Pimpy Thursday

KT Online
Have you seen the latest classes from adventure sports photographer Tom Bol? Check out the teaser video above for a glimpse of what you’re missing if you haven’t!

Photoshop World Orlando
There are still a few spots left in some of the pre-conference workshops! Check out…
Photoshop For Beginners with Lesa Snider
Art of Contemporary Painting CS5 with Fay Sirkis
HDR Crash Course with Matt Kloskowski

The cutoff date for the Rosen Centre Hotel has passed, but go ahead and call to see if there’s still anything available at the special rate before booking at another hotel. Why? It’s very conveniently located right across the street from the conference center, and it’s where the instructors stay!

Want a chance to have one of your images SUPER SIZED and showcased at the conference? Check out Russell Brown’s EXTREME Print Challenge!  Not only will your image be showcased, but Adobe is throwing in some other goodies as well. Deadline is March 18, so hurry!

And don’t forget to upgrade to the Photoshop World Pro Pass and snag an After Hours Party ticket when you’re registering!

Kelby Training Live
Dave Cross is coming to Arlington, TX on March 18 and Phoenix, AZ on March 21 with the Photoshop CS5 Power User Tour.

Ben Willmore is bringing the Photography & Photoshop CS5: From Focus to Finished Tour to Los Angeles, CA on March 23 and Atlanta, GA on March 25.

And Scott Kelby’s brand new Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! Tour kicks off in Boston, MA on March 24!

All info on these and other tours can be found over at KelbyTrainingLive.com

Project New Orleans
If you’re interested in working for nonprofits, check out the Project New Orleans Workshop in New Orleans, hosted by Momenta Workshops!

Every year, Momenta Workshops hosts the Project New Orleans workshop, which trains photojournalists and multimedia producers to work with nonprofits. The workshop is only five days long, April 6-10, and includes photographers from around the country. It’s a great way for photographers to give back to the community with their work while also helping to build a portfolio of nonprofit based projects for their professional work. Plus, it’s a great time and a great opportunity for networking. They also offer discounts to students, professional photographers and military photographers.

All the details can be found right here.

That’s it for today! Have a great Thursday :)

  1. I wish we could get some of the Kelby Live sessions in Iowa. Hopefully there will be some in Kansas City or Minneapolis that will work out. I’m hoping for PSW next spring since I can’t swing it this year.

  2. Scott, I’ve got to ask you this question, it’s been bugging me for ages. I have watched A Day with Jay Maisel a few times on Kelby Training,(by the way a great video) & can you remember the guy you & Jay both shoot on the subway, the one Jay says he is unobtrusive. Well I’ve spotted him about another 4-5 times wandering around in the background during the rest of the videos. Now, he either stalking you or his is part of the production crew. So, Scott, can you shed any light on who he is?? :-)
    As I have been so observant please send me a Nikon D3x as a prize in the post immediately. :-)

    1. Hi Neil:
      I have no idea. I’d have to go watch the class and find him. Could you take a screen cap and send it to me? I’ll let you know if it’s one of our crew, or somebody who just saw a camera crew and wanted to be in the shot. A lot. ;-)



      1. Hi Scott,
        I grabbed some screen shots of the guy for you, how do I send you the images??

        Forget about the D3x as a prize, I’ll go for the D700 :-)


      1. Ken,
        I thought I would try & change things & see if it worked on the first post. :-)
        Oh well, I’ll let you know in 3-4 years if I get one. :-)


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