Planning and Preparation

…Prevents poor performance. That’s right, planning and preparation prevents poor performance. It’s #TravelTuesday and I, Dave Williams, am here as always on and today I want to talk a little about planning and preparing.

I’m currently in Scotland where I’m road testing my van (again) ahead of a trip to the Arctic for 80 days this winter. This is all about preparing whilst I’m planing for an epic trip and it can be a real deal-breaker without proper planning. This translates to everything we do as photographers and creatives to ensure our success. Here’s a quick look at who was with my van yesterday: –

In the background there you can see a couple of key features on the van. The big, all-terrain tires, the dead-bolt, and the roof light are all visible here and they’re all things I’m testing in my preparation. Taking this detail and transposing it into a photographic world we could say that preparing takes the shape of planning a strategy for our marketing and social media. We could say that it’s about having our batteries charged and memory cards formatted. We could say that it’s about having the knowledge of sun and moon phases to make sure we’re shooting at the best possible time, and in the best possible locations. This planning and preparation really does prevent poor performance.

It’s about having everything we needs, considering every detail and every eventuality, putting us in the best position possible. I’m aiming to be in the best possible position to travel to the Arctic, and to run my business as a photographer. It all goes hand-in-hand, and it all makes a big difference between success and failure. We can only blame ourselves if we don’t take responsibility and ensure we’re as prepared as possible. Just remember all the P’s. Planning and Preparation Prevent Poor Performance.

Much love

PS. If you want to follow my story, I uploaded a new video in my Due North series to YouTube.

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