Pimpy Thursday

Hey gang, Brad here with this week’s pimpy goodness. Check it:

Dave Cross is bringing his Photoshop CS5 Power Tour to Oklahoma City on January 26 and San Antonio on January 31, then Tampa on February 17 and Richmond, Virginia on February 21! Here are more details straight from Dave on what he’ll be teaching and what he suggests bringing to the seminar.  You can register for any of these events right here.

Interested in a free digital issue of Photoshop User Magazine?  Just go here and fill out the form to get the 100 Hot Tips issue, compliments of Dell.  And if you’re already a subscriber, tell your friends!

Speaking of friends, Laurie Excell and Randy Van Duinen are featured in the Paradise Lost/Paradise Found and Disappearing Florida exhibit at Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida. The exhibit will be up from January 14 – March 13, but you can catch Randy in person at the opening tomorrow night. Then Laurie will be giving a presentation called Shooting From The Heart on February 24.

Matthew Hall recently posted his thoughts on Scott’s Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers. Coming from someone who used to be a teacher himself, I think it’s helpful to see the book from his point of view.

And last but not least, former guest blogger Drew Gardner has a new series of videos called Behind The Photos available for purchase on his website.  In this series, he walks you through the setup and execution for his photos.  He was kind enough to send one of them to share here on the blog so you can get a sample of what each video is like (there’s a short ad at the beginning):

That’s it for this post, but make sure you also check out the next one for one last bit of news :)

  1. Thanks for the link to Drew Gardners stuff. He is a really awesome photographer with a vision that is quite incredible. I like his dreamy pictures a lot and he is a true master in how he lights his subjects.
    I bought his DVD awhile back and it is a bargain to say the least, a lot of great info and inspiration in a cheap package. I´ll recommend anyone that is the least interested in Drew to pick that up.

  2. I tried to get the free Photoshop User issue. After 2(!) series of give me all your info, I just got a page saying – no such magazine offer. :-/

    Perhaps you could just do posting of the free magazine without all the gate-keeping (or email me a link that works without the interrogation)?

    I’m very interested in the magazine, but I’d like to get a sense of what it is before signing up for NAPP. I already subscribe to KelbyTraining and aren’t sure if I’ll be getting anything more that I need by signing up for NAPP too. I’d like to suggest a page on each site that explains the diffs and overlaps between the two – they look very similar to me from the sites. E.g. are the photoshop tutorials on Kelby repeated on NAPP site?

  3. Hmmm, I’m tempted to try to get the free issue of Photoshop User myself, but as a new NAPP member, will I get that issue regardless? I signed up for NAPP membership on Cyber Monday, but have yet to receive an issue. I contacted Customer Service and they said it takes 4-6 weeks toget my first issue. This is the 6th week….still waiting.

    @Art: Re: Joining NAPP. The discounts alone are worth it! I have saved a bunch on shipping already from B & H and Mpix. Plus you would have saved $20 on your annual Kelby Training fee. I have a couple of the PSU magazines from attending conferences and they are really packed with information, tips, and tricks. I have also found many tutorials on the NAPP site that I did not see on the Kelby Training site. Hope this helps a bit….


    1. Just looked at the magazine link and the NAPP site. They are offering the October/November 2010 issue…one that I will not receive with my membership. I will probably sign up for it.


  4. I am completely excited about the upcoming seminar in Oklahoma City with Dave. You can bet that I will go say hi to Dave and to Jeff & his support staff. I have been to 5 such seminars, and have learned a great deal from each. If anyone reading this is curious they should click on the “bringing to the seminar” link above so they won’t bring too much or not enough. Also, read the comment by Alan Hess at the bottom of that link.
    And yes Scott, I will be buying the Photo Recipes Vol. 2 at the seminar. (that is if there are some there)

  5. Hi Art,

    Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties signing up for the free issues of Photoshop User Magazine on our website. Please contact us at the number listed below and one of our Customer Service Representatives would be happy to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we look forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you,
    Dianne Brisson
    NAPP Member Services
    or 813-433-5000

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