RC Book Interview Video

Hey gang, Brad here with this week’s pimpy stuff! Here is a short 4-minute video with Scott Kelby and RC Concepcion talking about RC’s new book Get Your Photography On The Web.

Also make sure you check out the hour-long webcast they did just a couple of days ago over at KelbyTraining.com!

More news coming right up…

    1. Actually, the hardest part is weeding out all the “Hi Scott!” comments. If one person says “hello,” ~everybody~ says “hello.” ;D

      In all honesty, this webcast went a lot smoother comment-wise than most. It was easier to weed through the chatter and find the questions. Plus, I noticed that there were less people asking about prizes, and more questions being answered via the live chat than ever before. In all, I think it went great! =)

  1. So bummed I missed the live webcast. Was all set and got stuck in a meeting. At least I can watch the recorded version. I just received RC’s book last week and it really is a fantastic book. It is very informative and easy to follow with great advice about many aspects of getting your photography on the web.

  2. hello!

    I went to the library yesterday, and got out with your book. When i sat on the bus i started reading, and for the first time i was actually hoping the bus would use more time to get me home because the book was so god!

    I have to say, this is the BEST book ever about photography. I love the way you have made it, it was so simple to understand! and the way you give concrete tips instead of doing like most other photograpers and sai that it all depends on this and this. I´m going to the studio this weekend, and i cant wait to try some of your tips!

    Love it! You have done a great job!

  3. Hey, Brad! You said “more news coming right up……” We’re still waiting! Or did you mean the regular Pimpy Thursday post? But that can’t be right, as that was posted before this one. Inquiring minds want to know! :D


    1. I was referring to the regular pimpy thursday post. I schedule them to go up in this order so when people come to the blog, they keep scrolling down to see the next post. I guess it might show up differently in RSS feeds though now that I think about it… Oh well :)

  4. Unfortunately I missed the webcast (scheduling thing) but I purchased RC’s book a few weeks ago and it’s worth every penny! Buy it.
    I look forward to watching the re-webcast to see what I missed.

    Thanks RC, excellent book!

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