Photoshop Touch Webcast at 4PM Today!

Today at 4PM EST, RC Concepcion and Pete Collins are doing a live webcast to give an overview and show off the features of the brand new Photoshop Touch app for iPad 2!

Check it all out at

  1. I watched the webcast, interesting,I then on the link to Terry White’s utube. I have a couple of questions though. 1- do you have to subscribe to  Creative Cloud, at $50 per month I can’t justify spending that much as I wouldn’t use it daily? and 2- would Photoshop Touch on iPad interface with PS Elements 9 or 10? Or does it only interface with CS5?
    Jan Gemeinhardt

  2. The discussion among photogs here in Montreal is that this software has a max resolution of 1600×1600 pixels. And there is no IPTC support. Considering the rumoured new
    iPad 3 due out in March is to have a screen res of 2048×1536 – it’s
    stillborn. Oh yeah, that way Adobe can sell you an upgrade….
    Sorry… I’m not biting, or buying.

  3. Hi Scott,
    I started watching the webcast replay on my MacPro computer, but it cut out on me at the 20 minute mark. Maybe it was just as well, as it really was too long at 70 minutes.

    Honestly, I think your production team could do a little editing in post before uploading to your servers. Just like your retouch a photo, as you said, rather than giving a client a RAW image from a shoot, some selective editing to tighten up the tutorial would really have been appreciated. I note that it was 12 minutes in before you started demonstrating some of the techniques from the book. Your show intros and talk about the book could have been done in 2 minutes.

    And as one who has worked in the broadcast milieu, have someone monitoring the audio, to kill mics that are not live for people who are not on camera. I could hear Nancy typing away on her keyboard in the background while you chaps were talking. It sounded like large cockroaches running around in your studio (I’m serious… really – I once had a lousy hotel room in Dhaka, and they sounded just like that as they skittered about on the bare floors!!!)

    And if I may add one more constructive suggestion, you need some acoustical dampening to eliminate that boomy hollow sound picked up by your lapel mics. Rigid fiberglass panels like the type used as dividers in open office workplaces, placed just off camera, on the walls, and suspended above the set could really help to reduce reflections off hard surfaces.

    At least you got rid of the ugly mic stands and booms I mentioned in another post about “The Grid” telecasts a year ago.

    Fina note: I just bought your new book “Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques for Photographers Using Photoshop” plus a couple of other goodies. I would have liked to purchase the SPIRAL BOUND version, however it was not listed on the NAPP books section or cart. Did all 1,000 copies you mentioned in the webcast sell out already?

    Love your books – between what you, Matt and RC, have published… I have quite the library now. They’re all great!

    Frederic in Montréal

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