Hey gang â” it’s here: the first episode of “The Lightroom Show” hosted by RC Concepcion and yours truly, and we covered a lot of ground in a short time, with lots of Lightroom tips and tutorials (this new weekly show airs every Friday).

We pull our ideas for the show from comments our viewers post over at LightroomKillerTips.com (where RC, Pete and I post Lightroom tips daily).

Hope you enjoy the first episode and that it helps you along on your Lightroom Journey. :)

Have a great weekend everybody and we’ll see you back here on Monday.



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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; KelbyOne.com CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Congratulations Scott and RC. Unrelated to this, I hope you at least consider having Mia on The Grid on a more permanent basis. She adds an indefinable something to the podcast. Hiring her was pure genius!

  2. Good debut episode, Scott! I like the set (very Grid-like), and kudos to the person that thought of putting “Lightroom” and “5” on separate panels. That will make it easier and cheaper to change it out when Lightroom 6 débuts! A good mix of tips for LR newbies and veterans. I never knew that cropping keyboard shortcut! I’m looking forward to future shows.

    Have a great weekend. Think of us in New England while we endure another blizzard with 12-24 inches of additional snow! :-)


  3. The Lightroom show was long over due. I hope it eventually gets a little longer (15 mins would be nice) but until then, I’ll be a constant viewer for sure. I’ve been a fan since Photoshop Radio and have watched these shows evolve into being the best of the best…..Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey Scott and Rc, loving the new show, watching it from down under, Melbourne.

  5. Excellent idea. I, however, have still not made the jump to Lightroom. I still use, as some of you call it, The Bridge to Nowhere! Have a great weekend guys!!!

  6. Will this new show be in iTunes as a podcast? If so, will it be a new feed, or will it be in Lightroom Killer Tips, which hasn’t has a new show since 2013.

  7. Great show but about an hour too short.

  8. Good stuff guys! I also echo David’s comment about trying to get to 15 mins. I think that will be the sweet spot for something like this, although I know it can be a challenge finding new material all the time.

  9. Concerning your printing tip RC; first I get the fact most like a very bright monitor; yet if you properly calibrate to a luminance that fits the type of monitor you have, you should not have to adjust your brightness before printing. For a ccfl, that would be in the 80-90 cd/m2 range. Just wondering, because to me doing that does not make my monitor all that dark, but maybe I am just use to it.

    • Steve, I agree 100%, calibration takes care of that cause monitors come out of the box at 75% brightness, mine calibrated is at 18%, and the calibration figures in room luminance.

      • Scott and crew has always recommended the brightness adjustment, but that to me is too hit and miss. As I check color accuracy, I have seen a good difference in color accuracy using a high luminance.

      • are you saying it was less accurate at high luminance, or more accurate at high luminance ? I just calibrated back at 100 cd/m2 and did some prints with no print time adjustments and found it almost spot on.

      • To clarify I am saying that when I did actually do a quality test with a high luminance vs low, the average delta E was lower with the lower luminance. To further clarify, I saw the average delta E increase when using more than 100 cd/m2. My testing was not visual, it was a measurement against a standard built into my calibration software. I use a LCD monitor.
        On “LCD” monitors, “I feel” you ought to shoot for 80-90 cd/M2, but the value will be higher todays newer “LED” 99%+ adobe RGB monitors.
        My comment though, was based on my “personal” feeling that calibration should be done properly to begin with. What RC recommend will work, but might require more than one test print.
        Color accuracy is kind of another ballgame and any testing is sure to vary by monitor capability and everybody has an opinion. It is a science where you will see all kinds of opinions, so my suggestion is focus on the luminance value and what works for you on your specific monitor.

  10. Just shared with our club members!!

  11. Length of show is exactly right. Rather than front-loading it with a lot of joshing around, a la The Grid, getting directly to the subject is greatly appreciated. Keeping the individual subject clear, short, and to-the-point is extremely helpful. Each element is an easily absorbed nugget of information. Simplification and tight focus are the keys to making it work.

  12. Can’t view it! ;(

  13. Great first episode. I really like what you guys are doing with Lightroomkillertips!

    I’d love to see Adobe add a brightness increase option (like the one in the print module) as an option in the export dialog box for people who export to file and then upload those files to a lab.

  14. Great first show. I like that it’s short and to the point. You were able to fit a lot of good tips into less than 10 min. I look forward to watching weekly.

  15. I suggest the URL should be changed to reflect the name of the new show.

  16. Great show! Short and Sweet. Helpful tips. Looking forward to “before and afters”, possibly some plug ins, when to got to Photoshop, and some Lightroom guru guests! Keep up the great work! Love it!

  17. Thanks Scott and RC. Great new addition to Kelby TV line-up. You guys just keep bringing it.

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