Photoshop World Vegas, Part Deux

Hey everyone, Brad Moore here with another quick update from Las Vegas! Here are a few more shots from yesterday and today:

Photoshop Wars (sponsored by iStockphoto) are back at the Photoshop World Expo!

The newest Photoshop Guy, Pete Collins, squared off against Jeremy Cowart and got his butt kicked all over the place! (Okay, it was actually a tie, but Pete deserves all the ribbing we can give him) ;)

The B&H crew take orders and answer questions from attendees

Attendees photograph models at the Westcott booth as Westcott Top Pro Michael Green (far right) gives shooting tips

Jeremy Cowart presents during his Making A Difference With Your Camera class

Joel Grimes presents the latest techniques in The Art of Compositing

Moose Peterson gives tips on aerial photography in Taking Your Photography To The Skies

That’s it for now. I’m off to the Expo Floor to check out some cool new gear and free classes. It’s free and open to the public today, so drop by!

  1. Looking at these images is kind of like torture but in a motivational way you understand.

    Thanks for posting these Scott and keeping those of who can’t be there with you all this time round, up to date.


    ps> Great to see Moose showing his aircraft images; testament to the quality of his photography is how he manages to make aircraft images portray an emotion…just love his blog!!!

  2. There is no place like photoshop world. (click click). There is no place like photoshop world. (click click)….It’s not working, must need the ruby slippers.

  3. Brad, y’all did a CAKB job in Vegas! I’m at the terminal for the excruciating job of leaving here. Seems like PSW gets bigger and better and how can that happen! The great thing this year about the conference for me was getting to meet all the NAPP twitter fans that I’ve tweeted to for so long. (I also had fun stalking Nancy and Moose). God willing I’ll see all my friends again in DC, that’s a short trip from SC!

    Anyone who reads the blog and loves photography who has not attended PSW needs to make it a priority!! I promise you won’t be disappointed! I’ll be back as “first blogger” after tonight so anyone interested in trying to beat me out for, say, 3-4 hundred days, give it a try! 8-)


  4. Hey Scott,
    Again, I just want to thank you and your staff for all you do for us. After Dave Black’s closing notes about one person changed their life, like I told you after the final ceremony, you are that individual for me. Saying that, we both now that you didn’t do it on your own. Far from it, however, if it wasn’t for you, Scott Kelby, we wouldn’t have NAPP, Kelby Training, Kelby TV and all of the free videos that are involved, but above all, we wouldn’t have Photoshop World. ;)
    I am completely blown away by the way your staff goes above and beyond to make us happy. Even if you weren’t an excellent musician too, You would still ROCK!!
    I am certain that I will see you next year. In fact, if it hadn’t been for that little snafu that I spoke to you about on the Tweetup, I would have paid for next year’s PSW today.
    Thanks again Buddy I hope it isn’t till next September that we get to see each other again.

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