Photoshop “Tight Spot” Lighting Trick That Just Might Save You $1,002.00

Hi Gang: So glad to see you here in 2017 – and I’ve got a really slick little tutorial for you, based on a text the awesome Brad Moore sent me last night — it’s something you can do with expensive lighting, but you can get really close to that look using just Photoshop, and it’s super quick and easy (and a variation of a technique I showed here last year).

Take a look for the whole story:

Hope you found that helpful (and maybe it even saved you a few bucks. Maybe enough to come to the Photoshop World Conference this April, eh?). ;-)

Today’s my first day back from an unbelievably relaxing Christmas and New Years break — so I’d better get back at it. Glad to see you here again, and best wishes for an awesome 2017!



P.S. We had planned to do Photoshop World on both coasts this year, but we’re not doing a Vegas show this year as Adobe is holding their conference, Adobe Max, at the same time in Vegas, so we’re going to just be East Coast this year. 

  1. Pretty slick Scott. Hoping you have the best 2017 and I that I can get out and see a road show or too. Keep the classes coming on K1, they are great. I hope to get into some new things this year like drones, or more studio work.

    1. Cody, I got into Drones this past year and love it, now I have my 107 and doing some work too. The new Phantom 4 Pro is awesome, would suggest it to start with.

      1. Thanks Ken! Good to see you buddy, know you are a frequent contributor here to the comments. I’m looking at a Phantom 3 here locally I can get for around 600. May splurge if I can find the money. It looks amaziing and fun though.

      2. Hey Cody – we already have a class on the Phantom 3 – make sure you check it out when you get yours. That price is hard to beat for a great drone. :)

  2. I’ll go ahead and say it, that is a rediculous price for a spot modifier. Scott your post looked just as good. I would expect to get the light for that price. I’ve used Profoto lights and they are great but that is just a little over the top.

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