Photoshop User TV Tonite On Fox Business! (This time, I’m almost sure of it!)


After last week’s now infamous “8 second gap” I somewhat hesitate to say this, but tonight, there is a more than a reasonable chance that at 1:30 am (same time in each time zone), Photoshop User TV will make it’s “real” television debut on Fox Business channel.

So now, there’s another reason to stay up late tonight—because at this point it’s more than a Photoshop show—it’s a soap opera (Will it air tonight? Did they time it right? Did the tape get there in time?—-the only way to know for sure, is to stay up late with Dave, Matt, and I as we sweat each and every cable-delivered moment).

So, don’t touch that dial, pour yourself an extra cup of hi-test, sit back and at 1:30 am you’ll be treated to either “The Photoshop Guys” or an informercial for “The Juicer” (which is what ran in our spot last week). There’s only one way to know….

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