Please Do Not Watch This Video…

…if you’re one of those really serious types that’s going to post a “Mr. Kelby, I am very disappointed in you…” comment.

It’s a hilarious Photoshop rap music video, but besides being so cleverly written and well produced, it actually has a few real Photoshop tutorials within it, which makes it even funnier.

WARNING: The video has some suggestive and otherwise offensive language and other PG-13 visual stuff, and if that type of stuff offends you, and you’re just waiting around for something to come along that lets you express your personal outrage, I’m begging you, “Please do not watch this video!” You’ve been warned, so if you watch it and you get upset, no complaining or whining allowed. Just laughing. :)

  1. Scott:

    Did you get this from Matt? ;)

    Saw this on Facebook earlier today. Aaron Johnson of “What the Duck” fame posted it on his wall. I hate rap, but this is really funny. “But it looks the same!” “Shut up, fool! No talkin’ while I’m ‘Shopin’, that’s the number one rule!” :D:D

    People would be rolling on the floor laughing if the Photoshop guys did this at PSW Orlando!


  2. Mr. Kelby, I am very disappointed in you. I can’t believe you guys haven’t done this SOONER. I’m not a huge rap fan, but I’ve seen the light. More! More!

    This would liven up NAPP training videos :-)

  3. If you can get Lisa Snider and Larry D. to do one of these I’ll sign up for another 4 years. (How do you get something to rhyme with “trot up or trot over”.)What a great way to teach and have fun at the same time. That in itself gets 4 stars. Thanks for sharing. Even if you don’t rap you still have the best thing going. Hmmm. Cory Barker rapping? I’ll buy a ticket.

  4. That was really well done! Funny – but I’m really impressed with the true rap attitude merged w/ Ps – and correct. Remember ABC’s “School House Rocks” – well, now it’s Kelby Medias’ “NAPP Raps” Word!

  5. Hey Scott,
    Busy time of year for me. Finals, no time to look up, students wanting to do a semester’s work in a week with my help of course. Not whining just stating facts. First real time I’ve had to look at your blog for a while

    That was too funny Scott. Anyone offended by this needs to, how can I say this?, Grow up! Nothing too offensive here at all.
    See ya,

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