have feeling once you stop playing (or paying?) in their sandbox you are out. That is why I prefer to pay one time for the license. I would like to hear adobe’s response to this.

  70. I see this as an opportunity for Adobe’s competition to step up and take on those that are unhappy with CC as new customers if they can innovate and come up with a better product. Heck, Adobe swept many of Quark’s customers away with InDesign because Quark wouldn’t deliver what their customers wanted. I’m pretty sure Scott is right in the short term though in that the people who Adobe cares about will stick with CC. A lot of us freelancers don’t upgrade every 18 months though – and that’s where CC seems like a problem. In the long term this could severely fracture the market of image editing software if freelancers, hobbyists, and students start flocking to a new product. Time will tell. Personally, I would jump on the deal if I were eligible, but suites don’t qualify. They should really just open the program up to everyone and not previous customers of only Photoshop IMO.

  71. Why end this at december 31? So after that it goes up to $20 a month where for many people it wouldn’t make sense. And $5 for a cup of coffee?!?!?! Is the cup made of gold?

    1. Joe did you even read the post???

      The window for signing up is limited – it’s like most sales – it’s got a limited time. The price doesn’t change on the 31st. It’s $10 a month for life. You just need to sign up by the 31st. I wonder if about half the faux outrage over this is caused by folks deliberately or otherwise making misleading statements.

      1. Having read the post it looks like a deal that US residents could consider, but the Australian site lists the deal as being $29.99/month and that is for the first year only, after which it reverts to $49.99/month.

        Sounds like its going to be like that for a majority of Countries

      2. Boo that’s utterly false. The price is not going up in ANY country where the deal is offered. It’s just downright misinformation to claim this. Adobe personally has in multiple places stated that the offer expires Dec 31 but in countries where they offer it (at least 10 as of the announce date) the price is reasonably close to the USA price of $9.99 and it NEVER goes up. I really want to know if people are just spreading misinformation on purpose or simply don’t have the reading comprehension to understand the deal.

      3. Hi. Thank you so much. Yes, I did read the article in full. i was not making misleading statements, but rather you misinterpreted my statement. I meant why end the deal at december 31. So if you don’t want to upgrade by then you will be out of luck and it is $20 a month if you upgrade after. So many people were upset their pricing model for ps wasn’t good or fair. Well come jan 1 if you haven’t upgraded it will be back to where it was. If this is to give a more fair price for users who only use ps, then why does adobe put a time limit on it. Please correct me if I am mistaken. Thanks,

  72. I look at this as Adobe listening, but I feel everyone has a right to their opinion and should not be criticized for it as long as they are willing to listen to what others have to say.
    I do feel the deal being offered is fair.
    That said, cc subscribership may be what you said but a lot of people took the $10 deal hoping it would be better later on or would stay the same. In other words Scott, we did listen to what you had to say on the GRID. That said, many subscribers would NOT have not extended another year had this deal or one similar had not become reality.
    The reason is simple; the next version of a current Adobe Plug-in is going to fill in some gaps the Lightroom does not fill and frankly for Photographers the Combination of Lightroom + that software will be very powerful. Adobe knows that and this deal will stop most from defecting to competitors.

  73. I can see how this is a good deal for a person who does actually upgrade continuously to stay up to date, but I typically buy every 2-3 versions of any given software, so for me this is a significant price increase. *Sign*
    I’m also extremely averse to monthly fees for anything. It’s a whole bunch of nickel-and-diming on my monthly budget. If I do go for this deal (which I probably will because as you said Adobe isn’t going back), I’d much rather pay $120/year all at once than $10/month.

  74. Well, I was originally against the whole CC model primarily because of the cost increase. I came up with the same math you did Scott and it’s impossible not to be stoked and excited about this opportunity for photographers. Adobe really stepped up and did an awesome thing for those of use interested in PS and LR only. I’ll be signing up for this as soon as Adobe makes it available.

  75. I had previously bought Lightroom 5, and then back in July I took Adobe up on the $9.99 per mo. Single app CC subscription for photoshop CC. I got an email from Adobe today informing me that my CC subscription had been upgraded to include Lightroom and that my $9.99 per mo. Rate would no longer expire after one year, but would continue as my ongoing base rate.

    This is good news. While I don’t gain Lightroom 5 (I already own it) I will continue at $9.99 per mo. Beyond the first year, and will eventually be entitled to a Lightroom upgrade that would not be included in my Lightroom 5 perpetual license (at least I assume so).

    Bottom line, I am smiling.

  76. Hi scott! I’m from Brasil and read your blog everyday. I’m an amateur phtographer who loves lightroom and photoshop. I just hope this prices come to Brasil, also. Do you know that we have to buy a copy of lightroom for us 289? And an upgrade for us 155? That’s our pain. If they keep this prices will be great, but I don’t believe in it. They think we brasilians are stupid and are going to continuos to steal us!

  77. The price looks good but the DEAL BREAKER FOR ME IS THE EXIT STRATEGY. If 3 or 4 years from now I retire or for whatever reason become LESS active in photography, $120 per year may be too much. I would like to be able to leave the CC and all future benefits but still retain the access to my photos and make adjustments in whatever version I have at the time.

      1. Correct me if I’m wrong but PSD files, while proprietary, can be opened and printed in numerous apps.
        Apple Preview, Aperture, Pixelmator, Acorn and, of course, Lightroom which is still available standalone.
        In Aperture or Lightroom you can not edit layers, but have many options to manipulate the file prior to printing or export to another format.

  78. It would be nice to have the same deal offered to the loyal following in Australia. The price is still set at AUD$19.95 and even the educational discount offer is AUD$14.95!

  79. For us in some parts of Australia restricted to poor/slow/pricey wireless interent services I have a few simple questions some people here maybe able to answer:

    1. What size (Mb-Gb) is the initial download?

    2. What size are the upgrades each month?

    Unfortunately this may restrict me taking up the offer depending the answer.

    1. Yeah, this deal is targeted to photographers who are existing full Photoshop customers as a way for them to affordably moved to the latest version of Photoshop (in other words, at some point, they paid $700 to get Photoshop, so this helps them to stay on board with what they originally invested in at a great price). If you only have Elements, you’ve only paid around $99 at best — more likely $79 or less). Not that Adobe won’t have a deal some day to move Elements users up (and I hope they do), but this particular deal was aimed at existing customers.

      1. That’s my hope, too, Scott. It’s encouraging to see a lot of interest from Elements and Lightroom customers on a plan like this. I’ll definitely be passing along folks feedback to our business team.

      2. I think this deal is amazing for those that can take advantage of it, but some of us also paid close to $700 (CS5 Suite student/teacher edition + Lightroom2/3/4) and seem to be stuck paying the same $20 per month as a brand new customer.

  80. “(as long as you take them up on the offer by Dec 31, 2013).” good luck with that, I’m not going to upgrade for at least 5 or 6 years. When I’m ready, I will not be renting software at that time. I have not used Photoshop in the last few months, I’ve been out enjoying the summer, actually taking photos. I’ll retouch some in the fall/winter. I’m not going to waste $10 a month on something I don’t use daily or even weekly.

    1. If you haven’t bought a company’s product in years, then why would that company listen to your complaints about their pricing/selling strategy. Because, truthfully, you are really not that company’s customer if you don’t plan to buy their products.

  81. hi Scott !
    I know someone already asked this, but I can’t find the answer here, so many comments! Sorry if I am making you repeat the answer.
    I attended PSW in Vegas and (YAYY!!) got the 1 year free subscription. When it expires, I will stick with the PS + LR deal, but the 9.99 price will be valid only until Dec 13, is that correct? So in order to pay 9.99/month for that package, I will only enjoy my free subscription for 3 months?

  82. Well I have been reading the posts on this and have to say I was thinking Adobe have done a great thing with this. However, I originally owned a Master Suite (so a lot more $ than just PS) but have found myself using the other apps less and less as I focus more on photography than video etc. I went to the Adobe web site FAQ and read the following:

    This offer is available to customers who own a previous commercial version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6). Suites and volume licenses do not qualify.

    So, If I am reading this correctly, as a previous CS6 suite owner, I do not qualify for this new offer….I hope I am misunderstanding this and do have a question in to Adobe. Has anyone else checked this out already and received an answer?

  83. Too late for me, Adobe already lost me as a customer. Thankfully there are other viable solutions out there that do work for me. Financially, for a working pro, this is a good deal. I personally dislike renting software but Adobe did hamfistedly, poor-customerservicely, slowly, address the biggest complaint people had. I feel for all the people who bought CC and also bought Lightroom 5 before this announcement. They basically gave money away.

  84. OK, Scott. What if the only carmaker in the world was the one that made the car that you bought and one day they came to you and said, “We’ll only rent you the car because we want to make more money off you.” How would you feel??? — Especially, if you felt it was cheaper to upgrade your car every second or third year or so.

  85. I do not see how this is a win for all photographers.

    Adobe make no mention what will be on offer after Dec 31, or even if they will continue to offer this package, but at a higher price. For a higher would they drop the CS3 requirement, again they make no mention.

    So I do not see this as a win at all. I see it as Adobe trying to silence the most vocal critics from the initial CC announcement. There is nothing here for people who a re new to the profession, they are stuck with having to purchase PS CC + LR or all of CC.

    If Adobe were really trying to help photographers, they would have come up with the package of PS CC + LR CC for a reasonable price (like your $14.99) without any entry barriers and then added that existing owners could get a discount. But instead they have targeted only existing owners, because they are the ones making most noise.

    And in doing this they seem to have most high-profile photographers, like yourself, on board.

    It is a shame because I have not seen one high profile photographers stand up and say, what about the new guy just starting out.

      1. Sorry but your argument is non-sequitur – you yourself made the point that Adobe are “never bringing back” standalone PS so you can’t accuse those of us new to PS & photography as “getting in on the cheap”.

        How cheap we “get in for” depends entirely on how long we choose to subscribe for.

        This is just a PR stunt to try to quieten down some of the more vocal aspects of the community such as yourself – it certainly appears to have worked in that regard – but still alienates a huge section of the community. We WANT to buy into photoshop but to be discriminated against because we simply weren’t born/doing photography early enough to buy an eligible PS is a huge disappointment.

      2. @disqus_fHwedczOiM:disqus stop pretending you speak for someone other than yourself. You don’t. You don’t represent anyone but you. And if you don’t like this deal it’s clear you won’t like ANY deal so move on and stop crying. Nobody cares anymore.

      3. I’m already on ‘some version of photoshop’
        I happen to own Photoshop CS3 as part of Adobe CS3 Design Standard
        In addition to this I have Photoshop 4 (not CS4), CS2 upgrade, Lightroom 1, Lightroom 2, 3 and 4 upgrades

        Frustratingly, despite having made a significantly greater investment than a standalone Photoshop user, I am ineligible for this offer.

      4. I was flabbergasted to discover, even though I’ve purchased and registered multiple versions of CS in the past, I couldn’t take advantage of this offer. That must have been an oversight on Adobe’s part.

  86. Already sent a big thank you to Adobe and would like to thank you, Scott, and Matt, for your efforts with Adobe in representing NAPP members. I am a PS subscriber and was thrilled that Lightroom was going to be included in the $9.99 a month. It is a great deal! And for those who don’t like the idea of a subscription or Photoshop Elements, check out OnOne’s new Perfect Photo Suite 8.

      1. I tried calling Adobe today to implement the deal. The rep said that he had heard of it, but it wasn’t on the web site yet, so I couldn’t have it. It has been more than a week since the announcement, and I think that Adobe should have had time to set up the deal.

  87. Scott,
    I’m not sure if you knew this or not but I just spoke with Adobe regarding switching to the 9.99 cloud option from the 49.99 that I’m currently paying. They informed me that to switch I will have to pay the contract termination fee which is 50% of my remaining contract. They will not waive this even though my contract just renewed. Once again, Adobe proves the company that they really are. I cannot believe that they will punish the customers that they already have committed to the full cloud option and not allow us to switch to the lower cost option without penalty. This should be a huge disclaimer as it will cost me $300 to switch since the 9.99 offer is only good until 12/31/2013.

    As a member of NAPP, this needs to be stated somewhere. It is not on the Adobe fact page anywhere but as the representative from Adobe so rudely pointed out to me, I agreed to the terms of the contract when I signed up for the cloud.



    1. If it’s possible, instead of switching can you ‘add’ the $9.99 option in December and just pay $9.99+$49.99 until your contractual obligation finishes.
      Stupid to have to think ‘creative’ly like this, but more palatable than the 50% termination fee.

  88. Okay, so I read it all and one thing I’m wonderng about is what happens when
    you’re beautiful IMac breaks down, wipes out, nothing but what’s on your external.
    Will I be able to get CS6 and Lightroom 5 restored to my Mac? Karen

  89. Great, and what about us non-US-americans… how much for a similar offer in europe??
    I am sure it would be the greatest minimum 9,99 Euro, so 13USD… and as they often like to do it even a bit more expensive for us “aliens”, why not 18 Euros?? Sounds like a great offer !!! Yes, thank you adobe.
    I won’t be renting software, so thank you again….

  90. Nice deal but since I have adobe software, I don’t care about updating [dreamweaver,indesign,illustrator] the option is 50. a month even if I let these non photoshop programs die.

    Keep up the good work, maybe someday I can beat the all or nothing solution.

  91. I don’t qualify for this deal because I only use lightroom and PS CS2. It kills me though to think that for life I’d be spending $20 a month for PS CC and on top of that paying for upgrades to my lightroom. Meanwhile everyone else pays half the price and will get both. Don’t get me wrong I am happy for those that have had to buy the full version etc and get to enjoy this deal. I just really hope that adobe comes up with a better plan for the rest of us.. the newbies to PS, LR only users, and/or those that purchased the suite or educational version. I think 20 a month for life feels like a bit too much to spend for just one application for life.



    The purpose of this note is to bring to your notice a case that exists in India and request you to put me through to the right people in Adobe to represent this case.

    The case is this:

    Individual buyers (single users) of Photoshop here in India were given paper license (what is known as volume license); individual buyers (single users) did NOT have the option of buying the box pack or retail pack. Because of this, now when CC is being rolled out, the individual users (single users) who bought CSx license are not eligible to subscribe under Individual member option and avail the discount available for CSx owners!!! Rather, they are forced to go into Teams subscription option and choose as single member team!!! The price then is very expensive ($ 29 Vs $ 49!!!!). I tried reaching to the right people in Adobe India but to no avail. The help desk team just said that this is the policy of Adobe and refused to give me contact details of right people here in Adobe India to represent this case.

    I am reasonably sure that policy makers in Adobe HQ are not aware of this anomaly that exists here in India. For whatever reason (I do not know), Adobe decided not to make its box pack or retail pack available for individual/single user buyers of CSx in India. But now that is affecting the people who are single users of CSx when it comes to subscribing to CC as individual members. A solution to this issue needs to be worked out by Adobe HQ to enable those single users of CSx in India, wanting to subscribe to CC, subscribe to CC under Individual member category (and be able to avail the discount available for CS3 to CS6 owners) rather than being forced to sign as 1-member team in Team licenses.

    Would appreciate if you can help me take this case to the right person in Adobe for their consideration.

    thanks and regards,

  93. Happy to read your take on it. I’ve been doing research (not the math; I’m a creative,) and when the deal was announced, downloaded the trial version. Very impressive speed, interface and all around experience. At the $9.99 price point, I think I’m in.
    Having said all the positives, I still, however, feel like I need to shower. Had to be said.

  94. What about photographers who could not afford PS and now would like to take advantage of the 9.99 offer but is prevented from doing so. Is this fair? I would think they would welcome NEW customers.

  95. Scott,

    The limitations that Adobe has put on this offer by completely excluding CS customers is only serving to reinforce antipathy toward Adobe.

    I have bought/upgraded every single version of Lightroom. Ditto for Creative Suite, which I purchased after paying full price for Photoshop 7. Despite this loyalty, despite the fact that I was a source of greater revenue to Adobe than if I had only purchased Photoshop upgrades, Adobe deems me ineligible for this subscription.

    Adobe didn’t throw customers like me a bone with this, they just reinforced the negative perceptions of price-gouging and capriciousness.

  96. Scott, here’s my beef with the new offering for photographers. I owned LR, Acrobat and Photoshop Elements. I wanted to move to full Photoshop but when the switch to “no more boxed editions after PS CS6” was announced a few months ago, I did some back of the envelope calculations and decided to go ahead and go for the CC subscription. It was still, gulp, expensive, but since there was no “LR + PS” option, it was really my only choice (the only options were for one app at a time or everything). When this new deal was announced, I thought “great” …. I’ll go ahead and purchase a boxed PS CS6 and then ask them if they would switch my CC membership to the the photographer’s LR+PS version. The guy at Adobe basically said “no way, you’re committed for a year.” So here I am, unable to make the switch EVEN IF I’m willing to fork out another $600 for a PS license. I tried to explain the logic but he told me in basic terms that there was nothing they would do. Not only that, but my year’s subscription isn’t up until March of next year, which ALSO means that I won’t be able to switch to the 9.99 version before the the 12/31 deadline. Really? Amazon needs to take over the business because they know how to take care of a customer when something like this happens.

  97. This deal is supposed to be live today. I was one of the biggest critics of the original subscription offer but this deal has changed my mind. I’m all in……but……it’s supposed to be available today and I am not seeing it.

  98. I just upgraded to LR 5 in September. Not sure it makes sense for me to take advantage of this offer except to save money starting 18 months from now. Anyone have other justification for me to do this?

  99. I started the process to do the $9.99/month deal; then I finished reading the terms and the FAQ.


    After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.”

    Or as in the signup process (Step 3):

    The price is valid for a full 12 months. After that we’ll renew your contract automatically, at the then current price of the offering, unless you cancel. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.”

    As I read it; $9.99 for 12 months and the the price goes up to $19.99 per month (the current price of the offering).

  100. What is not answered is if Lightroom via this deal will be stand alone or part of CC. Meaning, if I stop subscribing to PSCC, can I still use Lightroom?
    My whole issue with this model is the have you on the hook forever. Should you stop paying, you revert to a more costly model. Should you stop paying, you loose the ability to work with your files and your IP.
    I am not a lawyer but I would love to know if the files you create are your IP or Adobe’s? If Adobe can create a scheme where you can no longer have access to your IP, is that legal?
    I agree this a good deal, provided the prices stays the same. I assure you, it will not. They initially wanted $19.99/month and they will over time raise it until they get their $19.99/month
    Today, if you do not have CC, you have a choice and this is why Adobe has responded. Once Adobe has your files hostage, you no longer have a choice or voice. Since many PS users also own a half dozen or so plug-ins, not ONLY do you loose your files, but also your investment in all those plug-in as well. When Adobe raises prices, you will loose big time in time, IP and plug-ins.
    I simply do not trust that Adobe will do the right thing so I have started to put together an alternative workflow.
    Scott, I love your stuff, I am a long time subscriber to your KelbyTraining, but I have to move on because any investment I make in your training will be lost once I move on or if Adobe raises prices in the future such that it is no longer viable.
    I feel that this $9.99/month offer is like what the cell phone companies did to grandfather people who had unlimited data however their mission over time is to get everyone off of unlimited data with similar pitfalls and restrictions (Oh, you want a new phone, sorry goodbye unlimited data).
    In a way, if a large number of former loyal users move to other products, we will make Adobe better because we will help make other products better and even get some features that Adobe has never given us. Once Adobe sees lost users and revenue, they too will change. I see this as good creative destruction and really making other products competitive which will force Adobe to also be competitive.

  101. Scott, I think you need to address one more thing about this so called ‘deal’ from Adobe. It’s only applicable to established photographers who purchased the previous versions. I was still a student when I bought PS a few years ago. When I tried to sign up after hearing you, I was told by Adobe that not only didn’t I qualify for this deal, but I was not eligible for any consideration as an existing customer. This means I am no longer able to remain an Adobe customer at all, as I cannot afford the full price CC options while just starting out with my business and there is no support for my current version, which has stopped working. So I am out of luck and out of editing abilities until I can find another platform and learn it. That means I’m also out of business with a bunch of photo jobs undone. This is a HUGE marketing sin on Adobe’s part. They are effectively spitting in the face of their entire future customer base. I think it’s wrong on many levels and feel transparency by someone of your esteem might be heard by students, educators and perhaps, even Adobe. It’s unfair for students and educators to be misled and Adobe has not been very upfront about this slight. What do you think?

  102. This is an excellent deal, Adobe have gone “an extra mile” beyond my best hopes in an effort to offset its poor marketing of the cloud initially. Hopefully it will build bridges and get most angry punters back on side so that we can advance together. (Adobe prior to its announcement in May was a colleague, and since has been seen as an enemy, a foolish and somewhat arrogant move by them).
    However going to subscription only removes uncertainty from Adobe’s fortunes and makes them stronger, which benefits their customers too. We can grumble about the loss of the perpetual licence, or we can accept it and move on.
    To those who worry about the “what if” of not keeping up a subscription, would you stop paying electricity bills, or the like? If Photoshop costs you the same or less than perpetual cost you, why worry? Its surely a “no brainer”?

  103. I just tried to sign up but this is the language for the pricing in regards to renewals:


    The price is valid for a full 12 months. After that, we’ll renew your contract automatically, at the then-current price of the offering, unless you cancel. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.

    It doesn’t look like it’s going to be $9.99 for life.

  104. Just watched “The Grid” discussion on this and still think one point is being overlooked.
    I agree with everything Scott and the others said, this deal is targeted to prior customers who purchased professional software and provide an affordable way for them to remain loyal customers.
    I have CS5 (Web Premium Student Edition) and Lightroom (over $700 to quote the segment on the show), but I am ineligible for this promotion because I don’t have a standalone version of Photoshop.

  105. I think this is a great deal personally. Unfortunately for me, though I have CS3, I bought it as a student so I’m not eligible for this. I’m not gonna fly off the handle about it – they don’t owe me anything – but I do wish they’d make student purchases eligible. I can’t see them losing any money from it, really. In my case they’d be making money and actually they’re losing money as they’re doing it currently. If it were eligible I’d already be signed up, but there really isn’t an alternative that’s reasonable for me right now. Not only that, but since they’ve made no mention of what will happen come January, though I also own LR4, I’m not going to be upgrading to LR5 until I know what’s happening with this. If It’s going to be offered at a slightly higher price come January (which I hope it will be), upgrading to LR5 now would be a waste.

  106. Well, adobe does offer CDs to businesses with firewalls, where checking in online is a security issue, like with government agencies. So, adobe “goes back” with the boxed cd product when it suits their purposes. That aside, I’ll probably join the other lemmings for $10/mo.

  107. So I gather PS/CC/whatever phones home every month to make sure your are a subscriber, that’s OK in itself but what if there is no internet connection at the time? Does it shut down until there is? That would be a nightmare for those in the field.

  108. I just spoke with Adobe customer support. The subscription price is NOT for life. Now I know that you didn’t quite say that in your blog post, but Adobe’s clarification to me was very clear.

    The customer support representative said that the $9.99/month price is the current price, and it is subject to change. The language on their blog post (which I think is misleading) is trumpeting the fact that it is not an introductory price that has an imminent price change on the horizon.

    Adobe’s terms, linked from the offer page also state clearly that this price is only fixed for one year.

    Offer page:

    Terms page:

  109. I still don’t like the fact that Adobe is asking us to pay perpetually for software to which we’ll never have perpetual access. But that issue aside, I’d like to address your point #3, the difference between “Limited Time Offer” and an “Introductory Price”. After reading the small print on Adobe’s website [* Price applies to first 12 months of membership. Offer available to qualified registered users of individual products and suite editions, CS3 or later. Not available for education, OEM, or volume licensing customers.
    † Reduced price applies to first year of membership.] I don’t see the difference.

    They go further under the heading “Terms and Conditions” for the “Photoshop Photography Program”. [This offer is only available to customers who own an older version of a Photoshop or Photoshop Extended product, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6), and who purchase directly from the Adobe Store or by calling a regional Adobe Call Center.

After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.]

    I sounds like an introductory price to me.

  110. Hey Scott,

    I’m about to sign up for the Photoshop Photography program, but I am worried about the guarantee that I will always get the $10 a month price after looking at the language in the offer specifically “The price is valid for a full 12 months. After that, we’ll renew your
    contract automatically, at the then-current price of the offering,
    unless you cancel. The price is subject to change, but we will always
    notify you beforehand.” The second line states that it will renew at the then-current price of the offering. Doesn’t that mean that it will just raise to the current price rather than the special price? I’m worried.

  111. Disappointingly, your statement that Adobe is offering this deal to photographers with “any previous version” back to CS3 is not accurate. They aren’t offering it to people whose previous version was purchased as a student. Adobe is neglecting its students–who are frequently poor and are also their next generation of Photoshop users–not only by not including them in this offer but by increasing their student price for CS6. (As I recall, I paid something less than $150 for my student version of CS5; the lowest CS6 student version I found online is priced around $300. I am one of those poor students (also old, so I don’t anticipate getting any less poor) and an avid nonprofessional user of Photoshop, and I’m stuck. I can’t afford either CC or CS6 . . . and if I want to remain a student, I’ll need CC, as my school will be switching to that next term. (And by the way, I really appreciate your teaching method in your books–you don’t just say “do this, do that,” you say what doing this or that will do for me beyond completing the current assignment, and with a neat sense of humor to boot.) Do you think there’s any way I can get into the $9.99 CC program?

  112. OK Scott, please pass along to your contacts at Adobe that I’m really cranky with them. Based on their rules and discussions at PS World, I learned that educational versions would not count toward this deal (despite a significant investment by me in multiple educational versions of both LR and CS). So 5 weeks ago I bought a full legal copy of CS4 and registered it so I would qualify (45 months and I break even; after that I save $10/mo). So today I learn that Adobe is offering the deal until 2 Dec…WITHOUT PRIOR OWNERSHIP REQUIRED!!! great deal, except I’m now out $450 because I trusted that they would not give on that requirement. No, I can’t return the software.

  113. As a designer is must say I would be pretty stupid to go over to Creative Cloud and give up control of my work. I want to use my files how and when I want. With Creative Cloud, if you do not pay, you have no access to your files (except you export them into other formats before canceling your subscription). You really don’t need any more reasons to know that joining CC is a bad bad idea for a creative professional – but if you do, read here

    1. This is only an issue if you store all of your work on their cloud, which I don’t. I have always stored all of my work on my external hard drive, because there is no way I would trust any online storage not to lose my files. It is a great backup source of storage, but there is no way I would make it my default source.

  114. You guys obviously don’t create websites, otherwise you would understand workarounds. Just put it in your kids name and do what it takes to get the deal. I am offended by how what used to be referred to as customer “loyalty” is now being twisted into the term “entitlements.” Not cool. But to get to the meat of the real issues. Here are a few that need to be considered. You need to keep your operating systems up to date, otherwise the latest software might not work on your computers – that happened to me. You also need to be wary of the constant changes that take place in the software. You hop in to make a quick change via a client’s request and the dang software has changed so much that what would have been a quick change takes you 5 hours – or days to figure out where they put the old tool or what they did to it – happened to me. There are other issues as well, don’t assume that new is better – Illustrator CS5 Trace Tool is excellent – CS6 trace pretty much sucks. And I do take issue with Adobe catering to the non-professionals. Everybody is an expert now, that is where the business has gone – graphic design, web design and so forth. I gotta say the one reason I still appreciate how complicated Adobe is, is because if you know the old premise, you will be able to figure it out. I just wish Adobe’s notes were not so dang convoluted. And also wish that they would have an easy page that intuitively popped up that points out, hey this is where we put that thing and how it has changed. Have a Quick Study page that is easy to find more info if needed. These are the real issues at hand. Still, the DIY is swiftly approaching the photography industry, just like clip art took illustrators and create your own websites are taking down web designers or at the very least taking a big chunk of the business. Cameras are getting better, easier, cheaper and more intuitive all the time. The one thing I like about how complicated Adobe’s Software is, lol, is that I can figure it out, eventually. But Adobe is in trouble, and just like us, they are looking to find their market. Dreamweaver is a bloated joke now and there are other ways to create your own websites that are actually free – Bootstrap. Muse is a maze. The industry is just flying by us all so fast it is hard to keep up. If you have a following, you are lucky, if you are just starting out, well you have nothing to compare it to, so maybe you won’t be so offended. I was a retouch artist and it scared the pants off me years ago when I saw one of those machines at a drug store that did a fine job of restorations – or at least good enough for Aunt Elda’s old black and white. Photog’s are giving out CD’s instead of creating the albums because you can create one yourself on Shutterfly. The industry is changing and fast – Adobe is just trying to keep up. I think Adobe should concentrate on their cloud and making it better and to work as a Content Delivery for linking my images in my website. Perhaps make it easy to create little sites for newly married couples – that would be a selling feature for photog’s. I like the product in my hand and I like to be able to depend on it to work when I need it. But lets face it – things move very fast out there and we all have to keep up.
    BeHance is not very impressive – it needs galleries with CDN’s and more design options. That should change, but hey that is for the DIY crowd, and if I am a web designer – my competition – and I resent that I am competing with Adobe for my business. Just some thoughts off the top of my head.

  115. I know this has likely been said may times since this post but I only just stumbled across this link. This price still leaves we hobbyist/non professional photographers out in the cold.Adobe has turned its back on those of us who could only afford to upgrade every few years or so

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