Hey gang, Brad here again with Pimpy* Thursday!  Here’s some of the latest cool stuff that’s happening…

  • Westcott just kicked off their 2010 Top Pro Tour last week in New York, and will be traveling around the country for the next couple of months! Each stop features one of Westcott’s Top Pro photographers, including many of our own instructors such as Dave Cross, Terry White, David Ziser, Jim Schmelzer, and previous guest bloggers Andrew Kornylak and Tyler Stableford! So, if you want to learn studio lighting, have hours of hands-on education, and have the chance to win some great prizes, check out the schedule, then sign up right here for only $69.90 using the coupon code TPT8131!
  • Epson just completed a series of videos on their new Signature Worthy papers featuring our good buddy Vincent Versace, as well as Lois Greenfield, Matthew Jordan Smith, Art Wolfe, and David Lynch (yep, the legendary filmmaker himself!). Personally, I really like the Hot Press Bright paper :) Take a few minutes to check the videos out right here.
  • The App Whisperer just named Scott’s Photo Recipes Live iPad App one of her Top 10 iPad Photography Apps! Check out the full list right here.
  • And lastly, Scott will be flying across the pond to bring you blokes in London his Photoshop for Digital Photographers Tour on October 15! Get full details and register right here.

Stop by again tomorrow for a great weekend-only deal, and a super kick-butt video that you absolutely will not want to miss! I asked Scott if I could post it today, but he said, “That’s not news. That’s just freakin’ cool!!” ;)

*Pimpy = definition number 1, possibly number 2, definitely not number 3 ;)

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  1. Brad,
    Pimpy Thursday is beginning to look pretty cool!

  2. See you in October Scott; the Guinness is cooling as we speak :)

  3. I need to look in to those Wescott workshops, I’m still on my PSW high! (ROFL! I’m still laughing about Definition #3!)

  4. Can you expand your vocabulary beyond “kick-butt” and “cool”. Using them every post gets a little stale!

  5. Scott,
    Looking forward to seeing you in person in London on 15th Oct – it’s going to be a kick-butt, cool event for sure ;-)

  6. I like the fact that you haven’t abandoned the name for Pimpy Thursday. Now we just need to find the right, iconic graphic element to go with it.

  7. The 2010 Top Pro Tour actually started a day earlier in New Jersey.

    I say this not as a whine, but more as a kick-butt point of information.

  8. Scott,

    I really enjoy your books, PS Usertv, DTown, etc. Yes, I need help, but I seem to remember you were planning on writing a book about printing in Photoshop, but don’t see it yet. Is that still an active project…maybe with CS5??

  9. Love the Pimpy Thursday posts. But here in the Boston area, we don’t say “cool” or “kick-butt”…..it’s “wicked pissa”. You can use that in a future blog post, Brad!


  10. Enjoyed the link about the Epson papers, but it’s a bit confusing about how to buy them. Can you post a link?

  11. Gotta love those Pimpy Thursdays. Now we have all the news bits in one simple post. Thanks Brad, that’s rad. :-)

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