Photoshop World Update (It’s Nearly Here!)

We’re just about a week away from the kick-off of the world’s largest Photoshop event, and so I wanted to take a quick minute and catch you up on what’s going on. Here goes:





Get Your Free Expo-Only Pass
If you can’t attended the full conference, you can get a free Expo-Only pass, which gives you admission to the Expo floor so you can not only see all the latest gear from some of the industry’s leading software developers (Adobe will be there, too), Photoshop plug-in developers, and photo equipment retailers and manufacturers, but you also get to check out some amazing free classes on the show floor, along with demos of all the new gear. Each year, people tell me they can’t believe how cool our expo is, and if you haven’t checked it out for yourself, you’ve got to come—you’ll love it. Here’s where you download your free Expo pass.



Catch my “Behind The Scenes” Lighting Presentation at the Bogen Booth
I’m doing a free bonus session on the Expo floor at the Bogen Imaging booth called “Behind the Scenes with Elinchrom and Lastolight lighting gear.” I’ll be showing different lightning set-ups and how I use Bogen’s tools in the studio and on location. My session is on Thursday the 25th at 2:15 to 3:00 pm. Bogen is also hosting presentations from Joe McNally, Moose Peterson, Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Tom Bol, and Terry White (among others), all free on the show floor (See why you want that free Expo-only pass?). Hope to see you at my session!


Share Your Photoshop World Schedule
We’ve updated our free Photoshop World iPhone App with a new feature that lets you email the custom class schedule you’ve created to friends at the conference, so you guys an meet up. You can download the free App right here.


Adobe’s Opening Keynote Presentation Features John Loiacono
Adobe often uses the opening Keynote of Photoshop World to showcase or “sneak peek” unreleased Photoshop technology and since Adobe VP John Loiacono (better known as “Johnny L” to Photoshop World Alumni), will be giving the presentation, I think there’s a more than good chance that the crowd on hand will see some totally mind-blowing stuff (plus, Johnny is a really fun and engaging speaker and his keynotes are favorites of show goers, so make sure you don’t miss it—-it kicks off Wednesday morning at 9:00 am (door’s open at 8:45 am).


Keep up with all the goings-on via Twitter
Our social media Ninja, Nancy Massé will be keeping everybody in the loop via our NAPP_News Twitter page, so make sure you’re following her (us, we, them, etc.) right here. (That’s Nancy in the photo above with Social Media Magnate Scott Bourne).


First time to Photoshop World? Catch Larry’s Free First-Timers Class
For the first time ever, we’re offering a quick class the day before the conference to make sure you make the most of your time at Photoshop World (and by “most” we mean you have the most fun, learn the most cool stuff, take advantage of the most important parts of Photoshop World, and get the most from your investment). The orientation class, hosted by NAPP’s own Larry Becker, is totally free, and you can read all about it right here. (That’s Larry above left, with Vincent Versace during the Guru Awards presentation).


Going to Photoshop World? Read this First!
The Photoshop World blog has loads of info for anybody going to the show, so before you head it, check out the blog—-I guarantee you’ll find out about something you didn’t know, hadn’t heard about, or just some cool must-see thing to do. Here’s the link.


It’s Not Too Late!
If you want to join us next week in Orlando—it’s not too late. You can still sign up for the full conference, and have a career-changing, inspirational, mind-blowing week of Photoshop and photography training, that will make you faster, more effective, and more efficient than ever before! Here’s the link with all the details.


Photoshop Rocks!
We’ve got a rock n’ roll theme at Photoshop World this year, and without totally giving it away before the keynote fit’s going to be a our wildest keynote yet, and it will definitely set the tone for an incredible training experience like no other.

Hope to see you in Orlando next week!!!!

  1. Geez this is torture; I really MUST make a return trip to what is without hesitation an AWESOME event.

    Have a great time everyone, but then I didn’t really need to say that cos it’s guaranteed.


  2. I hope the weather next week in Orlando is like we have today. Beautiful, cool, nice breeze. Beats slogging in the usual muggy heat. I was at the convention center last weekend for a different event and there’s just a lot of walking involved. Bring comfortable shoes.

  3. Can’t believe that Photoshop World is nearly here.
    Comfortable shoes, a couple of good pens for notes in the workbook and a good attitude. Also remember to bring your business cards and carry them with you. In Vegas I had them but left them in the hotel room. Didn’t do me much good.
    This time around I got some of the Moo cards. 12 different concert shots on the back. Everything ranging from Billy Idol to Willie Nelson.
    If you see me ask for one…..

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