“This Weekend Only” Killer Deal From Metal Mural

Remember last February, I got a deal for you guys from Metal Mural (They make these huge metal murals, made up of a grid of multiple metallic tiles, as seen above in this shot from their tradeshow booth)? Well, this latest “This Weekend Only” deal is even sweeter than their last one. Here’s the deal:

You get 35% OFF their 12 inch tile squares, plus you get free shipping on the entire order.

To get this deal, you have to use this link: http://metalmural.com/sk.aspx

Ask anybody who has seen these at their booth at a trade show—these tiled murals have huge impact. If you get some done, let me know how you much you like ‘em!

  1. I’ve gotten 2 of the 4″ demo versions with stands and one 4’x3′ ‘full sized’. Everyone who sees them are blown away. The little ones come pre-assembled, while the larger panes just need to be clipped together.

    Getting one takes a while, but they really stand out.

  2. The ordering process is just plain awful. It took my money with no regard to wanting or asking for my files or what sizes? I wanted to two murals, counted up all the tiles and it bills me for one size after the fact and never asked for my files? – they are too big for email which got bounced back and then I get a receipt that they will tell me when my order is shipped??? Crazy. They need a visual template after upload with a decent order system. I am sure the aggrivation is worth it but I hate when money has been taken for this weekend special and no one is there to take a call. Money is gone and order is not ready to be in the works on Mon. I am sure it will all be worked out but just venting and preparing others getting in on the deal that ordering is not very smooth.

    1. Hi Steve,
      This is an offer to pre-purchase squares to take advantage of the special price now and then upload your images later. As soon as your order is entered and paid, detailed automated confirmations are immediately sent to your email account. MetalMural and upload designs are intended to be done separate from the ordering process. Your actual order may be entered at any time after you have pre-purchased squares.

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