The 2nd Edition “Refresh” of my “Digital Photography Book, Part One” is here

OK, if you already have the first edition of the book, DON’T BUY THIS ONE!!!! That’s because it’s a “refresh” and not a “rewrite.”

The original book was published back in 2006, so I brought the book up-to-date with a pretty significant refresh using today’s latest cameras, updates and changes in gear; plus I added a short chapter with some advice I’ve learned since then; I went through and updated all the photos  (man, it’s excruciating to look back at the images you were taking seven years ago), and techniques where needed throughout, and I re-wrote from scratch the most popular chapter, the “Photo Recipes” chapter with all new images and descriptions (because again, I hated those old photos from 2006).

So, as much as I’d love you to rush out and buy a copy….
I want to keep you as a reader and that means being straight with you, which is why I’m letting you know it’s still essentially the same book. So, why am I mentioning it at all if I don’t want you to buy it? This is the book of mine that given as a gift to other new photographers more than any other, so if you’re thinking of passing one on to someone new, I want to make sure you get them the latest edition (it says “Part 1, 2nd edition” right on the cover — see below right).

Also, it’s no longer “Volume 1, or Volume 2”
After the original book, subsequent releases were named Volume 2, Volume 3 and so on, but what I found was people were buying Volume 4 because it was the newest one, but actually each one is completely different and picks up where the previous title left off, so by starting with Volume 4, they were missing all that essential stuff up front that leads up to it. In fact, some folks complained that Volume 4 was too advanced for them, but that’s because they weren’t ready for Volume 4 yet — they needed to start with Volume 1 and work their way up. That’s why we changed it now to Part 1, Part 2 and so on (I’d much rather someone bought Volume 1 and ever bought another, than starting with Part 4 and being lost).

It’s here. Now.
It just went “in-stock” this week:

> Amazon and Barnes & Noble have the Print edition for $13.90

> Amazon has it for the Kindle at $9.99 and B&N has it for the Nook at $11.39

> Peachpit Press (the book’s Publisher) has a bundle (both print book & ebook together) for $26.99

I hope if there’s someone you’d like to help along the way in their photographic journey, you’d consider picking up a copy for them. Of course, if you don’t have the original, snap this puppy up now! LOL!! :)

Thanks to everyone out there who has made this book, Part One, the top-selling digital photography book of all time. I thank you. My kid’s college fund thanks you (My son’s off the college in just two years. My daughter still has…well…about 11-more years to go. Maybe I’ll have a Part 10 by then). ;-)

All my best,


P.S. If you already have one or more of the books, come and see me in Seattle this Thursday or in Los Angeles on Friday with my “Shoot Like a Pro Tour” which is based on this very same series of books. Here’s the link if you want to come out.

  1. I am always amazed at people who for some odd reason think Volume 4 is the same as 4th Edition. Volume 4 is exactly what is says it is…the 4th volume of work — or part 4 of however many numbers (volumes) that go on into the future. If you had people complaining that Volume 4 was to tough for them it is not your fault Scott, that they don’t understand what we have all learned since we were kids…unless the educational system has failed them. Other than that…. I have all four volumes and they are without a doubt most excellent!!!

  2. you might be the first author that has told his readers not to buy their book. Ha. I found that funny. However, your explanation made sense. I have all the books and I learned tons from it and was caught laughing out loud while reading your funny comments in the book. Loved it! I’ve recommended it to tons of people and now I can recommend this updated one. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. LOL!!! Of course! I just gave the original as a gift two weeks ago! Oh well! I always recommend these books too…. GREAT series! I still refer to them myself. (And will buy new copy to replace my beaten up well-traveled original.)

    Have a good one!


  4. Wait…there’s new pictures? That’s why I buy your books, for the pictures! ;-)
    Seriously, this book was the first book I bought when I got back into photography with my old D50. One of the best purchases I could have made. I’ve recommended this book (and series) to a number of people. Now I’ll point people to the update!

  5. Thanks for the honesty, Scott – I have all 4 of the series but guess what? I’ve just bought the updates version of no. 1 anyway, even after reading this! I keep recommending this series to every photography enthusiast I meet. Keep up the good work!

  6. This was the book that got me hooked!! Great to see a refreshed version coming out. Always the first book I recommend to people starting out!!!

  7. No way, Scott ! I’m definitely buying the new one. Wanna see what you included to original volume 1. Congrats on your job.
    FERNANDO A S SOUZA, a proud owner of volumes 1 (the old version), 2, 3 e 4.

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    Thanks for letting me update your post with a comment that applies to some of your previous posts.

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