NEW: Free Full-length Online Classes Each Week Over At KelbyTraining

While we were teaching at Photoshop World last week, we launched a brand new way for people to experience the awesome online training we’re producing over at Kelby Training Online — now you can join us each week for a new, completely free, online training course, taught by a who’s who of the world’s top pro photographers. Come and go as much as you like and watch whenever it’s convenient, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

We kicked things off this week by airing my class “Shooting Travel Photos Like a Pro” filmed on-location in Paris, France and you can jump over and watch it right this very minute (it’s a continuous free broadcast all week long, until Wednesday and then a new class will start airing).

I hope you’ll check it out, because I’m betting you’re going to watch a couple of classes and you’ll learn so much that you’ll totally want access to the rest of our more than 300 online photography classes (it’s only $199 a year for unlimited access or $24.95 a month). I do hope you’ll watch my travel photography class and see what you think.

Cheers everybody, and don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for a very special September 11th Guest Blog post from none-other-than Joe McNally. You don’t want to miss it.

  1. Scott, you guys continue to grow with class (no pun intended). As I sat in PSW last week, I remembered going to the first few classes you taught at the Convention Center, when you and your bride worked the front desk, handled the tickets, and then you taught the class, which was on a much less robust Photoshop version of the day. I am curious what your 5- and 10-year vision of the future was back in those early days of Mac Today and infrequent classes that only cost $99 (remarkable your much more content-rich classes are the same price as back then). Did you have any idea that 20 years or so later you would be at the center of an international juggernaut? Either way, here you are. Congratulations on such an overwhelming success with the Kelby enterprise! Lon Lancaster

  2. Scott: You are a fantastic teacher — in any of the many fields in which i have experience. I’ve been with NAPP since PS-7. You’ve made the learning curve almost painless. As you may recall, PS-7 shipped with a “manual.” The only thing i understood was the copyright notice. I bought your books and were amazed by your verve and skill in presenting complex concepts. Am now with CS6, which does all that i need to do (advanced amateur who produces images for me–no clients). i u understand that this is a turbulent time for you folks (as it is for the world). Thanks for hanging in there.

    Ralph Adam Fine

  3. Hey Scott, this is, indeed, a great new idea. Not only for us, but for you as a business man as well. I wish I had 1% of your business sense.
    Well buddy, you have to put up with me one more day. I’ll see you next Friday in Arlington!

  4. Hopefully Kelby Training will be offering some real classes soon. It’s about to turn into some sort of talk show as of now. Some will of course find it soothing to listen to a “pro” talking about getting paid to deliver sub-par images after 3-4 days in New York. As a paying customer for several years, I just about had it.

  5. I’m going to use this to market to all the World Wide Photo Walkers ! I have the 50.. lets see how many bites I can get with my handouts.

    BTW: As a 3 timer myself to Paris….You did a really great job on this Scott.

    This is a game changer. Here’s hoping for 40+ new Kelby’nauts! See you in Livonia Michigan

  6. I just got a new canon t5i rebel And because I have photo shop cs5 I cannot open raw files I I tried the dng converter I know that I cannon open them because I do not have the latest raw plugin . My question is is their any dither editor out there I can use I really don’t want to buy any thing I wold up grade photoshop but is stupid to pay 10 a month

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