UPDATE – The glitch should be fixed now. If you tried posting a comment yesterday or this morning and it didn’t show up, give it another go. -Brad

Hi Gang:
So sorry the comments you guys are posting aren’t appearing today. I have no idea why, but our Web team is looking at the problem right now. :(

Hopefully we’ll have it fixed soon.



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  1. Yesterday I submitted a brief comment. The screen cleared and the message Cheater! appeared in the upper left-hand side of the screen.

  2. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one. I thought I was a “CHEATER!”. So I had a quick question, but I don’t know what post to put it in, so I’ll just do this one. In terms of ISO, Scott, do you ever notice that sometimes with the D3s (I have it too and LOVE it) you can EASILY get away with 6400 ISO and then other times, there’s bad noise even at 1600? I swear sometimes it seems noiseless at the high range, and then sometimes I can barely push it to 1600. Does it have to do with the lens? Or the subject with how bright it is? Thanks so much! Glad to have the comments back!


  3. Heh, I got the same “Cheater” message this morning trying to comment on the widescreen effect. I thought it was a little joke at first. I’m glad to know it’s fixed.

  4. Any update on when the book coupon will be sent out to the photowalk winners?

  5. Had a question but was calld a cheater so I felt bad about it for a second. Now back to my question do you or anyone know if you can load the creative suites design premium on a home pc and a laptop or a work pc ( basicly load twice like when you buy just photoshop )

  6. Scott:

    Is this the same issue that the other Kelby websites have had (PSU TV, Matt’s blog, D-Town) with messages not posting? Kind of frustrating to the readers!


  7. Two machines can be activated per license (serial number) at one time.

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