Platypod Extreme Kickstarter w/Scott Kelby, Dr. Larry Tiefenbrunn & Guests | The Grid Ep. 509

If you’ve been following Scott Kelby very long, you already know some of his favorite tools for photography are his Platypod and Platyball. Well, prepare to add another item in the Platy lineup that you’ll want to add to your wish list immediately! Check out the Platypod EXTREME, with removable, hinged, angle-adjustable, spring-loaded spikes that fold in for space-saving, a carry handle, belt slots, unthreaded holes for wood screws, more attachment spots for carabiner attachment, and more! Scott is joined by Platypod inventor Larry Tiefenbrunn to show off the latest addition to the lineup, as well as special guests who show some of their photos that have been made possible by the Platypod Extreme!

New KelbyOne Course: How to Use the Nikon Z9 Like a Pro with Moose Peterson

Join Moose Peterson for a masterclass on the Nikon Z9! If you’ve already purchased this camera or are planning to in the future, then this class is for you. The Z9 is an amazing camera, and only made better when you can customize it to fit your photography like a glove. In this class Moose gives you the information you need to get started, a PDF download of the settings he uses, and then he walks you through all of the key buttons, menus, and settings you need to know to get the most out of this powerhouse of a camera.

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