This week we kicked off the new season of Photoshop User TV (the weekly Photoshop show) and I got the honor of introducing our viewers to our new co-host of Photoshop User TV, and the latest addition to “The Photoshop Guys”, it’s  Jessica Maldonado, our own “Photoshop Girl.” (wild cheers ensue!).

I know what you’re thinking. About #$&% time! (I totally agree) 
I also know what some of you are thinking, and just so you know, Jessica chose the nickname “Photoshop Girl” herself (though some suggested “Photoshop Gal” cause they thought it fit the whole “Guys & Gals” theme, but Photoshop Gal doesn’t sound like a super-hero, and Jessica is definitely a Photoshop super-hero!)

Jess has been working with us for years in our design dept. She’s the main designer on all my books, and books like Joe McNally’s “The Moment it Clicks,” David Ziser’s “Captured By the Light” and Moose Peterson’s “Captured” but I think her best work yet is coming later this year as I’ve seen her layouts for Frank Doorhof’s upcoming book and they are absolutely fantastic!

So, how did Jess get the gig?
Well, first you have to be really, really, really good at Photoshop (like the guy she’s sitting next to on the set, Corey Barker). I know a lot of people who are really, really good at Photoshop and Jessica is among the very best — but I just didn’t realize how good a teacher she was until she recorded some tutorials and sent them to me, and I was like “Wow!!! She is GOOD!” So, we asked her (more like begged her) to join us on the show as a regular co-host and I’m super-psyched she said “yes!” Even though she was really nervous, she survived the first episode (which aired on Monday and I’m rebroadcasting below) despite the fact that Pete “The Juice” Collins was on that episode too and that’s a recipe for unpredictability and mild forms of chaos.

Join me in welcoming Jessica
Here’s this week’s show (below) and Jessica’s debut (I loved her very cool tutorial), and I hope you’ll please join me here in welcoming her to our show (you can leave a comment below if you like). It’s an honor to have her as our new co-host and I’m excited to see all the cool stuff she’ll be sharing with our viewers this season.

The show airs every Monday at and then we rebroadcast starting the next day. You can subscribe for free via iTunes our watch it on our site (complete with all the back episodes).

Cheers, –Scott

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. Let me be the first to welcome photoshop girl to Photoshopusertv. I look forward to watching you show up the guys…lol…and looking forward to learning some great techniques from you….

  2. Congrats Jessica! :)

  3. It was great! She’s so smooth in the tutorial! :-) Welcome!

  4. Great to see a Photoshop Girl.. Welcome… :-)

  5. Congrats Jessica :)

  6. Congratulations, Jess! You earned it.

  7. Thank you Scott and everyone for the warm welcome! Feels strange to say that, going on 8 years at Kelby Media Group! So looking forward to being part of PSU TV!

  8. Welcome, Jessica. Great start on this show. Your tuturial rocked.

  9. Scott better start looking for a new designer for those book covers this girl is going to be busy in this new roll. Best of luck Jessica.

  10. Hey, we’re rolling fast into the 21st century – finally a Photoshop Girl to add some class “ahem” diversity to the set! Welcome to the front of the house, Jessica.

  11. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jessica’s tutorial was great! Had no idea you could do that with clothing! Welcome aboard!

  13. Girl power! Welcome, Jessica! I haven’t played the show yet but I just wanted to welcome you. And yes, Scott, it’s about time!

  14. Thanks Jessica and Scott! We’ll have good time watching your tuts

  15. YES!!! Glad to see a Girl on the crew!!!! I know she will shine for sure!!! I look forward to learning a bunch of good stuff from you Jessica!!!

  16. Cool. Congrats Jessica ;)
    You rock !!!

  17. It makes me happy and proud to be working with you! Lots of success, Jessica! :)

  18. I’m pretty sure Steph was the Photoshop Girl. Has everyone forgotten her already?

  19. Well explained, thank you for taking time to record and share!

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