Pimpy Thursday

Happy Thursday everyone! Brad here with the latest pimpy…

Have you seen the latest Kelby Training Online classes? Some of the newest ones include…

  • Scott Kelby’s 10 Essential Studio Techniques Every Photographer Needs To Know – Scott covers the basics of studio lighting, including both strobes and constant lights with a variety of softboxes, how to position them for certain looks, and other basic studio equipment.
  • Moose Peterson’s Romancing the Landscape, Part 1 – Moose is out in Monument Valley talking about camera gear, predicting the weather, how to create time lapse videos, and more!
  • Dave Cross’ Photoshop CS5 Automation Basics – Dave covers everything you need to know to get started with automating tasks in Photoshop CS5, including the built-in automations, creating your own actions, discovering some hidden techniques, and using automated commands in Bridge.

Scott (aka Scott “Claymore” Kelby) and Matt Kloskowski have teamed up once again to bring you the latest edition of their very popular Photoshop Elements 9 Book for Digital Photographers, and it is now available for pre-order! You can reserve your copy for only $39.99, plus NAPP members get $10 off.

Thanks to Michael Shilling over at Photo Creative 365 for listing The Photoshop Insider blog among their “Another 5 Great Photography Websites!” Make sure you head over and check out the other sites they list as well.  Great stuff!

Mike Johnston, aka The Online Photographer, recently selected Scott’s The Digital Photography Book series as one of his Best Photography How-To Books. Lots of other great books listed there to see, too.

Top Fine Art Photos also mentioned Scott’s The Digital Photography Book as one of their Top Ten Arts & Photography Books.

Joe McNally is bringing his Location Lighting Techniques Tour to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Friday, December 3.  Scott was able to catch some of this one when it was in Tampa, and he learned some new techniques that he was excited about.  So, if Scott can still pick up some tips and tricks even after seeing Joe teach so many times, I can almost guarantee you will too ;)  You can sign up right here!

And, last but not least, Dave Cross is bringing his Maximum Photoshop CS5 Tour to the Javits Center in New York City this Monday, November 22. Here are just a couple of the many emails we’ve gotten from people after attending this seminar:

WOW!!!! I learned a tremendous amount of info in a short amount of time. Dave Cross really knows how to inspire and translate the great features of Photoshop.

Very happy that I attended your Maximum Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour. It was full of wonderful information, and your tutorial/presentations were very magical (as you probably already know it from the response of the crowd). I know you can not harvest the whole field of Photoshop in such limited time, but you brought us a basket of knowledge that we all can savor for the rest of life. I thank you for that!

You can sign up for the seminar right here.

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Just watched Scott’s 10 Essential Studio Techniques video and he did a great job. I learned quite a bit! It was kewl and kick butt! Thanks, Scott! :D


    1. John! Kewl? I have been spelling it wrong for 42 years. I’m putting down the Ipad and getting on the tower (how about that App?).

      Scott, for Christmas we want an App for kelbytraing.com and photoshopuser.com. :)

  2. Scott,
    Just watched 10 Essential Studio Techniques and really enjoyed it!! You talk about which lens that you prefer to use and I assume that you are using full-frame. Which lens would you recommend for someone shooting a D300?

  3. +1 on the 10 Essential Techniques. That one and the 7-Point System alone would be worth the $179/y for the Kelby training subscription… When will the sequel of Moose Peterson’s latest romance be released?! :)

  4. Hi Scott! I just watched this video…great job! I was wondering…what is the collapsible lens hood you’re using on the 70-200mm? That looks really handy!

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