Quick Friday Update

Hi Gang: We’ve been in the studio for two weeks straight now working on a big project for Kelby Training Online that we’ll be launching this fall, but even though we’ve all been pretty much heads down working on that, lots of other stuff is still rolling, so here's just a few quick things:

(1) Yesterday we launched a NEW WEEKLY SHOW called “Photography Tips & Tricks”
We call it “Photo TNT” for short, and you can watch the currently streaming version right here (you jump in wherever it’s at in the show), or later today we’ll have the on-demand version online. It’s hosted by RC, Matt, Larry, Pete and Me and it’s just a series a quick tips and tricks — straight and right to the point. Hope you’ll check it out (and if you don’t mind helping us spread the word about it, that would be awesome!). The site to watch on-demand will be http://kelbytv.com/photographytnt/

(2) A lot of folks asking about the Nikon D600 for shooting sports.
Although it did great job as my 2nd body for the Titans game last week, if you remember my concern was that at 5.5 frames per second, it was a little slow. I was hoping by adding a battery grip I could get it up to 8 frames per second (like you could with the D700, which I believe this camera replaces). So far, what I’ve been able to dig up: the battery grip for the D600 doesn’t add fps. More if I hear anything more. Still an amazing camera for the price (it pretty much does what the D3x did (24 megapixels) for about 1/4 the price, and it has more features).

(3) This weekend I’m shooting the Redskins/Bucs game on the sidelines
I’ll post some of my favorites (providing I have favorites) here next week. Looking forward to shooting RGIII (what an athlete!). However….GO BUCS!

(4) Check out Matt Kloskowski’s “Ski Report”
It’s Matt’s new blog where he gets to talk about more than just Lightroom, and he's got some great stuff on there about his shoot out West with the D800E and the just-announced Photoshop Elements 11. Here's the link.

(5) Do you live in LA? Do you live near Los Angeles? Do you want to hang out with me on Wednesday and learn some really cool new Photoshop stuff? Awesome! Here's the link. (I have a video there that explains what I'm teaching in the tour). 

(6) My birthday was back in July
Yet I still don't know who sent me that picnic basket.  :(

(7) Back up the photos on your cell phone
I’ll bet your DSLR photos are backed up, but when was the last time you backed up the photos on your cell phone? A lot of these might be shots of your family and shots that are irreplaceable. Today’s a good day to do a quick back-up of those cell-phone photos. It’ll take you five minutes. Do it now. :)

(8) Quick Photo Walk Update: We have over 1,200 cities with over 23,000 walkers signed up
if you haven’t signed up to join your local walk…..what are you waiting for? It’s free and I promise you’ll love the experience. Also, Monday is the last day to apply to lead a city as part of my worldwide photo walk  so if you were thinking of it, do it now. Also, Here’s the link to join a walk, or lead a walk. See you Saturday, October 13th. :) 

(9) We have a ton of FREE training and fun stuff on YouTube
We have a free Kelby Media Group YouTube channel, including lots of classes from the Google+ Photographers conference, and sneak peeks at classes, tutorials, all the episodes of "The Grid" and a bunch of just fun or funny stuff. Here's the link (you can subscribe for free and then you'll know when we post new stuff).

(10) If you missed my "Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it" LIVE tour….
….you can now watch the entire seminar, from start to finish, and get the same tour workbook (in color no less), plus all freebies I gave out for attendees, no matter where you are as the seminar is now available as a download (just like you'd buy a movie online to download), for just $49.95. I put a one-minute video about it below that gives you the full scoop.

That's it from a rainy day in Tampa. Hope you have a great weekend, and be sure to welcome the regular refs back to your local NFL field (all the replacement refs have returned to Foot Locker).




  1. Scott:

    Quick question about the D600 that I didn’t see you mention. How is the physical size of the body compared to other Nikons? I know it’s smaller than a D800, but does it compare to, say, my aging D300? I’m hoping that an affordable vertical grip is offered from Nikon, as well.

    Just got the email about your Boston stop for your CS6 tour. I’ll probably be there to see it….I know you don’t get up North too much!

    I didn’t send the picnic basket……….

    Have a great weekend, and stay dry! :)


  2. Hey Scott, good update. Thanks.
    Loved meeting you on the tour but not being able to get my free metallic print (already have on one software) has left a sour taste in my mouth. I messages you on fb but never got a response.

  3. Ye Gods Scott, that’s was an action packed Friday blog post!
    Good to see you’re putting work in on a big project for Kelbytraining. You must be anxious for me to renew my subscription in November :)

      1. Fantastic Scott, you’re addressing the one issue I have with kelbytraining, it’ll be another year for me….. plus I need all the help I can get :)

  4. Topic request for The Grid – Can we get RC to compare web browsers again. He showed images side by side on Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE before and it was awesome. Now Google Chrome supports ICC profiles so which is best now for photographers? If it looks great on Google Chrome in Photo RGB, will it look like crap on Firefox?

    1. Thomas: Even though Chrome now supports color profiles, unfortunately only a small percentage of users are on Chrome so you’re safer to stick with sRGB so your images look fairly consistent across all browsers. Once all the browsers support color profiles, then it will be safe to start using Pro Photo and others.

  5. Scott, I was at the Redskins game last week and RGIII is awesome (sadly most of the rest of his team is not). Beware the fake. And with all due respect, Die Bucs Die! Go Skins!!! I’m eagerly looking forward to your shots.

  6. Stopped what I was doing and immediately backed-up cell-phone photos to laptop, external backup drive and to online backup service. Thx much for the important reminder, I’m adding recurring note to my calendar to be sure I continue.

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