Photo Recipes Part 2 is Here!!

Did you enjoy Photo Recipes Live, the DVD/book combo Scott did last year where he took you behind the scenes at his photo shoot to show you exactly how he gets the shot?  Then you’ll love Photo Recipes Live Part 2 :)

Above is a short video of Scott talking about Part 2, so I’ll let him do most of the explaining.  But I will say that we had a great time filming this one on location in Miami, and I think he got some killer shots!

You can pick up Photo Recipes Live Part 2 from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  1. If Photo Recipes 1 is anything to go by then this too is going be a winner! I bought the Book/DVD combo as soon as it came out but then when I (finally) too the plunge and got, I mean invested in, an iPad I bought the App version too which works great.

    Packed full of tips and techniques that waste no time at all in getting you shooting straight away I love it; just one question though…do you know when the ‘App’ version will become available for this Part 2?


  2. Cool, is that something that will come out on as well?
    And i just had this thought, are the instruction videos that you sell on DVD the same as the ones on

    1. Hi Patrick:
      Since this is published by Peachpit Press, I don’t believe this will appear on Kelby Training Online. As for our DVDs; they usually are made from online classes that users have asked to have in DVD form.


  3. Glad to see that these books are cheaper at Kelby Training (for NAPP members) than Amazon. It was the reverse for a long time. Although Amazon does offer free shipping….

    I’ll probably pick up both books at some point in the future.


  4. Looking forward to it. I have always found your teaching to be great not just for newer photographers, but as a refresher as well. It’s so easy to get into habits when shooting that you forget other techniques. Sometimes I go back an re-read something and end up slapping my forehead going “duh! Why did I forget that?”

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