What an amazing response we got to yesterday’s launch of the Google+ Photographer’s Conference. A big thanks to everybody that helped spread the word online, and we were overwhelmed with the interest, sign-ups, and people just wanting to help out, and be a part of this history-making event.

I thought I follow-up today with a brief Q&A to answer some of the questions some folks have sent out way. Here’s goes:

Q. If I can’t make it to the Conference, will the sessions be broadcast?
A. Absolutely, but even better than that, the main conference sessions will all be broadcast LIVE as Google+ OnAir Hangouts for FREE (thanks to the folks at Google for that!!!). Also, the sessions will be archived so if you miss the live broadcasts, you can still catch the sessions when you can.

Q. If the conference is streamed live for free, why would I pay to go?
A. Because you’re loose with money. (Kidding. I hope). Actually it’s because if you’re there in person, you’ll get to do photo shoots, meet new people and make new friends, shoot on location, learn and shoot in the studio, meet the instructors face-to-face, do Photo Walks, get one-on-one portfolio reviews, see your work in the gallery, participate in the Un-Conference sessions, making important connections, and do loads of fun things of instead of just watching on your computer. :-)

Q. Why don’t you guys bring this conference to New York. Or the UK?
A. This conference is literally just one-day old (we just announced it yesterday). Whatdayasay we actually do one first, ya know, before we start planning to take the show “on the road.” eh? ;-)

Q. Is Jeremy Cowart as dreamy in person as he appears online?
A. Define “Dreamy?”

Q. It looks all misty around him, and it looks like he’s running in slow motion but with a fan blowing his hair.
A. Yup. That’s pretty much him.

Q. Do you charge extra for photo walks and one-on-one portfolio reviews?
A. Nope — it’s all included.

Q. Cool, how do I sign up?
A. What a great question (and so unexpected). Just go to http://gpluspc.com/ and all the details are there.

OK gang —- hope that helps. Hope to see you in SF (I’ll be standing near the guy in all the mist). ;-)

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